The Diviners

The Diviners

Libba Bray / Apr 04, 2020
The Diviners Something dark and evil has awakenedEvie O Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City and she is pos i tute ly ecstatic It s and
  • Title: The Diviners
  • Author: Libba Bray
  • ISBN: 9780316232425
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something dark and evil has awakenedEvie O Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City and she is pos i tute ly ecstatic It s 1926, and New York is filled with speakeasies, Ziegfeld girls, and rakish pickpockets The only catch is that she has to live with her uncle Will and his unhealthy obsession with thSomething dark and evil has awakenedEvie O Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City and she is pos i tute ly ecstatic It s 1926, and New York is filled with speakeasies, Ziegfeld girls, and rakish pickpockets The only catch is that she has to live with her uncle Will and his unhealthy obsession with the occult.Evie worries he ll discover her darkest secret a supernatural power that has only brought her trouble so far But when the police find a murdered girl branded with a cryptic symbol and Will is called to the scene, Evie realizes her gift could help catch a serial killer.As Evie jumps headlong into a dance with a murderer, other stories unfold in the city that never sleeps A young man named Memphis is caught between two worlds A chorus girl named Theta is running from her past A student named Jericho hides a shocking secret And unknown to all, something dark and evil has awakened
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        What is it about writing an author bio that gives me that deer in headlights feeling It s not exactly like I m going to say I was born in Alabama and somebody s going to jump up and snarl, Oh yeah Prove it At least I hope not.I think what gets me feeling itchy is all that emphasis on the facts of a life, while all the juicy, relevant, human oddity stuff gets left on the cutting room floor I could tell you the facts I lived in Texas for most of my life I live in New York City with my husband and six year old son now I have freckles and a lopsided smile I m allergic to penicillin.But that doesn t really give you much insight into me That doesn t tell you that I stuck a bead up my nose while watching TV when I was four and thought I d have to go to the ER and have it cut out Or that I once sang a punk version of Que Sera Sera onstage in New York City Or that I made everyone call me Bert in ninth grade for no reason that I can think of See what I mean God is in the details So with that in mind, here is my bio Sort of.TEN THINGS YOU DON T KNOW ABOUT ME by Libba Bray1 I lived in Texas until I was 26 years old, then I moved to New York City with 600.00 in my shoe cause muggers won t take it out of your shoe, y know riiiiight and a punchbowl my grandmother s gift under my arm I ended up using the punchbowl box as an end table for two years.2 My dad was a Presbyterian minister Yes, I am one of those dreaded P.K.s Preacher s Kids Be afraid Be very afraid .3 The first story I ever wrote, in Mrs McBee s 6th grade English class, was about a girl whose family is kidnapped and held hostage by a murderous lot of bank robbers who intend to kill the whole family including the dog until the 12 year old heroine foils the plot and saves the day It included colored pencil illustrations of manly looking, bearded criminals smoking, and, oblivious to the fact that The Beatles had already sort of laid claim to the title, I called my novel, HELP My mom still has a copy And when I do something she doesn t like, she threatens to find it.4 My favorite word is redemption I like both its meaning and the sound My least favorite word is maybe Maybe is almost always a no drawn out in cruel fashion.5 My three worst habits are overeating, self doubt, and the frequent use of the f word.6 The three things I like best about myself are my sense of humor, my ability to listen, and my imagination.7 I have an artificial left eye I lost my real eye in a car accident when I was eighteen In fact, I had to have my entire face rebuilt because I smashed it up pretty good It took six years and thirteen surgeries However, I did have the pleasure of freezing a plastic eyeball in an ice cube, putting it in a friend s drink, Eyeball in your highball and watching him freak completely Okay, so maybe that s not going down on my good karma record But it sure was fun.8 In 7th grade, my three best friends and I dressed up as KISS and walked around our neighborhood on Halloween Man, we were such dorks.9 I once spent New Year s Eve in a wetsuit I d gone to the party in a black dress that was a little too tight too many holiday cookies and when I went to sit down, the dress ripped up the back completely Can we all say, mortified The problem was, my friends were moving out of their house everything was packed and on a truck and there was nothing I could put on but a wetsuit that they still had tacked to the wall I spent the rest of the party maneuvering through throngs of people feeling like a giant squid.10 I got married in Florence, Italy My husband and I were in love but totally broke, so we eloped and got married in Italy, where he was going on a business trip We had to pull a guy off the street to be our witness It was incredibly romantic.


