Brush with Death

Brush with Death

Karen MacInerney / Feb 20, 2020
Brush with Death Midnight Ink s top selling Agatha Award nominated series continuesWith an upcoming gallery show and a popular artist visiting Cranberry Island art is on everyone s minds especially innkeeper Natalie
  • Title: Brush with Death
  • Author: Karen MacInerney
  • ISBN: 9780738734590
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midnight Ink s top selling, Agatha Award nominated series continuesWith an upcoming gallery show and a popular artist visiting Cranberry Island, art is on everyone s minds especially innkeeper Natalie Barnes When Gwen, Natalie s niece, is invited to present her paintings at the art show, Natalie is torn between worrying about stressed out Gwen, the arrival of her futureMidnight Ink s top selling, Agatha Award nominated series continuesWith an upcoming gallery show and a popular artist visiting Cranberry Island, art is on everyone s minds especially innkeeper Natalie Barnes When Gwen, Natalie s niece, is invited to present her paintings at the art show, Natalie is torn between worrying about stressed out Gwen, the arrival of her future mother in law, and the threat of foreclosure on the Gray Whale Inn But then Natalie finds Gwen s mentor dead Will she uncover the truth behind this murder masterpiece
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    1. This was so bad that I don t even know where to begin First, the mystery was no mystery at all It was just glaringly obvious from the very beginning Then the random addition of a plethora of gay characters who had zero plot purpose and just turned the book into a political soap box And don t get me started on the lack of editing and proofreading The continuity errors were just out of control I genuinely do not know how this mess got to print I m so disappointed because I ve read the other books [...]

    2. So you think you have problems Maine s Gray Whale Inn owner Natalie Barnes discovers her engagement ring s fake, her mother in law s coming to visit or stay, her inn s about to be foreclosed, her painter niece is distraught, and then she discovers the body of a friend.Karen MacInerney builds suspense seasoned with humor, love, good cooking and memorable characters in this newest Cranberry Island mystery How have I missed these Gray Whale Inn mysteries I am a Maine guy and should know about these [...]

    3. This is a book in a beloved series that always seems too long in coming The thing iseven if Ms MacInerney wrote a novel every three months would be too long in coming for me The characters stick in my mind and they are like friends sending me a catch up family newsletter of what has been going on in Natalie Barnes life.The fifth novel was worthy of any waiting The book caught me in the opening and as I sat with my cup of tea, snuggled in my armchair, I found myself caught by the aromas of the wr [...]

    4. Gray Whale Inn mystery Christmas snowy setting amazing This is one of my Favorite series and this installment did not disappoint, which is saying a lot since it took forever to come out and i had high hopes Hopefully the wait for the next book in the series isn t nearly as long If you haven t read this series you are missing out

    5. When I started this book I immediately thought that I must have skipped a book in the series so I doubled checked The reason is because the author begins by alluding to incidents and circumstances that evidently occurred between the end of the last book Berried to the Hilt and this Many of these were very different from what she previously established, i.e Fernand being a fixture at the Inn and Gwen s art show as well as a Thanksgiving visit to John s family Perhaps she wrote a short story bridg [...]

    6. Winter on Cranberry Island should be a time for Natalie to relax but her niece is preparing to show her paintings at an art show, her future mother in law is coming to visit and she has just received a foreclosure notice for the Inn Then she finds her niece s mentor dead and when she realizes he really didn t commit suicide she puts herself right in the line of fire as she tries to uncover the truth.Dollycas s ThoughtsAfter just losing our house to foreclosure this one started out hitting a litt [...]

    7. The fifth in the Gray Whale Inn series is, as usual, a light read with a very slight edge Natalie Barnes has made a happy transition from a previous job in Texas to owner of a bed and breakfast on an island near Bar Harbor, Maine In this book, she is engaged to John, a hunky sheriff s deputy and artist It s December Christmas is coming This is down time for the inn However, Natalie is glad to have the breather Having recently refinanced the inn, she now has a cushion Life is good, right Now if t [...]

    8. First off you should know that I adore this Gray Whale Inn series ,and the newest book above only makes me love it even The heroine in the series is called Natalie Barnes and she runs the Gray Whale inn on Cranberry island Natalie is a character I am very fond off She is resilient even though she comes up against trouble and danger a lot of the time that would make a lesser person get off that island quicker then you can Ahoy there In Brush With Death Natalie has really reached a real low point [...]

    9. The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries books are a great cozy mystery series Have you discovered it yet Now is the time I love the setting of a small Maine island near Bar Harbor I ve only been to Bar Harbor once but it earned a spot in my heart, what a gorgeous spot I was there on a hot summer day so it is interesting to read about it in the midst of a cold winter Great story revolving around the artists on Cranberry Island, financial worries for our innkeeper Natalie and the arrival of the soon to be mo [...]

    10. Another delicious Gray Whale Inn Mystery On Cranberry Island, everyone has a secret, and some are worth killing to protect Between family drama, a financial crisis, and an unexpected visit from the future mother in law, innkeeper Natalie Barnes unravel s the island quirky cast of residents secrets in order to solve the mystery her friend s death and catch the killer before he strikes again Even if you re new to the Gray Whale Inn series, Brush with Death is the perfect mystery to read while wrap [...]

    11. This is the 5th installment in the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, and I did enjoy it That being said, this book I read the e book version is in desperate need of a copy editor There were several places where the mistakes simply yanked me out of the story and had me shaking my head in one case a minor character changes gender in the middle of a conversation, the victim s name is interchanged with different character, etc I will say that the story kept me guessing who killed Fernand His lover, his sist [...]

