Stolen Magic

Stolen Magic

Gail Carson Levine / Jul 08, 2020
Stolen Magic Newbery Honor author of Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine weaves a thrilling tale of mystery in this companion to A Tale of Two Castles Elodie the dragon detective Meenore and the kindly ogre Count
  • Title: Stolen Magic
  • Author: Gail Carson Levine
  • ISBN: 9780061706370
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newbery Honor author of Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine weaves a thrilling tale of mystery in this companion to A Tale of Two Castles.Elodie, the dragon detective Meenore, and the kindly ogre Count Jonty Um are all on their way to Elodie s home island of Lahnt Elodie has barely set foot on land before she learns that the Replica, a statue that keeps her island s deadlyNewbery Honor author of Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine weaves a thrilling tale of mystery in this companion to A Tale of Two Castles.Elodie, the dragon detective Meenore, and the kindly ogre Count Jonty Um are all on their way to Elodie s home island of Lahnt Elodie has barely set foot on land before she learns that the Replica, a statue that keeps her island s deadly volcano from erupting, has been stolen If the Replica isn t found in three days, a mountain will be destroyed And when Elodie ends up alone with a cast of characters any of whom may be guilty, she has to use her wits to try to unravel a tangled web of lies.New York Times bestselling author Gail Carson Levine has written an imaginative, fast paced mystery that will be enjoyed by fans of A Tale of Two Castles, as well as those meeting Elodie, Meenore, and Count Jonty Um for the first time.
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        Just letting you all know I m only going to review books I love There s enough negative criticism without me piling on A book is too hard to write.Gail Carson Levine grew up in New York City and began writing seriously in 1987 Her first book for children, Ella Enchanted, was a 1998 Newbery Honor Book Levine s other books include Fairest Dave at Night, an ALA Notable Book and Best Book for Young Adults The Wish The Two Princesses of Bamarre and the six Princess Tales books She is also the author of the nonfiction book Writing Magic Creating Stories That Fly and the picture book Betsy Who Cried Wolf, illustrated by Scott Nash Gail, her husband, David, and their Airedale, Baxter, live in a 1790 farmhouse in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.


    1. I had a really hard time reading this book Maybe I was reading it at a time when I was too distracted to appreciate it, but I just could not enjoy it Gail Carson Levine is one of my favorite authors, so I was really disappointed Brunkas and bees and ITS and Replicas my brain started to hate reading about them Ludda bee and Ursa bee and Johan bee and why the heck are there so many bees And why would they sacrifice their lives to become pretty much nuns and monks to guard a stupid Replica just so [...]

    2. I just keep thinking Gail Carson Levine will write something as wonderful as Ella Enchanted and then getting disappointed.

    3. I m incredibly disappointed by Stolen Magic, the lackluster followup to A Tale of Two Castles Another fantasy set whodunit, this book is concerned with the theft of a magical artifact which will make a volcano erupt if not returned The mystery lacks much mystery I guessed the first culprit with pages of meeting him, and could not differentiate the supporting characters enough to care about the second culprit.What irked me most of all was the constant interruption of Elodie s story to give brief [...]

    4. I love this book because I loved the first one and this was written just as well In this book you will meet a girl named Elodie Elodie is a dragons assistant But it just so happens that this dragon is vary good at solving mystery s The replica has been stole vary few people have ever seen it but everyone has heard about it which means the whole island is in great danger The story goes that there was this man who found the land that they lived on and he fell in love with the land But at that time [...]

    5. Original review on my blog unquenchablereads.wordpress.cEdition e Arc, EdeleweissPages 214 that s what the Arc had , 336 in the hardcoverSeries or Standone Series, 2ndPublished Arpil 21th, 2015Publisher HarperCollinsLink To book show 16I m going to do something different with my continuation of series reviews Favorite Character Meenore It s just great Or maybe Elodie Most annoying character I can t think of one at this moment Favorite part of the plot The entire mystery of what happened Do I hav [...]

