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Pam Ann Alongside our world is another a world where women may be kept as slaves whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their owners Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is a porta
  • Title: Pam-Ann
  • Author: Lindsey Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780857792679
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • Alongside our world is another, a world where women may be kept as slaves, whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their owners.Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is a portal where it may be possible to cross from one world to the other, swapping lives with someone on the other side.Pam made the crossing, although not intentionally She found herAlongside our world is another, a world where women may be kept as slaves, whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their owners.Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is a portal where it may be possible to cross from one world to the other, swapping lives with someone on the other side.Pam made the crossing, although not intentionally She found herself on an airship, caught as a stowaway and condemned to work semi naked as a slave for the amusement of the passengers, and whatever they wanted to do to her.
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        At university I studied archaeology and medieval history I have had an interest in the history of all periods for as long as I can remember, and one in writing fiction that goes back almost as far Often I combine the two in producing my novels While it may not always be readily apparent from my stories, I am a romantic at heart, hence my single foray into the realms of non erotic Regency Romance so you will mostly find a Happy Ever After at the end of my books, though it may not always be quite the kind you expect I like strong and courageous heroines, so weak, wilting and readily accepting women do not feature as central characters in my stories That usually makes for a lot of conflict with both the heroes and the villains I like to make sure my characters, male and female, earn their HEA s, physically and emotionally.


    1. Where to begin How about, buy this book now This is my favourite book by the talented Mr Brooks to date I have a love hate relationship with his books So far, every single one of them have been a difficult read at the beginning I m not sure what it is about them, but I start out with a feeling of dread About half way through the book, I m aroused and starting to get turned on By the last third of the book, I m playing with myself while reading the book Sigh This is why I have a love hate relatio [...]

    2. Imagine an earth much like our own where one key person in history didn t play an important part and everything changed Imagine that it is possible if you are in the right place you can exchange places with someone from that other world.Pamela was a sexual harassment investigator for a major airline flying back across the Atlantic after wrapping up an investigation and then she is suddenly a stowaway on a steam powered airship where the man she was investigating is suddenly now telling her she i [...]

    3. Lindsey Brooks is really required reading for any of us who like smut with great story His books are all different, deliciously decadent, sinfully sexy, and harsh in a way that lights all the fires inside of you Capture slave at its best The blurb explains this one perfectly and Pam finds herself on a voyage she never signed up for used as a slave There are all sorts of things in here from corporal punishment to piercing and it all goes perfectly with the story I even enjoyed the f f parts altho [...]

    4. I first saw this story in its raw unedited form and had some input into it as a proof reader does At that time I was concentrating on its technical merits I have since bought my own copy from A1Adult books, an unabridged version, as I didn t want the version, which is abridged for a little of its content.It is a slave fantasy story, and also fulfills the genres of BDSM, Steam Punk and Erotica as well It is a book for adults over 18 or the legal age of adulthood for your country.This story explor [...]

    5. She could not escape the horrible feeling that she was not dreaming and that this unsympathetic world of callous, casual cruelty truly had become her reality Pamela Weston was your everyday modern woman with a fitted dress suit and combative attitude she could take on the world or simply take on sexual harassment suits as that was her current career Investigating the enigmatic Captain Todd, she doesn t expect to fly through a black hole and end up in another world in another life Sexual harassm [...]

    6. Many already know that capture fantasies are one of my favorite sub genres, Pam Ann is now tops among my favorite books in that well loved group In the name of full disclosure, I did have the good fortune to be a beta reader for this book a most enjoyable experience.Pam is an uptight, highly controlled woman who is a sexual harassment investigator for an airline in the 1980 s She has been badly hurt by betrayed love in the past, and is determined to hold all men to a rigid standard of behavior i [...]

    7. Oh God I started reading this book for this challenge It was difficult to read in the beginning, I kinda hated what was happening with Ann Pam and felt really sad for her but half way through the book I m so engrossed in the book, I can t seem to put it down Its my first F f book The sex scenes are very detailed and erotic By the end of this book I m in love with this book It has HEA and I m sucker for HEA and ofcourse we can t forget the hotness of Lieutenant Drake sigh.I read this book in one [...]

    8. Very strange, very strange indeed This is my first experience with both this author steampunk There are so many things that I enjoyed about this book though I m not sure all of them were intended to amuse for instance the alt world is one in which France doesn t exist as it s been overtaken by England Austria LOL Only the English would come up with the France is the evil empire concept The other was the Venus Dust that Pam keeps attributing her arousal to that everyone but her knows is a farce O [...]

    9. What an interesting read this turned out to be This story kept me completely engaged and unlike some captive stories, I found the non con very hot rather than disturbing I credit the great writing by the author Pam Ann s treatment as a slave is really horrific though not overwhelmingly so and I wouldn t have wanted to be in her shoes But it soon becomes clear that she doesn t find it entirely objectional It does take her some time to get there and following her journey made it a rewarding read a [...]

    10. Firstly this author has a good voice, the story was well written and edited I am not new to dark stories I have read a number of books with non con including FF, but this was all a little much Too much emphasis on slavery and caning, I think The sci fi mystery side of the story was interesting, how Pam Ann ended up in her predicament I would recommend this book to people who enjoy captive slavery type stories with heavy emphasis on ff scenes, masochism sadism.

    11. I enjoyed this book for the most part Some of the scenes made me uncomfortable, and some of the erotica just didn t do it for me I m not a huge fan of f f erotica, so I was into the M f parts I would have preferred dick in the menage scenes The temporary piercings were intriguing, and I wanted detail Some branding would have been hot you know, because they re all Company property Steam engine aircrafts, powered by coal shoveling slave girls Yes please The world building was good I liked the l [...]

