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Firebird A young nobleman who has glimpsed the legendary enchanted Firebird is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fantastical version of Old Russia solving magical mazes and befriending a tal
  • Title: Firebird
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780812550740
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A young nobleman, who has glimpsed the legendary, enchanted Firebird, is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fantastical version of Old Russia, solving magical mazes and befriending a talking fox, before falling in love with the Firebird herself who is actually an enchanted maiden who has been waiting for true love to break the spell that holds her captive.
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        Mercedes entered this world on June 24, 1950, in Chicago, had a normal childhood and graduated from Purdue University in 1972 During the late 70 s she worked as an artist s model and then went into the computer programming field, ending up with American Airlines in Tulsa, Oklahoma In addition to her fantasy writing, she has written lyrics for and recorded nearly fifty songs for Firebird Arts Music, a small recording company specializing in science fiction folk music I m a storyteller that s what I see as my job My stories come out of my characters how those characters would react to the given situation Maybe that s why I get letters from readers as young as thirteen and as old as sixty odd One of the reasons I write song lyrics is because I see songs as a kind of story pill they reduce a story to the barest essentials or encapsulate a particular crucial moment in time I frequently will write a lyric when I am attempting to get to the heart of a crucial scene I find that when I have done so, the scene has become absolutely clear in my mind, and I can write exactly what I wanted to say Another reason is because of the kind of novels I am writing that is, fantasy, set in an other world semi medieval atmosphere Music is very important to medieval peoples bards are the chief newsbringers When I write the folk music of these peoples, I am enriching my whole world, whether I actually use the song in the text or not I began writing out of boredom I continue out of addiction I can t not write, and as a result I have no social life I began writing fantasy because I love it, but I try to construct my fantasy worlds with all the care of a high tech science fiction writer I apply the principle of TANSTAAFL There ain t no such thing as free lunch , credited to Robert Heinlein to magic, for instance in my worlds, magic is paid for, and the cost to the magician is frequently a high one I try to keep my world as solid and real as possible people deal with stubborn pumps, bugs in the porridge, and love lives that refuse to become untangled, right along with invading armies and evil magicians And I try to make all of my characters, even the evil magicians, something than flat stereotypes Even evil magicians get up in the night and look for cookies, sometimes I suppose that in everything I write I try to expound the creed I gave my character Diana Tregarde in Burning Water There s no such thing as one, true way the only answers worth having are the ones you find for yourself leave the world better than you found it Love, freedom, and the chance to do some good they re the things worth living and dying for, and if you aren t willing to die for the things worth living for, you might as well turn in your membership in the human race Also writes as Misty LackeyAuthor s website


    1. Lots of people had a hard time reading this book because it doesn t have a lot of action, and because it doesn t follow a traditionally gripping narrative Both of those facts are true But there is an important note that needs to be made here Firebird is not a novel It is a fairy tale And it is a superb one Lackey incorporates many traditional fairy tale tropes in Firebird I.E the Fool but does so in a way that does not bore me Ilya was a captivating character in that he was flawed from the very [...]

    2. Mostly descriptive, as is often Lackey s tendancy Very little action for the length The Firebird appears for the first time around page 75 and is barely glimpsed, then does not reappear or speak till than 200 pages in I found Ilya uninteresting as a protagonist and have no idea what the bird saw in him Weak, but mostly inoffensive, although there were a couple painfully stupid moments.Read Brokedown Palace if you re interested in the violent brothers aspect, Rusalka if you want vaguely historic [...]

    3. It took me a couple of tries to get through The Firebird I usually don t keep trying but I really enjoy Lackey s Thousand Kingdom books and the Firebird is a favorite fairy tale and another retelling In the Forests of Serre is one of my all time favorite books The beginning is sluggish and it takes a while to get into the meat of the story Also, I felt Lackey missed in her attempt to create a loveable rogue, although the characterization itself is well drawn and the background history is logical [...]