    1. A bit on the slow side, but for the most part I really enjoyed this My favorite aspects were the atmospheric setting of 1920s New York and the awesome cast of characters I thought it was great how all of these seemingly separate stories intersected, I just wish it d happened a little bit faster I also loved how scary and gory this book was I wasn t expecting that, so I was pleasantly surprised pleasantly creeped out And I really appreciated that this book was satisfying all on its own We do get [...]

    2. THIS WAS SO DAMN GOOD Listening on audiobook was such a great experience I loved the writing and the story, oh so chilling GIMME MORE

    3. There is love Oh, there is so much love that I am having for this book and Ms Bray right now Even taking the length into account, this novel took me longer than usual to read because I had to read everything than once and swoon for a little bit before I could move on I am thrilled to hear that there will be a sequel.If I were to write a novel, I wouldn t want to hear claims like this is the next Hunger Games or Twilight or Harry Potter but I think one of the greatest compliments must be this is [...]

    4. 9 25 15 Finished re reading this and it was even better the second time Now I am finally reading the sequel and I m very excited D Original Review 10 10 12 OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN.So yeah, basically this book left me like this I ve been a die hard Libba Bray fan ever since the fabulous Gemma Doyle books I also loved the insane, bizarre adventure of Going Bovine And Beauty Queens was hilarious although I thought it was a bit lacking in the usual strong storytelling element that Bray s other b [...]

    5. The time is now They are coming, Isaiah said, drifting back into dreams, his last word barely a whisper Diviners This was exactly my kind of book with talk about the occult, magical realism, and even a little horror that I could handle for once I couldn t help but fall for The Diviners To quote Maggie Stiefvater, good magic is a little horrific, and good horror is always a little magical And Libba Bray brought just that to the table with this chilling and wondrous book.This follows the tale of s [...]

    6. I don t know how else to describe The Diviners except to say it s pretty clear when reading this that Libba Bray set out to write a quintessentially American novel, and good and bad she s succeeded She may insist no historians were harmed in the writing of her book, but I just don t see how she s mastered such command of American history, not just through the facts, but through the way she captures the American experience, that she didn t torture it out of someone But just like America, this is [...]

    7. I m obviously late to the party, but I so enjoyed this one The audiobook took the story to an entirely other level for me the narrator was fabulous and did so many voices in a unique way without sounding cheesy or lame Definitely excited to continue on with the series and look forward to answering some of the questions that were left open here.

    8. lly released from Starbucks before midnight, I was caught in last pages of The Diviners, and heavy rain Storm hit Alexandria that evening.But as I get off the doors, Everything was differentI was facing Alexandria s famous Sea Corniche, cafes lights, wet streets no There s speakeasy theater lights instead, the yellow cabs turned into old modelsBut the wet streets still there.d The Storm is yet to comeWell,L E T S S T A R T F R O M T H E B E G I N N I N Let s see how this elegant Novel, mixed all [...]

    9. Ms Bray, I have an idea for your next book Yes Well, the researcher who worked on The Poisoner s Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York left some notes lying in the library, and someone I know swiped em Perfect What should we make it about Hmm, not sure Let s workshop it Okay Target audience Well, you have some cred in Young Adult, and the field is on fire If we make it about a 17 year old and her friends, we can draw in the pre teens and the twenty somethings, n [...]

