Not One Among Them Whole: A Novel of Gettysburg

Not One Among Them Whole: A Novel of Gettysburg

Edison McDaniels / Jul 05, 2020
Not One Among Them Whole A Novel of Gettysburg NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE A Novel of Gettysburgby Edison McDanielsAvailable in both mass market paperback eBook Kindle Nook Kobo etc A magnificently harrowing trip through the bloody horrors of the
  • Title: Not One Among Them Whole: A Novel of Gettysburg
  • Author: Edison McDaniels
  • ISBN: 9781482505160
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE A Novel of Gettysburgby Edison McDanielsAvailable in both mass market paperback eBook Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc A magnificently harrowing trip through the bloody horrors of the battle of Gettysburg A group of surgeons struggle amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital in this epic tale of human grist under the grindstone of the CNOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE A Novel of Gettysburgby Edison McDanielsAvailable in both mass market paperback eBook Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc A magnificently harrowing trip through the bloody horrors of the battle of Gettysburg A group of surgeons struggle amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital in this epic tale of human grist under the grindstone of the Civil War Stunningly intense, engaging, heart breaking and absolutely fantastic.It is the summer of 1863, and the greatest battle ever fought on American soil is in full tilt Southern Pennsylvania has become one great grinding stone and thousands of dead or dying are its grist In this tilted landscape, reputations are made, careers are ruined, and men and women are driven to the brink in the wake of two armies intent on killing one another Yet opportunity is everywhereFor the privates and officers who fight the battle, it s a kill or be killed world, with salvation or damnation just a bullet awayFor the surgeons laboring over the many wounded, opportunity knocks at the bloody tables, where the price of a man s life is all too often an arm or a leg The cost to the surgeons, however, will be even higherFor one undertaker in particular, the dead are a canvas, and his ability to make a body reflect the living individual is nothing short of uncanny For Jupiter Jones, the burgeoning dead themselves are the opportunityAnd finally, for one teenage former slave, alive only because his father had the courage to bury him, opportunity comes in the form of a ten year old boy with a creel and only one shoe, who may or may not be a ghostIn the summer of 1863, humanity itself is under siege What happens amid the carnage and human flotsam of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will be unholy, unnerving, and all but unbearable, with only this certain not one among them will escape unscathed.Here, for the living, hell is in session.And for the dead, it s the devil s own dayE BUZZ At first glance it resembles THE KILLER ANGELS and COLD MOUNTAIN and its artistry rivals those great novels But it explores a deeper heart of darkness than even the shambles exhausted surgeons have to deal with after Gettysburg A terrific achievement but not for anyone who faints at descriptions of the violence of battle or the sufferings of the wounded David Poyer, author of A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN and THE SHILOH PROJECT An amazingly talented writer NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE is a magnificently harrowing trip into the bloody horrors of the battle of Gettysburg, populated with unforgettable characters and written with stunning precision and beauty Taylor Polites, author of THE REBEL WIFEAnd from ONE OF S TOP REVIEWERS 5.0 out of 5 starsEngaging, Heart Breaking and Absolutely Fantastic February 13, 2013By D Buxman TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEFormat Kindle EditionI m not a Civil War buff I ve always enjoyed history, but I ve never been crazy about historical fiction NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE was the most pleasant surprise I ve had in the past year I was hooked from the first chapter The writing is crisp, the dialogue is engaging and the plot lines are intricately woven and wonderfully timed I would give this book 6 stars if I could Edison McDaniels has a rare gift for honing the experiences of an epic battle into fine points of individual struggle and sacrifice The descriptions of primitive surgical techniques nearly caused me physical discomfort at times, but I kept coming back for since I truly cared for the characters Although I finished the book a few days ago, I still find myself thinking about it This is a terrific book that I will likely read again I can think of no higher praiseD THIS FROM INDIEREADER Verdict A vivid, engrossing story of one battle, told from the perspective of the soldiers that fought it, and the surgeons who tried to patch them up 4 Stars In Not One Among Them Whole, author Edison McDaniels, takes us by the hand and leads us through the horrors of battle as witnessed by a handful of individuals It serves as a timely reminder for the video game generation that might see war as a glorious endeavor from which heroes emerge triumphant and whole There are no heroes in McDaniels book, only people coping as best they can with desperate situations There s no black and white, only a grimy grey through which the novel s characters grope for relief from the relentless horror that envelops them.The story unfolds during and immediately after the Battle of Gettysburg, which lasted for three long days The statistics are grim 8,000 died on the battlefield with another 27,000 wounded McDaniels set himself a difficult task in attempting to humanize those numbers he has risen to the occasion The characters in the novel are individuals with their own stories, brought together through the vagaries of a war that, in its time, was the most destructive the world had seen.Two soldiers one from each army introduce us to the battle and it s horrific aftermath McDaniels describes, in sometimes gruesome detail, just what it might be like to lie in a field full of dead, wounded, and dying men not to mention the scavengers both animal and human Even the weather, a supposedly disinterested element, seems to conspire against the soldiers and add to their misery.The book, though, really revolves around those not intimately involved in the fighting, especially the surgeons who do their best to save the wounded Those wounds are described in clinical detail And the descriptions of surgery carried out in primitive conditions, before germ theory and universal hand washing, are equally detailed and not for the squeamish The surprise is not that so many died, but that anyone survived These surgeons are also wounded, by their past and present lives, and their individual tales are woven through and around the story of the two wounded soldiers.This relentless misery, one of the book s most salient characteristics, makes it difficult reading at times Some relief is provided by snake oil salesman Jupiter Jones, who has gathered a crew of misfits to help sell his miracle cure Jupiter s Oil But even that is short lived and the story soon returns to the battlefield.Despite the death and decay that permeate the novel, it is a compelling read, largely because of the skill with which McDaniels unfolds his characters stories, day by day, minute by minute Equally skillful is the manner in which he brings together all the characters and crafts dramas within dramas against the backdrop of the American Civil War and this one important battle So compelling are those stories, the war fades into the background as the fate of individuals hang in the balance.Reviewed by Brid Nowlan for IndieReader
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    1. From the AuthorThe unique thing about NOT ONE ABOUT THEM WHOLE is how it is informed by my time in the trenches as a surgeon, as well as the vast reading I have done on the history of the Civil War My father was a veteran of WWII and an amateur war historian, and I grew up surrounded by hundreds of books on military history I read many of these and my father constantly spoke of the history he had both lived and read I write with a style that is both immediate and intense, bringing the reader ont [...]

