Scratchgravel Road

Scratchgravel Road

Tricia Fields / Jul 07, 2020
Scratchgravel Road The twisty follow up to the Hillerman Prize winning The Territory featuring tough smalltown Texas police chief Josie Gray It was pure luck that Josie Gray spotted Cassidy Harper s car abandoned on t
  • Title: Scratchgravel Road
  • Author: Tricia Fields
  • ISBN: 9781250021366
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The twisty follow up to the Hillerman Prize winning The Territory, featuring tough smalltown Texas police chief Josie Gray It was pure luck that Josie Gray spotted Cassidy Harper s car, abandoned on the side of the road If she hadn t, then she d never have found Cassidy, lying nearly dead of heatstroke on the desert sand beside the body of a Mexican immigrant But CassidyThe twisty follow up to the Hillerman Prize winning The Territory, featuring tough smalltown Texas police chief Josie Gray It was pure luck that Josie Gray spotted Cassidy Harper s car, abandoned on the side of the road If she hadn t, then she d never have found Cassidy, lying nearly dead of heatstroke on the desert sand beside the body of a Mexican immigrant But Cassidy can t explain why she was out for a walk in the midday desert heat, let alone how she happened upon the corpse And once Josie sees the ominous wounds on the man s body, she knows she needs to find the answer fast, before her own life is in danger Tricia Fields s The Territory marked her as talented new author of Southwestern crime, and Scratchgravel Road marks an inventive new mystery set in the unique world of smalltown Texas.
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    1. This is my first novel by this author and it is the second book in a series I liked that this one fell into the crime mystery genre it s one of my favorite genres I liked this one It started off strong with a dead body found in the desert along with a young girl who was found next to it, but she was alive Then the story slowed considerably in the middle, but I really liked the characters by then That was enough to keep me in the story The plot had than a few tangents that seemed to just spin in [...]

    2. I won my copy of Scratchgravel Road from and as soon as I started to read it I knew I had a wonderful suspense story in my hands, and there was no way that I would put this book down, and sure enough I read it all in one sitting Right from the first page I was enthralled with the story that was set in Texas The book is full of action, twists and turns, and each has the right amount to keep you going and wanting The author Tricia Fields has written an excellent story where she takes suspense to [...]

    3. I won a copy on Firstreads.This is the second in the Josie Gray mystery series.Josie Gray decides to look around when she sees a car left by the road on one of the hottest days of the year.She finds local Cassidy Harper collapsed from heatstroke next to a body of an unidentified man.Cassidy can t seem to explain why she went for a hike in the desert when the temperature was over 100 degrees or how she ended up next to a dead man.With almost no leads,Josie must try to figure out not only who the [...]

    4. I really liked the first book in the series, but I actually thought this was a better mystery She defines herself as a first rate writer in this second book in the series The West Texas desert once again plays heavily in this book The book opens with the daughter of one of Josie s officers hanging out past curfew with a boy her mother forbid her from seeing While sneaking out to the local kids secret hangout in the desert she and her doper boyfriend witness a dead body being dumped into the dese [...]

    5. Fields captivating Scratchgravel Road Minotaur, 24.99 is the second in her series featuring Artemis, Texas, Police Chief Josie Gray One morning Josie finds a young woman unconscious from heat stroke lying near the body of a Mexican immigrant with unusual wounds on his arms and a bizarre deterioration of his internal organs Is he the victim of the drug wars raging in this part of the desert, or something sinister happening in a nearby Feed Plant Fields deftly balances the intriguing intimate rel [...]

    6. I won this book a few weeks back and took it with me today as we travelled up north to see my son in his Karate match OMG, I love this book The story is awesome I didn t read the first Book about Josie, but I will go and buy it Half of the characters in this novel, I want to choke Cassidy and Teresa are dim wits, Their boyfriends are close behind I m not going to spoil it, but I don t trust any one in this story But Josie and the other Officers I highly recommend this book to any Lover of Myster [...]

    7. One of my friends won this from , and she let me borrow it Really good book, keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next Strong female lead character.

    8. Well plotted and written mystery It falls about half way between a cosy and hard boiled Recommended for fans of J.A Jance.

    9. Once again, the First Reads giveaway program has introduced me to an author I will be following for a long time to come I am not going to sketch out the plot for you on this one Just take my word for it This book is excellent Scratchgravel Road didn t just top the first in the Josie Gray series It rocketed over The Territory It s one of those books that evokes a sensory response I could feel the desert heat and could smell rain on dirt I could hear the water beating down on the roof of Josie s j [...]

    10. This sopho novel about Police Chief Josie Gray certainly did not disappoint Fields spends just enough time describing without getting pedantic The stories seem to move themselves forward of their own accord a characteristic that other authors could should take to heart and try to emulate Perhaps one of my favorite things about Tricia s books including The Territory is that although there is action, the action makes sense to the story and doesn t force its way in and demand attention My only beef [...]

    11. I won this Book on.I enjoyed reading Scratchgravel Road Once I picked it up I couldn t put it down It is actually a second book in a series but it was able to stand alone There was plenty of character and setting descriptions that I did not feel like I was missing something without reading the first book I would enjoy going back and reading the first book,though since I enjoyed this one so much Josie Gray is the chef of police in a small town in Texas She has her hands full while trying to solve [...]

    12. Many thanks to the author, publisher and for my free ARC of this novel.All in all this was a fairly good story At times it seemed to get bogged down in some of the subplots Some of it just seemed to be filler and that became somewhat distracting from the main plot That being said, I did enjoy this book and it certainly kept me guessing as to whodunnit.Chief Gray is a likeable character and I would certainly like to read the novel in which she makes her first appearance in order to get to know he [...]