    10. This was my third attempt at this book and victory at last Once again it was a rather slow start that failed to grip me mind body and soul right from the get go that might ve been too much to ask Hence the third attempt but once I passed that difficult stage, I found it enjoyable I wouldn t go so far as to say extremely enjoyable but I was hooked nonetheless The plot was extremely well written and the history elements were amazingly researched and in depth My initial reason to give this another [...]

    11. WrensReads Review New favorite obsession It s dark but classyautiful but swallowed in the feel of a haunting There are a lot of characters in this book So, let s do this list style Evie O NeillI positutely love Evie She is such a unique heroine Usually, the heroines these days are mysterious, introverted and quiet about how they are different Evie is none of those things She is a flapper setting is in the 1920s , she is as extroverted and confident as they come, and she isn t shy about what she [...]

    12. The heroine was intolerably stupid, annoying, attention seeking, and inconsiderate She grated on my nerves so badly, I can barely bring myself to read on I find Libba Bray s writing style for this book completely unreadable I have a strong suspicion she read a reference guide to using slang during the Flapper era and made it her personal goal to use as much speakeasy language as possible in every single spoken sentence.

    13. I would feel really bad about about not finishing this if I weren t so overwhelmingly bored by it.I LOVE most of Libba Bray s books, so the decision to not finish this book did not come without much deliberation In the beginning I was intrigued by the world, and I actually really liked Evie as a character But 150 pages in, I stopped caring about the plot, Evie had become very repetitive and irritating, and the clich s turned me off.Perhaps someday I ll pick it up again, but I can t force myself [...]

    14. This book irritated the crap out of me I gave it 3 stars, but it hovers around the 2.5 mark for me While I enjoyed the story and it held my interest throughout, the cutesy vernacular made me insane and ruined it for me This book is set in the 1920 s when prohibition was in full swing and you couldn t swing a cat without hitting a bobbed haired flapper girl Evie said flapper was sent away from her fake Ohio town of Zenith to New York City, after a party game showing off her divining power angered [...]

    15. This may be of a 3.5 5 starsN T READ THIS AT NIGHT ESPECIALLY THE LAST THIRD JUST DON T DO IT TRUST ME I enjoyed this The writing was beautiful and I really REALLY liked the characters, especially Evie.It was a bit slow to start but when it picked up I just HAD TO FINISH IT.World building was great and plot was pretty alright as well Overall enjoyable My main problems with this are problems that most people won t have, so don t hate me for it Just sayin it s not gonna be what everyone else thin [...]

    16. Really enjoyed this Loved the characters and the setting, but the mystery wasn t the best I ve ever read

    17. 4.5 starsGuys, this book is NOT over hyped It really is fantastic It s one of those rare books that actually made me feel genuinely creeped out.Great characters, phenomenal atmosphere you can tell Libba Bray did a ton of research and just overall engaging story.Highly recommended Full review to come.

    18. She was tired of being told how it was by this generation, who d botched things so badly They d sold their children a pack of lies God and country Love your parents All is fair And then they d sent those boys, her brother, off to fight a great monster of a war that maimed and killed and destroyed whatever was inside them Still they lied, expecting her to mouth the words and play along Well, she wouldn t She knew now that the world was a long way from fair She knew the monsters were real.I though [...]

    19. Note I laugh every day about the fact that this is one of the first negative reviews on the page for this book Not really sure how that happened So yeah, this review is kind of a lightning rod for the comments of overly committed fans who think that telling me I m wrong based on something I wrote in 2012 is a good use of their time I love it.Two stars is a shockingly low rating, I know Sorry bout it.Here is a list I ve composed, honestly expressing why I didn t enjoy this book I m guessing not a [...]

    20. Re read 10 3 17 Finished this re read in one day because I AM OBSESSED OMG I love this book so damn much I forgot how much of a crush I have on Theta She s such a foxy lady, I can t So excited to re read Lair of Dreams now and THEN THE THIRD BOOK IS FINALLY OUT AKZJUSAJBDUAJSRe read 8 26 15 WOW I listened to this on audiobook as a reread in preparation for Lair of Dreams and my review has shot up from a 4 to a 5 out of 5 stars THIS WAS SO GOOD I can t wait to read Lair of Dreams now Oh man Origi [...]