    12. The world building in this book was great, but I couldn t connect with any of the characters I m not sure if it was the mood I m in but for once I found the punishment scenes a bit ott and too much sex and not enough story Did I really say too much sex I usually love Lindsey s stories but this one didn t do it for me quite the same Still well worth reading however.

    13. I had a lot of mixed feelings about reading this one, first off, it s not a genre I typically read although the description is VERY drawing Second off, I m an awfully picky reader and would hate to give a loved one a bad review Therefore I have a personal rule about not reading any work from authors Iknow But then again, rules are meant to be broken, right No ooops.When I first started reading it, I found some of the words a little poshregarding the writing, it took some getting used to for a fo [...]

    14. I m sorry, Mr Brooks This book just was not for me.Pam is on a transatlantic flight dealing with a serious sexual harassment issue when she is transported to an alternate steampunk world where naked female slavery is common Pam seems to have switched places with her parallel world self, whose name is Ann Apparently, Ann had stowed away on the airship Pam finds herself on which automatically guarantees her a spot as a company sex slave for rich travelers.And so, the fantasy develops with a LOT of [...]

    15. Pam finds herself in an odd situation she was sent to investigate a pilot in the company she works for a women claimed she was sexually harassed by the pilot who claims he is innocent and he has the letters to prove it when turbulence throws them around the cabin when they get up they go to the cock pit to see what s going on when they notice a giant black cloud is enveloping them and next thing Pam knows she is waking up in a strange place as she is trying to figure out what is going on Todd th [...]

    16. I have been waiting to read this book forever and I actually won it in a contest so I am thrilled After finishing it I was certainly not disappointed What a great story An alternative universe where Pam finds herself an unwilling sex slave The things that happen to her are cruel, heartless, and hot as all get out The caning and beatings were a little difficult for me but I thought they fit within the story.I loved watching Pam as she came to terms with her sexuality the flashbacks to her ex are [...]

    17. This book was amazing I am not normally into sci fi bdsm but this was an exemption This was incredible, the characters, the writing, the plot, everything This book deserves than five stars I could not put it down So read it now I just found out that the writer is male Wow He did an amazing job

    18. 4.5 Stars full review to come but I just wanted to jot down some thoughtsThis was awesome Great world building The story was fantastic I just couldn t put this one down I love what the author did with the story It s definitely not for the faint of heart but anyone who s into serious BDSM that doesn t necessarily have to be paired with romance I think would enjoy this.

    19. Hmm I have wrestled with what to say about this book I have read very little F F and I can now honestly say that it s definitely not something I enjoy reading in the slightest At first I felt I was a trouper by staying on track with the book and reading the first few F F scenes Hey it might grow on me right Wrong I got to the point where I felt there were so many of these scenes that I resorted to skimming because I liked the other parts of the book and wasn t ready to throw in the towel.As I sa [...]

    20. BDSM Right up there with the best.I can t believe I got sucked in so fast at the beginning of this book It went from sexual harassment to sci fi and I m loved it I started it and couldn t stop It went from modern late to an alternate world, but had me enthralled We need follow ups with some of the main characters Pam or as she s known in her new alternate world as Ann is a great character Persephone was a nasty piece of work, Pam realizes her world is not right when she is accused of being a sto [...]

    21. I am not a big fan of discipline in BDSM, but usually I can go with it I can also go with some pretty absurd characterizations In this book, the canings and whippings were not erotic AND the characters, while physically hurting, seemed to lack any signs of emotional abuse from it I ve read non con I can handle reading disturbing material This, however, was almost ridiculous Lastly, I m going to assume the author was raised to write English UK style, because it was annoying to have several words [...]

    22. One moment you are in the world you know and then through a blackness you are plunged into a world of steam, airships and slavery.This is the fate of Pam Ann One moment she was arguing with an airline employee about sexual harrassment and the next she is mistaken as a stowaway on an airship zeppelin and by international law is forced into slavery as she is not a Freewoman.I struggled with the fact that women did not have the same freedoms in the alternate world however, the servicing of the clie [...]

    23. has the harsh, intense non con of Story of O or The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, but with somewhat less bleak despair, and at least the hint of potential happy ending I didn t finish, so don t know if it came to be Lots F f non com than I ve encountered elsewhere, if that s your thing Well written and interesting, just intense and dehumanizing than I was up for at the moment.

    24. I was ready to give this 4 stars until the last 10%.This is a story about a lady from Earth, Pamela Weston, who is transported to a steampunk style Earth like counterpart She is made a slave, and undergoes many trials and tribulations in her new circumstances.I didn t quite like Pam, she was alright, and Drake was alright, but this book suffers from one of my least liked BDSM book flaws The released from slavery to become the loving wife HEA A fate worse than death, imo, and definitely not an HE [...]

    25. So i do so enjoy the author, but this book was just wow i do enjoy some forced sexuality but i found myself skipping some of it because it was than i am use to the writing was great, it flowed and was not choppy, which is my pet peve The drug use well any book that has drug use in it i usually dislike but since it was not the theme of the book just how the main character excused her actions, i was ok with it Overall Good read it took me a while to finish, when i usually take a day or two to rea [...]

    26. Strange little story I think I can say that I m not a fan of non con stuff Anyway, this story was well written, well paced, and hot n steamy well, apart from the bits I didn t approve of lol.

    27. This story is meant for 18 readers The story is a good mix of science fiction and bdsm fantasy It had plenty of scenes where pain and pleasure mixed It is definitely a great erotic read for those into bondage, non consensual sex, slavery, sadomasochism and fantasy.

    28. This was awesomely entertaining, I couldn t put it down, had to find out how it ended.Captain Todd what a dick Oh well I guess it worked out for all involved.

    29. This book was hard for me to read at times I normally don t read si fi I thought that the discipline was too much at times and I had to keep stopping.

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