A Play of Lords

A Play of Lords

Margaret Frazer / Jun 01, 2020
A Play of Lords Joliffe and company play spies amongst the British aristocracy as lords and clergymen vie for the coveted position of regent to the young King Henry VI But when men who know too much begin to die in v
  • Title: A Play of Lords
  • Author: Margaret Frazer
  • ISBN: 9780425216682
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Joliffe and company play spies amongst the British aristocracy as lords and clergymen vie for the coveted position of regent to the young King Henry VI But when men who know too much begin to die in violent ways, the players start to fear for their own lives.
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        Margaret Frazer is a pen name used at first by Mary Monica Pulver Kuhfeld and Gail Lynn Frazer writing in tandem for a series of historical medieval mysteries featuring Dame Frevisse After the sixth novel, the works are written by Gail Frazer alone, and the name has subsequently been used exclusively by her A second series of novels by Ms Frazer set in the same time and place feature the player minstrel Joliffe.See also Monica Ferris, Mary Monica PulverSeries Sister Frevisse Joliffe


    1. The challenges of writing an entertaining play, preparing the props and costumes, and earning a living as an acting troupe is what I found to be the best part of this mystery The history of the time 1435 , the wool trade between England, Italy, and the Low Countries especially Flanders was interesting but insufficient to really transport me to that time and place The characters were charming, but pat, and I could have used a family tree on the endpapers, to keep track of all the royalty that fig [...]

    2. I liked the setting.Not so much the somewhat wooden characters and the info dumping.Also, the mystery element came late and was almost an after thought.

    3. My favorite Joliffe story so far Our players, now as Lord Lovell s players, have been asked to perform in London during Lord Lovell s visit at the opening of Parliament Of course, Lord Lovell may have up his sleeve than just sharing a good play as Joliffe is pulled Into the shadowy and complex web that is politics between England, France and anyone nearby enough to be splattered by the mud or blood of all the wrangling and in fighting No longer worried about where the next meal may come from, w [...]

    4. Margaret Frazer has a gift of bringing to life a time long ago and populating it with characters I would want to know The members of the players company are such a close knit community and share each others lives just like a real family The insights into human behavior gained through reading not just this book but all the others from this author are so valid today and yet timeless that I almost covet her ability to see people and all their frailties and yet their basic goodness and complexity I [...]

    5. Fourth in the Joliffe medieval mystery series revolving around a small troupe of players My Take Oh, this was too fascinating Not so much a mystery this time as a political assessment of the broken alliance with Burgundy and how all the maneuverings are an attempt to drive down the price of English wool That s the gist of it.In the meantime, we get to enjoy the grand success Lord Lovell s Players are experiencing leaving us wondering how they will make out once they are on the road again.I suspe [...]

    6. The Player Joliffe series by Margaret Frazer is a delight for fans of medieval history and great mystery This fourth Joliffe story had seen Master Basset s troupe of players flourish under the patronage of Lord Lovell They are now well dressed, well fed, handsomely compensated for their plays and other performances, and grown in company by the addition of Gil, a young man who loves learning his new craft In the autumn of 1435, the players journey to London to perform for Bishop Beaufort, a Cardi [...]

    7. A Play of Lords is the fourth book in the Joliffe series.This time the troupe of players are in London as part of the entourage of Lord Lovell, their patron What seems to be a wonderful opportunity to try their wings in the greatest city in all of England is made less wonderful after Lord Lovell sends them to perform a particular plays for the Bishop Beaufort Beaufort tasks them to write and perform a play for him and one doesn t refuse such a powerful man lightly In no time though they can see [...]

    8. Well, there s over two weeks I ll never get back This book is supposed to be historical mystery While it is definitely historical, the mystery part was severely lacking The author was extremely long winded It wasn t until page 139 that something even remotely exciting happened Actually, exciting might be a bit of a stretch The author used the phrase all in all probably five times within first chapter and again in the last chapter I couldn t keep all the relationships straight lord this, lord tha [...]