    2. I won this novel through the First Reads program on Adding another lovely signed copy to my growing collection No book than any other has made me grateful to have been born in modern times Just little over 100 years ago things were a lot different Even the slightest infection could kill a man But human history is a learning curve and we have to go through all the stages Through trial and error we have reached our current state of modern science Not that today s medical practices are perfect Fa [...]

    3. An undertaker with than a touch of flim flam, an opiate addicted surgeon and two soldiers Union and Confederate wounded and stranded side by side on the battlefield for 3 days Not One Among Them Whole That s the cast and the title of the novel in which Edison McDaniels captures all of the themes that played out so epically at Gettysburg tragedy, sacrifice, heroism, suffering, futility, dumb luck or lack thereof Dave Edelstein gave this a good rating, and it is an understatement to say that Dave [...]

    4. I came across this author and his book via the Rave Reviews Book Club, where I have found many hidden gems.This is a well researched and authentic book about the Battle of Gettysburg in the summer of 1863 It isn t so much about the fighting, as it is about the surgeons, the patients, and a particular undertaker It is graphic and harrowing, and is written in so much detail that you will be transported there in your mind The characters, plot, and scene building are all done very well It was diffic [...]

    5. This book blew me away It s definitely not for the faint hearted or those with a weaker constitution It s detailed and quite graphic about injuries etc this historical thriller account whatever you want to pigeonhole it, is well written, stylishly told and addictive The story weaves together a number of characters and without giving too much away, we see the dichotomy in each character, the good they do vs the bad This is a tale of humanity I think as I kept flashing back to the word humanity wh [...]

    6. A Novel of Gettysburg and the war With much thought and detail this book will put you right in the scene of what the soldiers when through during the war Even some of the details of how they had to work to save them men s lives gross , had details than most could even handle.So many lives were lost during that battle, along with many others Our soldiers deserve the memory of their lives to live on This book does just that with the fact that the way the book is written, you feel as if you were t [...]