    21. Naughty John, Naughty John, does his work with his apron on Cuts your throat and takes your bones, sells em off for a coupla stones Actual Rating 4.5 starsMy initial rating given to The Diviners was a full, glowing five stars, five stars being the knee jerk rating I give to books I love However, sometimes, when writing a review for the books I give five stars or really any other rating , I realize that there were some certain things in the book I m reviewing that would result in me taking away s [...]

    22. THIS BOOK IS ASTOUNDING The Diviners took place during the 1920s in New York where creepy unexplainable things and murders began to happen A glimpse of the stylish lifestyle of the people during the Roaring Twenties and the boom of the economy of America are very prominent in the story due to all the parties and events that the main character, Evie O Neill, and the others attended to It was gorgeous and quite fascinating Besides the creepiness, there is still a sense of ambition and dazzle in it [...]

    23. I ve owned The Diviners for over 3 years and I finally picked it up as part of this year s Halloween reads Hurrah I couldn t wait to get stuck into this 1920s murder mystery Evie O Neill s secret ability has led her from small town Ohio to sparkling New York City, full of speakeasies and Ziegfield girls She s living with Uncle Unc Will at the Museum of Creepy Crawlies when she befriends a whole host of alluring characters Sam, Jericho, Mabel and Theta, all with their own credible histories and d [...]

    24. The Diviners is my first book by Libba Bray, but I can tell you right now that it won t be my last I m thrilled to have discovered another YA author of such talent and prominence I would have given her a chance even before now, especially considering all the raving reviews written by my most trusted friends, but I simply never got around to it Fortunately, she left me no choice with The Diviners New York in the 1920s was impossible to resist I ll start with my favorite part the setting Libba Bra [...]

    25. I am doing a big project in my house Reading the ever increasing stack of ACTUAL books that is piling up next to my bed The dust on them is just monumental, since I honestly read most of my stuff on my Kindle, sigh So project Chip away at stack commence I ve had this book on the stack for a while, and I didn t know anything about it, except the blurb on the back reminded me of one of my favorite iOS games Elder Signs 20 s, occult, NYC etc I thought the atmosphere was pretty interesting, and the [...]

    26. Full ReviewThis is not the type of book you fly through, and with almost 600 pages it s a far cry from a quick read But Libba Bray s writing just sucks you in and keeps engrossed in the story The roaring 20 s are a fascinating time, with the glitzy and glam and flapper culture, it s always been an interesting era for a story to take place in I don t usually read historical fiction, not for any particular reason, I just haven t It seems fitting that the first historical fiction that I read in a d [...]

    27. These are the difficult reviews to write When you just can t connect with a story that most everyone else seems to love This one has all the right elements 1926 New York with speakeasies, flappers, glitter and temperance Seventeen year old Evie O Neill has just arrived to stay with her Uncle who runs The Museum of the Creepy Crawlies When a body, branded with a cryptic symbol is found her Uncle, who has a well informed obsession with the occult, is called in and Evie tags along But Evie has secr [...]

    28. Actual rating 3.5 stars She was tired of being told how it was by this generation, who d botched things so badly They d sold their children a pack of lies God and country Love your parents All is fair And then they d sent those boys, her brother, off to fight a great monster of a war that maimed and killed and destroyed whatever was inside them Still they lied, expecting her to mouth the words and play along Well, she wouldn t She knew now that the world was a long way from fair She knew the mon [...]

    29. The Diviners is, without a doubt, my favorite Libba Bray novel and I ve read all of them except for The Beauty Queens which I didn t get time to finish but which I fully intend to as I loved the few chapters I read of it I am, truly, a self proclaimed Libba Bray fan I know her Gemma Doyle Trilogy had its flaws, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I remember it changed my perspective of literature at that time quite drastically The Diviners on the other hand, contains no flaws Well, to be honest I th [...]

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