    13. 10 9 13 I thoroughly enjoyed this second mystery about protagonist Josie Gray, Chief of Police in her small Texas town In this mystery there are layers on layers, just as there would be in real life The weather and feet of rain doesn t stop so that Josie and her police force of 2 others can investigate the strange death of one of the townspeople Instead, they have to put the investigation on hold to do emergency evacuations and prepare a nuclear facility for flash floods and mud slides Also, the [...]

    14. This was a fairly well written mystery I would say it is stronger on plot than characterization, but it could just be that I didn t warm to the characters, who are all members of a small Texas town There is a lot of wasted potential and exhausted people going through the motions as the police chief of a small 3 person force tries to solve the mystery of an abandoned body with mysterious lesions on it that was dumped way out of town on Scratchgravel Road Add a Hispanic mother who fled an abusive [...]

    15. This is Tricia Fields second installment in the Josie Gray series The first was The Territory While it is not necessary to read them in order, both are time well spent Feilds stories have a definite southwestern feel, similar to Tony Hillerman or Elmer Kelton Her tales are strong on character development, and you feel like you really get to know them.Scratchgravel Road opens with the discovery of a body and a heat stroke victim on a country road Add in a factory producing nuclear grade uranium a [...]

    16. This novel is a high octane thriller that ll keep you pondering till the nuclear explosion at the end Ok, ok, there is NO nuclear explosion at the end But it was that exciting Josie is an incredibly rich character full of dimension and someone you d want to have as your BFF You gals could sneak across Mexico together while investigating a murder Heck, I m sure her main squeeze would even do your taxes for free I haven t read Fields debut novel but I wasn t lost by some crazy back story She will [...]

    17. Sometimes the follow up novel to a successful debut misses the high mark Not so with this one Totally different dangers present themselves when the monsoon rain hits Artemis The flooding threatens the nuclear plant being cleaned up after years of abandonment Of course Josie is drawn into the middle of this when a dead body seemingly suffering with radiation poisoning is found in the desert Well done, Tricia Fields I m stuck on Josie Gray mysteries.

    18. Excellent book by Tricia Fields Although I have to wonder why she hasn t been killed by the Mexican drug cartels, since she killed a few of their people in the first book, and how Texas has so much rain during the monsoon period in this book I was totally surprised by who ended up killing Juan And I definitely figured the manager of the toxic waste disposal team was crooked But he wasn t And then he asked Josie out on a date

    19. The discovery of rapidly decomposing body with mysterious wounds sets the scene for this Police Chief JosieGrey murder mystery set in the Chihauhauan desert on the Texas Mexico border Characters and setting are well drawn, the plot, which involves a nuclear waste threat and a natural disaster, engaging and relevant Tricia Fields won a Hillerman award for her first Josie Grey southwest murder mystery In this second novel, it seems she can maintain the level of quality in the genre.

    20. Scratchgravel Road by Tricia Fields was a great read It was peppered with solid, engaging characters that the reader comes to care about The plot was compelling with the dead body being dumped on Scratchgravel Road and those whose lives become entangled around it Add a hammering rain that just won t quit and you ve got a riveting story that the reader can t wait to get back to An unequivocal thumbs up on this one.

    21. This was the second book by author Tricia Fields I really like the first one but this one was even better The story line the characterswhat a great series and I am happy to say I won an advanced copy of the third in this series I received the book Wrecked the other day but wanted to finish this book first This book had me from the beginning and I love that in a book Now that I am finished I look forward to Wrecked Great job Tricia Fields

    22. Book 2 in the Josie Gray Series Josie discovers a young woman from town who has collapsed out in the desert in the heatxt to a dead body Josie and her staff then spend the rest of the book trying to figure out who this person was and what happened to them No spoilers here, but I must say.rain and the desert do not mix

    23. I didn t realize this was part of a series until I loaded it on I didn t feel lost by unintentionally skipping the first installment, but I am eager to learn background I also appreciated how the author didn t tidy everything up at the end which makes me excited about the next installment.

    24. Fields is an excellent author realistic in her writing descriptions that it can sometimes be very scary to read This is a great series, featuring a strong, realistic heroine Again tho, I think the so near reality of the story is scary to realize I ll definitely keep reading this series tho I guess I m not that scared, huh

    25. Meh Pedestrian prose, with no pop or poetry Another cop who thinks she s a do gooder, and judges others morally, but doesn t hesitate to break the law herself, whether trespassing on dangerous private property or sneaking across international borders.I read this based on a back cover blurb from Library Journal, so I will have to take their raves with a grain of salt in future.

    26. This was such a good book The 2nd in a series I really liked the first one and I think this one is even better An interesting story, lots of suspense, great location and very good writing OK the mudslide scene at the end was a bit over the top, but it worked Highly recommended.

    27. Number two in the Josie Gray series was also a fun, entertaining read I have grown used to the characters and enjoy them The story took some unexpected turns, which is always a sign of a good mystery.

    28. Tricia Fields has another great book in Scratchgravel Road.I really liked the way she built on The Territory while working on a different problem I think this is the start of a very interesting series.The way she builds up to the conclusion is very exciting.

    29. I can definitely tell the author did a lot of research when writing this book Unfortunately much of it, although very descriptive, came off as dry and lackluster It was a pretty good mystery but could have beentter.

    30. This was an okay book I did not read the first Josie mystery, so I did not understand some things in the book, but I was able to follow the current story line just fine.

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