    7. Edison McDaniels is a surgeon and a talented, brave writer His book describes the terrible conditions that surrounded the wounded, the surgeons, the embalmers, and the dead at Gettysburg This story is not for the faint hearted McDaniels bombards the reader with vivid details of wounds, procedures, and the overwhelming task of caring for soldiers He trusts that you have come into his world to experience reality and to live in that world long enough to have your sense of history deepened The immen [...]

    8. This is a powerful, wonderfully written and haunting book An historical fiction about Gettysburg that focuses on the wounded, the surgeons and the civilians Not for the faint of heart the story dives deeply into the suffering of the wounded and the almost unbearable burden of the surgeons McDaniel offers the last letter of a fallen soldier, written after he knows he will die of his wound it will stay with me I ve read many books about Gettysburg fiction and non fiction and have been there a coup [...]

    9. This book was so very sad I had no idea of the things these people went through I loved the interaction between Ezra and Jersey And poor Liza and Sam That was one of the saddest things I have ever read I have to askquel It was totally left open at the end I need to know what happens with Ellis and Cuuda Is Ellis really the monster I think he is WOW Did not see that coming Fantastic story but not for the faint of heart.

    10. I really enjoyed reading this novel although I would advise to not eat while reading especially if you have a weak stomach The author does not mince around the gruesome facts of war and the battlefield This novel was a little out of my usual genera but I found it kept my interest and felt the roller coaster of emotions that the characters took me on.

    11. Very interesting book told basically from the surgeon s view after the battle of Gettysburg some very graphic scenes in this book a bit of the supernatural is also in this book Good read but I found the very ending to be very disconcerting.

    12. Remember that surgery scene in DANCES WITH WOLVES You know, the one where the blood splatters on the curtain, causing Kevin Costner to freak out and suicidally ride his horse in front of the Confederate troops Yeah, that scene Now, imagine a whole book of that, written by an trained surgeon Writer, plus surgeon, plus war buff, equals gruesomely awesome book.I m referring to NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE by Edison McDaniels Check out my QA with him below for details about him, this book, the war, and [...]

    13. Let s consider modern battlefield surgery I don t have a military background, but I am a former surgeon with an extensive trauma experience, so I can make an educated guess as to how our wounded soldiers are treated First, conditions permitting, I would surmise that the wounded are removed from the field of battle as quickly as possible Secondly, the medics are capable of treating life threatening injuries, such as massive hemorrhage and sucking chest wounds, in the field IV fluids can be infuse [...]

    14. While I cannot admit to being than a passing knowledge of the American Civil War, I am obsessed with the Ken Burns PBS History Channel viewpoints of the different battles and the people who waged them While walking us through the horrors that are warfare after the days following the battle of Gettysburg by following soldiers, one from each side, we are given an entr e into the scene as gripping as it is graphic The story, however, really focuses on the lives and days of characters not immersed [...]

    15. This is a very unique fictional look at the Battle of Gettysburg It is the gut wrenching story of how the soldiers, surgeons, undertakers and citizens of Gettysburg were forever changed by the battle From the young mother and child from the town who unimaginable tragedy strikes and the undertaker who deals with death by perfecting his trade until the departed look alive To the surgeons who struggle with the gruesome aftermath of the bloodiest battle of the war, all trying to remain human in the [...]

    16. NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE gave me an entirely new appreciation for what everyone went through in the United States Civil War From the soldiers to the surgeons to the surgeons assistants to the freed slaves to the people who lived in the areas surrounding the battlefields not a single person is left whole McDaniels brings his knowledge as a a surgeon to the battlefield, giving us gory, realistic and matter of fact descriptions of the injuries and decisions This expertise brings life to a book that [...]

    17. Must read Great read for those looking for than just Generals and soldiers marching to war It is full of deep questions and vivid writing that is so enthralling it leaves you thinking what would you do in such a horrifying circumstance, how the human race could stand the carnage in the time with so little to overcome is baffling.

    18. McDaniel is an amazing writer with his background as a neurosurgeon and gift for bringing characters together in one miasma of a setting I love when a book teaches me new vocabulary, too now, if I can just find a way to work trephination or borobrygmas into conversation Can t wait to find Book 2 of the Gettysburg Trilogy is Ellis really who I think he is

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