    4. Firebird introduces Ilya, the least favoured of Tzar Ivan s sons Upon first impression Ilya struck me as cheeky, arrogant, skirt chasing idiot, an impression that lasted just as fervently all the way through Putting that aside, the plot in itself was purely nonsensical As the story progresses, Ilya undertakes a supposedly reckless mission, involving the rescue of several very pretty damsels in distress , the gorgeous Tatiana, with whom he fell in love on first sight for the single virtue of her [...]

    5. This is a pretty bad book It s not the worst thing I ve ever read, but it really wasn t worth my time The prose is clunky, it seems poorly edited, the characters are either boring or unbelievable, mostly both, and the plot is not even a very good re imagining of the classic Russian fairy tale The pacing moved along all right, I suppose It was quick to read But it s just a really unimaginative book, and I found myself groaning and rolling my eyes a lot at the main character.

    6. I rate this book so highly because at 14, when I first read it, it was incredible Adults looking for accurate historical fantasy fiction should look elsewhere as this book is best appreciated with an adolescent na vet However, I recently reread it at 28 and enjoyed it tremendously for the classic mythic storytelling and characters.

    7. Not being overly familiar with Russian fairy tales and folklore, talk of banniks and domovoi and rusalka and polevoi was new to me However, it is a very natural thing to our leading man, Ilya Ivanovitch middle son of a greedy and power hungry self declared tsar of Rus The Russian fairytales and spirits mingle freely with those of Christian notions brought in by the Christian priest, Father Mikail, one of Ilya s three friends in his father s land along with the Rus shaman Ruslan and the lead dair [...]

    8. On the one hand, FIREBIRD has a main character who I didn t particularly care for and starts off very, very slow in its depiction of ordinary life for Ilya But on the other hand, it had elements of the tale I m familiar with and the second half is certainly much fairytale fodder that made me nostalgic for tales read in my younger days Still a bit mixed in my reaction to this one, to be honest.

    9. Okay, now we re into straight up historical fantasy.Firebird is a long form novel based off the Russian legend of the Katschei, an evil sorcerer who hid his heart away and was defeated by Ivan, a tsar s son, with the help of the titular Firebird The description on bears only a slight resemblance to the actual plot, so I ll try to write a better one Ilya Ivanovitch is the least valued of his father s eight sons, to the point that he can remain or less invisible among them despite being the smart [...]

    10. In Old Rus, people used to speak of the lands being filled with spirits bright, terrible, mischievous and kind Oral folklore passed along as part of what is now known as the byliny also regaled its listeners with stories of plain men and women who overcame adversity They tell of Olga s heroism and cleverness in punishing those who killed her husband and of Ivan the Terrible s stupid cruelty.Unfortunately, this oral tradition is mostly lost to us Rather than sit as a live storyteller brings rich [...]

    11. Well, Livejournal decided to be nasty today and deleted my whole review that I had originally written for this I have no why idea why it did this, but now I m annoyed and going to keep this review very short because I don t feel like re typing everything I just worked on in vain It s all right though, because I actually ended up really not liking this book very much I know this is extremely lazy, but I will list in a bullet list why I didn t like this book major spoilers ahead read with caution [...]

    12. I liked the idea of a retelling of the story of the Firebird than I liked the actual retelling, in the end Ilya is the despised middle son of a mean, petty, tyrant although no real reason is given for why he is so hated, except that he is supposedly smarter and less violent than the others he is routinely beaten by his many brothers, despite being so clever The actual story takes a long time to get moving, with many false starts towards adventure along the way The ending is rather too easy, and [...]

    13. Interesting The synopsis is not exactly accurate, no The H s father and brothers never knew about the firebird, so how could they possibly try to trap her The story is technically a romance I guess, and told entirely from the H s POV an interesting change there His encounters with the firebird lead to her giving him the power of understanding animals, which saves his butt several times The zoo that is his father s household gaah Eventually, his older brothers manage to get him lost in the woods [...]

    14. Firebird was very enticing and pays quite an homage to the Old Russian tales I was quite gleeful when I picked the book up, began to read, and realized I knew what each magical creature was, even before they began to explain the purpose of the rusalka and the leshii And the firebird herself was, well, heavily magical at the very least I had expected something different of the story, actually, though I blame my misunderstanding what the book cover was telling me about the plot I spent a good half [...]