    6. Hmmm Not sure Should I have read book 1 first Should I have listened to it All those crazy names and wordsI just can t keep reading It s not the Gail Carson Levine I want it to be.

    7. Who is a good person The person who avows their concern and care for everyone and allows bullying to run unchecked for years, or the person who declares they don t care about anyone else and dares a volcano to rescue strangers Hmmmmmmmm Note cool motive still murder always applies This book is ripe for discussion about heroism and goodness, and really is a solid follow up to the don t judge entirely by appearances of the first book Only with murder.

    8. The review I posted on Having been a fan of Levine since Ella Enchanted came out, I was really looking forward to Stolen Magic, the sequel to A Tale of Two Castles Recently I reread Two Castles in anticipation of its sequel, but after reading the first review here on I almost didn t buy it Thankfully, I trusted my gut and went ahead and bought and read it.I couldn t put Stolen Magic down I loved it The mystery was very well done with lots of possible, and plausible, suspects The main characters [...]

    9. I didn t think Stolen Magic was half as good as A Tale of Two Castles It has that tacked on sequel due to popular demand feel to it, where the author tries to recapture the essence of the first novel and fails The plot tries to be a decent mystery but there are so many characters introduced all at once that it s hard to follow and the world seems small and cramped compared to the first novel There s also way too many logical leaps done at the very beginning, with Elodie immediately jumping to Th [...]

    10. 2.5If this is a retelling, I don t recognize it It was third person this time.Elodie and Masteress Meenore act clever to save the day It feels forced, though, probably because the characters know when they re acting clever Sure, cleverness isn t spur of the moment all the time and can be taught, but it s not as fun that way.I must not be a fan of mysteries I hate not being able to trust anyone Seriously, everyone except Elodie, Meenore, and the count were suspects Similar to last time, I couldn [...]

    11. So much of what is wrong with this book could have been fixed by reading literally the last page or two of the prior book I never expected to be so let down by Levine, but honestly, this is quite possibly the worst sequel ever due to the number of mistakes in carrying forward the same world as the last one.1 Goodwife Celeste and her Goodman Twah End of last book, these spies from Tair delayed their return trip to go back with Elodie et al and took the cog back to Lahnt together Enter this book a [...]

    12. The language was a bit difficult to get into, but fun near the end I m still having trouble with this bee business This novel s particularly fun because it s truly a sequel which she hasn t done before The advantages as such is that Levine can start to play with the characters I adore Mastress the dragon, I adore ITs relationship with Elodie and that IT hasn t a defined gender This is also a mystery detective novel that I think is much tricky than the first I will love this book if it has ano [...]

    13. I grew up reading Gail Carson Levine s stories, and this one didn t disappoint I love mysteries, and this endowed me with a nice weekend read of wondering whodunit I loved the character development of all in the story, but especially Meenore The book was also a really good sequel, which I always appreciate since the sequel usually isn t nearly as good as the original My only complaint really relates to myself in that I seem to be getting above the targeted age group.

    14. The first book,A Tale of Two Castles, was alright I can t even say that I remember much about it though I enjoyed this sequel far less that is to say, I didn t enjoy it all It lacked that vital essence that I love in some of Gail Carson Levine s other, earlier books Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and The Two Princesses of Bamarre Oh well.

    15. I m about three quarters of the way through this book and I m ready to bang my head against the wall Usually I love Levine s writing she is, without a doubt, my favorite childhood author , but this book is just incredibly frustrating Levine is usually very good at inserting foreign terms into her books in a way that makes them easily understandable, but here she inserts them too many times, confusing the reader Additionally, Elodie s personality appears to have not matured at all if anything, sh [...]

