Was God on Vacation?

Was God on Vacation?

Jack Van Der Geest / May 27, 2020
Was God on Vacation A World War II autobiography of a Dutch youth during the years An extraordinary account that follows the author through the invasion of the Netherlands home life under the Nazis Buchenwald
  • Title: Was God on Vacation?
  • Author: Jack Van Der Geest
  • ISBN: 9780964961524
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • A World War II autobiography of a Dutch youth during the years 1940 1947 An extraordinary account that follows the author through the invasion of the Netherlands, home life under the Nazis, Buchenwald death camp and escape, the French Underground, D Day with the American 101st Airborne Division, the liberation of France and service in the Dutch Marines in the Asian campaiA World War II autobiography of a Dutch youth during the years 1940 1947 An extraordinary account that follows the author through the invasion of the Netherlands, home life under the Nazis, Buchenwald death camp and escape, the French Underground, D Day with the American 101st Airborne Division, the liberation of France and service in the Dutch Marines in the Asian campaign A book that would not have been written if some had not been teaching the Holocaust had not occurred.
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    1. I can t quite put my finger on it, but something about this autobiography bothered me I m not even sure what it is exactly Perhaps, it was just mixed up memories Perhaps, the author had a hard time mixing the historical narrative with Jack s story But it just didn t feel right.For example, in Chapter 15 he talks about being part of the 101st Airborne on D Day He claims that he jumped onto a bunker on Utah beach and saw the troops landing on the beach Then he claims he took the bunker out before [...]

    2. A true story which is raw and heartbreaking, but very powerful I am fortunate to have met Mr Van Der Geest My book is signed like many Enjoy your freedom I think everyone should read this book for 2 reasons 1.you will surely appreciate what you have in life, and 2 importantly you will never forget it forever conscious that war and fear can result in the most terrible acts.Thanks to Jack for sharing his story with us.

    3. Jack is just a little older than my Dutch grandmother, Sonja She was in Holland during WWII and talks about going thru one experience Jack mentions, being hungry all the time Jack worked with the resistance yet was turned into the Germans based on a false report by a spiteful neighbor Jack and his parents were both sent to concentration camps as political prisoners Jack talks about his terrifying experiences there and his plans on escaping along with further adventures helping the French undergr [...]

    4. I read this book when I was in 8th grade and was fascinated with this gentlemen s experience The story is very sad, but what WWII story isn t I had the opportunity to see this man speak and loved it What a great individual and a great account of his experience.

    5. Unbelieveableexcept that my husband and I got to meet this man because he was a friend of Rich s parents He died recently but, what an amazing life he lead details of the book come back to me at random times and stop me in my tracks

    6. Jack Van Der Geest writes a compelling story of loss, hope, and love Readers should find themselves pulled into the story of Van Der Geest s struggles to survive in horrific conditions, his recovery and resistance to those who had caused such anquish My book is signed, Enjoy your Freedom and thinking about what Mr Van Der Geest went through made my eyes well up with tears We should never forget and Mr Van Der Geest s book will definitely allow for generations of readers to know how important lea [...]

    7. In my opinion I believe every middle school student or younger should read the book Was God On Vacation By reading this book you better understand what truly went on in the Concentration Camps during the Holocaust There s good details that make you want to keep reading However, at some points you just want to put the book down because there s disturbing details that Jack had do endure and go through He had to perform many experiments on prisoners for the Nazi, he even saw a hungry man eat a dead [...]

    8. Was God On Vacation was a book that I really enjoyed reading Jack s experience in the Holocaust was so inspirational He has taught a valuable lesson with this book, that is to never give up If he would have given up on getting out of Buchenwald, getting back to the Netherlands, or getting to the United States to become a citizen, he would have never made it as far in the war as he did The Holocaust was one of the worst things anyone could have ever encountered and Jack was a survivor I would def [...]

    9. Excellent story that follows the author through his amazing life as a Dutch adolescent during WWII Highlights include living under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands, deportation to Buchenwald with unimaginable suffering and a harrowing escape, life in the French resistance, serving alongside Americans during the invasion of Normandy and Battle of the Bulge, experiences in the Dutch East Indies, long overdue reunification with surviving family members, and emigration to the United States Written [...]

    10. Although I rated this book three stars, I would defiantly recommend it to people It was very well written, and had a great story line, but it just wasn t my style of book I still tried to enjoy it as much as possible and I was amazed at how much Jack s life was changed He was doing things at the age of 15 20 that most people would never do in their life Jack is a brave young man in this book and it is so detailed, it stirs your emotions and gets you to realize what really happened during the Hol [...]

    11. I loved this book with a passion Jack Van Der Geest went through a whole lot I m not going to tell you You ll have to find out for yourselves I was drawn into his book and words like a spider to flies I mean the things he talks about are terrible but great They are gruesome, but I hardly think that you can make the Holocaust look appealing I am just glad that we can keep this terrible zeitgeist of the Holocaust in our minds forever and keep telling our young about it It s something no one should [...]