    9. Not the book to read first in the series as this 4 in the Joliffe the Player series, is of a filler or bridge to the next books in the series Joliffe and company are in London and involved in the political intrigues of 1435 involving young King Henry VI.I love the descriptions of London during this time period, and the connections with Shakespeare s plays Though there were some surprises, this book is low on the suspense ratio and I ll be looking for of a mystery in the next book, A Play of Tr [...]

    10. This book finds the players in better moods as their fortunes bettered under service to Lord Lovell and the need to scramble for dirt floors to sleep on became a thing of the past Stomachs were also better satisfied as they found good shelter at Lovell s Inn in London for term of parliament Danger was afoot for the company as Joliffe wrote plays requested by Bishop Beaufort in the midst of political plots to gain access to young King Henry VI as well as Italian plots to impact wool trade Player [...]

    11. Actually rather bland Just about any other book in either this or the Dame Frevisse series offers a better read The whole book seemed like it was setting situations up for later books, e.g this, rather dull tale, is the story of how Joliffe became a spy for the Bishop of Winchester I finished it because I have this compulsion to read every book in any series I pick up, but there really isn t much to recommend here beyond the historical setting and novels even if not especially mystery novels can [...]

    12. Another excellent novel featuring Joliffe and Basset s group of medieval players This novel, however, focuses mainly on the policial scene in Europe in 1435, how that was closely aligned with the wool industry, which was a main source of wealth for many, and the impact of all of this on the ruling class in England The actual solving of two murders is a rather small, anti climatical part of the book.

    13. This book is richly textured than the earlier books in this series, though my one regret is that there is not of the mystery plays here New characters and of the powerful and interesting Beaufort add to the complexity and interest of the story I also enjoy Joliffe s struggle with his curiosity, having some of the same Here as in the other books, the mystery is there but it shares the center stage with rich characterization and action.

    14. The best Joliffe mystery so far, as it gets into medieval history, of which I am fond The tensions surrounding the young Henry VI, Bishop Beaufort, Gloucester, and York since the Duke of Bedford s death and the ill turns of the English war to maintain its rights over Normandy and France come into the story, while not detracting from the interesting lives of the troupe of players to which Joliffe belongs A great read.

    15. Another fine book Margaret Frazer has given us another fine story set in the 1400s There s history in this one as current events are integral to the plot than normal Joliffe and the troop are raising in the world and in their art If you have reached this point in the series, you know what quality to expect If you are new to the series, start with the first volume Not because this one couldn t stand alone, it can But the series is enjoyable in order.

    16. This was an entertaining and richly detailed historical tale, but it was a political suspense story than a mystery If you are interested in the behind the scenes activities of medieval players or powerful English lords, this book will fascinate If you are looking for a whodunit, this may not be your choice.

    17. Loved this one how Joliffe comes to the attention of Bishop Beaufort while in London, his ambivalence about being selected as a spy, and his first official case Grateful for Margaret Frazer s beautiful, careful, loving work of uncovering what it feels like to be alive and curious in 1435 I do wish I could meet him and his company of players.

    18. This is really a political intrigue and spy thriller in which the murders, regrettable as they may be, serve only the purpose of helping our hero discover who s sowing dissension and why If you haven t read any previous Joliffe novels, don t start with this one But if you have, don t miss it.

    19. The most enjoyable so far in the series, this book is much of a spy novel than a whodunnit Joliffe being drawn and into the intrigue around court is memorable, and the descriptions of London are startlingly vivid A good holiday or distraction read.

    20. Excellent feeling of very old England and its social, political and thespian life This time Joliffe and players are dropped into high level political and royal intrigue in London itself.

    21. Very slow moving I would have liked mystery and less history The characters were bland and unreal But I love the time period.

    22. I found the backdrop of the political powerplays added to the intrigue I enjoyed this one than any of the other Joliffes Frazer s attention to detail is so greatly appreciated

    23. The mystery in this book is almost non existent, but I enjoyed the tour of 15th century London from the perspective of a troupe of players.

    24. Excellent installment in this medieval mystery series centering around an itinerant theatrical troupe I always learn a lot while being entertained by this author.

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