    15. A wonderful re make of one of my favourite old fairy tales However I would imagine although I can t be sure that this novel wouldn t appeal as much to any who had NOT read the original Russian folk tale This stuck fairly closely to the original, with enough differences and new laws to enable Lackey to introduce a few original twists and turns and so as the novel progressed The characters were exceptionally well portrayed and rounded even the minor ones and the plot was tight and consise, with [...]

    16. I had heard good things about this author and I d wanted to try one of her books Despite checking The Black Gryphon out from the library like 5 times, I never managed to get past page 3 on that one, so I got this one instead.Based on the Russian fairy tale, this one introduces the son of a minor tsar as our hero Ilya is not the firstborn or the lastborn But he s the fool Or at least that s what he sets out to be After catching a glimpse of the firebird, he cannot stop thinking of her He must see [...]

    17. I have loved nearly every book Misty has written, and this one did not disappoint You can really see in this one where the inspiration came for the 500 Kingdoms books Ilya is a delightful protagonist, despite his tendency to be led by his baser passions, and proves that a hero can, in fact, win by shear cleverness, even when strong enough to fight The Firebird is equal to him in every way, and it is refreshing to find an older book with a female character who has brains, courage, and a great dea [...]

    18. I loved this book It was one of those books that I felt like I was there Not like I was imagining it in my head, I was fucking there The only thing I did not like about this book was the summary on the dust cover I felt it did not do this book justice and it was slightly misleading Let me just discuss Ilya for a moment Oh Ilya, forever persistent Ilya I loved that he was no saint in this story It made it seem less like a fairytale and like real life I think if Mercedes had left out those salac [...]

    19. I wanted to like this book and parts of it were great, but about halfway through I realized that I just really didn t like the main character He prided himself on being smarter than the rest of his family, but he couldn t seem to outsmart them He was highly unimaginative in his solutions to problems, and spent a good bit of the first half of the book recovering from the poundings he received from his brothers I didn t like the resolution to the final problem It just seemed too easy All in all it [...]

    20. I love Mercedes Lackey in general, and I particularly love when she plays with fairy tales and retells them in new and interesting ways I found Ilya to be a believable fairy tale protagonist, a genre where the small and the humble are the ones most likely to succeed I appreciated that Lackey gave Ilya depth than the average fairy tale, and allowed him to be both brave and practical An excellent book, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fairy tale retellings.

    21. Moderately good The details are fine, the story is pretty interesting but the style lacks luster and passion Ilya is a realistic protagonist but far from heroic Even though he seems cautious and clever at times, he never really acquires a brilliance or greatness Hence, he is not really heroic and he does not really deserve the Firebird The book is also quite slow but there are enough engaging details to keep one occupied.

    22. I never cared much for the original Russian Firebird myth, but this book won me over I didn t expect to like Illa with his tendency to sleep with women, but he came off as a good person What made it especially amazing is that Lackey put all that abuse and beatings to good use I love the final scene with Tatiana Although, this book only confirms for me with the Dragon jousters and the 500 kingdoms Trilogy, that romance is just not Lackey s thing.

    23. Mercedes Lackey, we usually get along tolerably well if not like a house on fire What was this drivel Really, what If it s not outright offensive, it s boring as hell, or it s boring and offensive at once Struggled through to the end out of sheer bloody mindedness Book did not improve Please can I have those hours back

    24. 3.5Good, but not as good as its successor I m glad to have finally read it after years of wanting a copy and had fun while doing so, but it won t be a favorite the way that The Black Swan is.

    25. I kept reading it for the world Our lead simply takes to long to take charge and be somebody rather than avoiding his evil brothers, father and stepmother Seriously it takes than 60% of the book for our hero to start his actual journey an two chapters too resolve it all

    26. Good overall, but the general stupidity of all the supporting characters makes me wonder how they all managed to survive to adulthood XD

    27. Illya is my type of hero Incredibly smart, sarcastic and overall sassy Really good retelling of a dear legend I ve re read this like a thousand times.

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