    12. This book left me speechless I often forgot I was reading a nonfiction book I never knew so much on the Holocaust before reading Jack s experiences The things that come up will shock you and give you chills, but it is a very good book and I very good lesson from this historic event Jack has a lot of things from what he was thinking through it all and I liked that a lot This book left me with many emotions when I was done reading Happy, excited, scared, nervous, and many .

    13. I think that this book was amazing It is awe inspiring that a young man can accomplish so much with only his determination Jack is haul off to a death camp but, through his great determination to survive, he escapes and runs off to join the French Underground Then he escapes the mainland of Europe and becomes a paratrooper that survived D Day It is amazing how much Jack Van der Geest went through and made it out alive.

    14. I thought this book was very good It showed me what it was like to live in the holocaust In the beginning of the book I couldn t believe that the people weren t scared when they were being bombed I liked this book because it didn t seem like a nonfiction book I couldn t believe the things Jack went through One of my favorite parts of the book was when Jack was fighting on the beach of Normandy.

    15. This was another really good book about the Holocaust Its so hard to believe something that terrible could ever happen, but having it happen to you being in one of those camps, we can t even imagine It is important for kids and adults to know what happened so that if a problem like this ever arises we can stop it and know how to stop it so it wouldn t ever happen again You have to read this book

    16. I really enjoyed reading this book Jack s Holocaust experience was incredible and I can t believe he was alive after everything he s been through Even though his story was very sad, I was still interested throughout the book Even if you don t know much about the Holocaust, I still recommend this book because it taught me a lot of facts about the Holocaust I didn t know.

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book The book completely described what Jews would have gone through during the time of the Holocaust The books was both heartbreaking and exhilarating This book showed me how cruel the Nazis were and how they greatly impacted over 6,000,000 Jews I now have much needed respect for Jack Van Der Geest

    18. This whole book was very interesting and found out than just a little information about the Holocaust I wish that anyone who has the ability to read this book should because its very interesting and provides a better view of the holocaust for others Hopes for a movie I m talking to you Steven Spielberg

    19. This book offered me a perspective on the Holocaust that I never knew existed, because it showed me how truly brutal it was It is hard to believe some of the things that Jack did as a 16 year old, I could never imagine doing that at that age Some of the actions are unbelievable and you would think that they would never have happened in the real world.

    20. Was God on Vacation is a non fiction book about the Holocaust When I was reading this book at times I forgot that it was non fiction When I remembered I had to stop because I couldn t comprehend how someone could hand all that This book tells the harsh truth about what people had to go through, like being in a concentration camp, losing your family, and going to war.

    21. I am just amazed at what some people had to go through and still lived to tell about it The main reason I picked up this book is that Jack passed away about a month ago and in the article our local news had on him, it mentioned he wrote a book Being from SD I thought it would be interested to read a book written by a local man I was so moved and just in awe of how he lived during the war

    22. It was a very excellent read This book was written for general audience about a man s experience in a holocaust camp during WW2 I finished this book within a few hours of reading because it was easy to read, however, the information in the book was very raw and sad It made me think about the consequences of war and those who were affected by war.

    23. I really enjoyed this book about Jack Van Der Geest s life and experience of the Holocaust It really put in to perspective on how real all of this was It showed how everyone was being pretty much tortured and being starved to death It s a good read for young adults who want to know detail on how things were done in the Holocaust and how everyone was treated by the Nazi s.

    24. In my opinion I thought that this book was very inspirational I believe that anyone who takes time to read this book will get a new perspective on what the Holocaust really was I had no idea how cruel and harsh the conditions were I thought this book was really good, and it opened up my eyes to the world Overall, you should definitely read this book.

    25. This book really opened my eyes and taught me a lot about the Holocaust Was God on Vacation talks about a young man named Jack who experienced the Holocaust not as a Jew but as a Political Prisoner He went through excruciating pain and suffering from the Nazis but survived and lived to tell his amazing story about just how bad this horrific this event really was.

    26. A amazing story of survival and of the trails of those who were forced into the Nazi death camps Ive had the privilege of meeting Mr Van Der Geest s son and daughter in law and was lucky enough to get a signed copy of this book which was inscribed Enjoy your freedom Jack so amazing , a must read

    27. This book was really worth reading As I read it I gained knowledge on what did truly did happen in the Holocaust Jack did an amazing job of making you understand and feel like he felt during what he had to go through It truly amazed me what happened and I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn of what happened during the Holocaust and World War 2.

    28. I think that this book was amazing and it gave me the reality of the Holocaust from the perspective of Jack Jack was a boy that was put into a concentration camp named Buchenwald and came close to death He had to endure a lot during that time there The entire book I was wondering if he would ever see freedom again.

    29. I think that this book is very good It s got action, suspense, and even some humour It kept me wanting to read the next page, and it was very worthwhile to read I recommend this to anyone who s got the time to read it Overall, I think it s a touching, exciting, and suspenseful book that I m sure anyone could enjoy.

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