    12. I have read all of the books in this series, and this most recently published was a little disappointing The author is following a formula for her books, which is too bad The setting is great, the main character is likeable but she s not growing She doesn t learn from her mistakese keeps making the same mistakes over and over, getting into danger, getting kidnapped by the murderer and having the same brushes with death sorry bout that I like to see a character evolve over time and Natalie isn t [...]

    13. 2.5 stars Missed editing errors and apathy towards the characters kept me from really enjoying what many might find to be a good cozy mystery.Full review jennoklikes post 824116

    14. Really good cozy mystery I ve read all the Gray Whale Inn books and this is the best yet.l Mc Inerney mixes several mysteries within the book and needless to say, all are solved at the end Cranberry Island, the Inn and all the residents provide a most satisfying tale.

    15. Really like the Maine setting.ough it reminds me of why I like warm climateske the characters, like the story linel in all a nice quite read

    16. Christmas is approaching and things are happening on tiny Cranberry Island John s mother Catherine has made a surprise visit to the inn, Gwen is preparing for her first big art show, a famous artist has decided that Cranberry Island is the perfect place for her to hide away from her adoring public, and Gwen s mentor Fernand has a stalker When Fernand is found dead due to a probable suicide the morning after a party, both Gwen and Natalie have their doubts In addition to all this, Natalie s engag [...]

    17. I think this was my favorite book in the series so far, although I was sorry to see one of my favorite secondary characters eliminated in this book MacInerney really paints a beautiful picture of Maine, an island in winter, that this book takes place around the Christmas season also really adds to the lovely picture she paint, as the story starts everything is going wrong, Natalie gets a foreclosure notice on the Inn, Gwen has a show for her art but the gallery owner wants her to change mediums [...]

    18. These cozy mysteries are enjoyable but are reminiscent of the Dewberry Farm books, which I read first.The settings are beautifully described and most of the people would make great friends I d love a chance to meet them

    19. This is the fifth book in the series and the first one that I have read, which is unfortunate because I will probably not read any of the others in the series It had some problems right from the start that made it difficult for me to want to finish it The only thing that drove me toward the end was the need to know that I was right about the villain.I did think that Karen MacInerney did a good job with setting and I felt like I was really experiencing the harsh winters of Maine Since the main po [...]

    20. I love the setting of these books, having spent a lot of time in Maine visiting my parents In fact, my first YA novel, Cheshire Moon, is set on a fictional island off the coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay I based it on Islesboro, but called it Summerhaven I also find the heroine innkeeper amateur sleuth appealing, and what s not to love about all the indulgent food and the recipes afterward Still, I want to shake some sense into Natalie For five books now, she has made the same mistakes in judgmen [...]

    21. With many returning characters, readers of the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries will only have to get used to a couple of new faces in book number five Very little of previous books is discussed, but when it is, Karen MacInerney does a good job in explaining past situations so a reader does not necessarily need to read this series in order Natalie Barnes is the owner of the Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island in Maine It is the middle of winter and a slower time Perfect to take a long needed breather and [...]

    22. I think I ve been on a Cozy Mystery kick lately Brush with Death is one that I enjoyed than many of the others I ve read The synopsis from With an upcoming gallery show and a popular artist visiting Cranberry Island, art is on everyone s minds especially innkeeper Natalie Barnes When Gwen, Natalie s niece, is invited to present her paintings at the art show, Natalie is torn between worrying about stressed out Gwen, the arrival of her future mother in law, and the threat of foreclosure on the Gr [...]

    23. I am a huge Karen MacInerney fan I have enjoyed her Gray Whale Inn series since last year when I received the 1st book in the series for free via I quickly bought the other books in the series because I was addicted to Natalie, John, Gwen, Charlene, the goats and Cranberry Island I was anxiously waiting for Brush With Death to come out It doesn t disappoint The same cast of characters along with a few , come along for adventures on Cranberry Island Just a note I know this probably doesn t bothe [...]

    24. This author is badly in need of an editor who knows his her job Although the setting is wonderful and the main character likeable, the book is riddled with inconsistencies and repetition For example, in the 4th book in the series, which is set in October, Natalie is wearing an engagement ring In this book, set in December, she supposedly got the ring at Thanksgiving The author also repeats phrases, descriptions, and details like talking about gaining weight and needing to wear a muumuu Other rev [...]

    25. I do love this cozy mystery series This book would be better read in winter and not in summer but now is when I read it The series is called Gray Whale Inn mystery series and it takes place at an inn on an island in Maine In this book Natalie Barnes, the owner, is having plenty of problems She refinanced the inn and it appears that her lawyer, who handled the transaction, skipped with her money leaving her facing foreclosure Then her new engagement ring is turning her finger green and causing it [...]

    26. There seems no end to the bad news Natalie Barnes, owner of an island inn, is receiving this holiday season First, she learns that her mortgage holder may foreclose despite the fact that she s been paying every month Then, she can t get in touch with her lawyer Now she learns that her unsympathetic prospective mother in law is coming to visit And the problems she s having with her engagement ring chime right in with the doubts she s having about getting married at all Her sensitive niece Gwen is [...]

    27. This is the first of the Gray Whale Inn mysteries I ve read and it is the most current one I did not have to surmise what when on before so this book can be read on its own I found it very entertaining and the setting was great, a little island off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine I will enjoy reading the mysteries that have preceded this one I love a cozy with recipes and can t wait to try that Eggnog Bread I like the characters in this story Even though the main character, Natalie puts herself a [...]

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