    16. For a complete review, check out my Young Adult book blog readsandroses 2017 10 09 Elodie travels back to her homeland with her master, the dragon Meenore, and her friend, the ogre Count Jonty Um But they arrive in Lahnt to hear terrible news the replica of their volcano which keeps the real volcano from erupting is missing The only way to save the mountain is to find out who stole the replica, and return it before time runs out Elodie, with the help of Meenore and Count Jonty Um, works tireless [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this sequel It was a little confusing, the brunkas and the customs on Lodie s island but overall I enjoyed it very much It sounded like it was going to be the last book, unfortunately I would have liked to see her as a teenager and an adult And if she ever found out what the gender of the dragon is and if the dragon ever learns to read

    18. This is one of my favorite authors The story did not disappoint Geared for younger readers, yet still a fun read I read book two first, moving backward to book one I give it four stars, I really liked it.

    19. The only thing I didn t like about this book is the fact that Levine wrapped it up so neatly, making it clear she wasn t writing any sequels.

    20. I had difficulty getting into the book, and made repeated attempts I also didn t care for a lot of the names, like It, and that seemed to be a stumbling block, too The author is very talented, but this book just was not appealing to me Any other author, I would have put it down.

    21. A wonderful sequelThis book is a perfect sequel to the previous one I appreciate the nonbinary dragon the mystery story I wonder if there s

    22. Featured in Reading on a Theme Original Fairy Tales on Intellectual Recreation.In the second installment of Gail Carson Levine s A Tale of Two Castles series, Elodie, Masteress Meenore, and Count Jonty Um have arrived on Elodie s home island There they learn that the Replica, a magical object that keeps Lahnt safe, has been stolen Detection commences Stolen Magic introduces a whole new cast of characters and suspects Elodie, once again, must deduce, induce, and use her common sense to solve the [...]

    23. Dear Stolen Magic,It s not you, it s the pile of other books I really really want to read staring me down while I try to read you It s that your world building that isn t seamless, it s distracting and almost grating It feels lingo y Maybe if I d read you two or three years ago, or even , when I just read books and could afford to bother finishing one I didn t love or hold out for Ella Enchanted s sake or because there is a dragon I just love dragons so much But, I m nineteen now and when I rea [...]

    24. Stolen Magic is the sequel to A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine It s the continuing story of Elodie, a small town girl, living in a lonely world, who took a daytime boat going anywhere Well, specifically she took a boat to the town of Two Castles There she met a giant, became the assistant to a dragon, made friends with a princess, and solved a mystery Not a bad beginning for a small town girl Now she s on another adventure with Count Jonty Um the giant and Meenore the dragon aka her b [...]

    25. Elodie, the dragon Masteress Meenore, and the ogre Count Jonty Um are on their way to visit Elodie s home on the island of Lahnt, but before they can reach the farmhouse, they learn that a sacred artifact has been stolen and if it s not returned within three days, there s likely to be a volcanic eruption, endangering hundreds of people Finding missing items is Masteress Meenore s specialty, and as It s apprentice, Elodie has already proven that she has some skills in that area, as well but it wi [...]

    26. Elodie, the dragon she works for, and the ogre who employs them both, have sailed back to her home island, only to find that a magic statue has been stolen, and the island will be destroyed by a volcano very soon unless it is found again.This is a sequel to Levine s A Tale of Two Castles, but is perfectly fine as a standalone everything the reader needs to know is explained The dragon and Elodie are the equivalent of detectives, and this is a classic whodunit, complete with having all the suspec [...]

    27. This is a perfect middle grade book with a strong female character and wonderful winding story I enjoyed seeing IT, the dragon, and especially like Gail Carson Levine s ability to put you in the room with dialogue and description that is lively and witty, without being too complicated I felt like Elodie, the main character, had grown into her own a bit since the first book and the pace was super The bees or helpers are sweet and interesting characters, and I love their rainbow superpowers, but [...]

    28. Levine, Gail Stolen Magic, 322 pages HarperCollins Publisher, 2015 16.99 Language G 0 Swears, 0 f s Mature Content PG Violence G Elodie, Mastress Meenore a dragon , and Count Jonty Um an ogre are all on their way to Elodie s home island, Lahnt But just when they get back they find that is in danger A relic named the Replica has been stolen The Replica keeps a very dangerous volcano from erupting and killing many people and wiping out a village So Elodie and her friends, Mastress Meenore and Coun [...]

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