Nightmare in Pink

Nightmare in Pink

John D. MacDonald / Nov 30, 2020
Nightmare in Pink A knight in slightly tarnished armor the thinking man s Robin Hood McGee lives alone on his boat the Busted Flush Rejecting the modern world adhering to a timeless sense of honor and obligation h
  • Title: Nightmare in Pink
  • Author: John D. MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780812983951
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • A knight in slightly tarnished armor, the thinking man s Robin Hood, McGee lives alone on his boat, the Busted Flush Rejecting the modern world, adhering to a timeless sense of honor and obligation, he is and less than a private eye From the author of The Deep Blue Good by Original.
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        John D MacDonald was born in Sharon, Pa, and educated at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Syracuse and Harvard, where he took an MBA in 1939 During WW2, he rose to the rank of Colonel, and while serving in the Army and in the Far East, sent a short story to his wife for sale, successfully After the war, he decided to try writing for a year, to see if he could make a living Over 500 short stories and 70 novels resulted, including 21 Travis McGees enpedia wiki John_D._


    1. There is a very fine line between a man liberated by the sixties sexual revolution and a creepy predator of vulnerable ladies Private investigator Travis McGee is steering very close to the edge here Not that there is much boat steering in this second outing for Mr McGee His barge is back in Florida and He has cometo New York, doing a favor for an army buddy and trying to help his very appetizing daughter investigate the killing of her former boyfriend in what was apparently a simple street mugg [...]

    2. 3.5 Es la primera novela que leo de este autor y me ha gustado mucho Es m s, ahora entiendo porque se le conoce como uno de los escritores norteamericanos de novela negra m s importantes del pasado siglo.

    3. We re all still carnivores, and money is the meat If there s a lot of money and any possible way to get at it, I think people will do some strange and warped things John D MacDonald, Nightmare in PinkTravis McGee 2 Travis McGee goes to NYC Well, he goes to NYC and is slipped a mickey while investigating the murder of a friend s little sister s husband Like almost all of MacDonald s Travis McGee novels, this one is heavy on damsel in distress and flavored with MacDonald s own brand of misogyny li [...]

    4. I enjoyed The Deep Blue Goodbye, but this just annoyed me One novel on, McGee s Magic Penis every woman seems to want it, and the ones who get it emerge transformed for the better from the experience becomes a very tiresome plot element In this novel, he s basically a sloppy amateur who blunders into a solution that he s too dense or sexed up to try to figure out without being trapped by a blonde whore, of course in a mental health facility A mental health facility that is run by unscrupulous do [...]

    5. Travis McGee, John D MacDonald s Florida hero, is let loose in the asphalt jungle of New York, looking for a murderer and helping a friend.MacDonald cast McGee to be a romantic hero, slaying dragons and saving the girl Here, set in the NYC of the mid sixties, MacDonald can also use this as a vehicle to expound upon all the social and cultural ills of our Western Babylon The author s ability to tell the story straight while also interjecting observations as asides is again spot on in this his sec [...]

    6. Nightmare in Pink is the second novel in John D McDonald s 21 novel Travis McGee series Although McGee gets involved in mysteries, he is not a police officer or a private investigator Instead, he is a salvage consultant who lives on a houseboat The Busted Flush in Ft Lauderdale, Florida He prefers to be a beach bum, get a tan, reel in some fish, drink some beer, etc and seems a little uncomfortable in the big city He is also a ladies man.In this novel, McGee leaves his haunts in Florida and jour [...]

    7. I m not positive of the edition as this is an OLD Random House one Years ago I bought the tapes used from the library converted them into an audio files I only put the title author into the file name there isn t anything in the file themselves beyond it being a Random House recording I threw the tapes away when we moved The story is definitely abridged if you come across it, run away McGee usually tells the story, but there are a couple of jarring spots where an entire conversation with a person [...]

    8. John D MacDonald can do no wrong NIGHTMARE IN PINK, the second volume of Travis McGee s investigations, might not be as eventful as THE DEEP BLUE GOOD BY, but it doesn t matter All these novels need is McGee s razor sharp and generous bits of social analysis Interlace that with any detective work really and you ve got yourself a killer story every time and this is no differentGHTMARE IN PINK is a particularly pertinent read in this day and age because it deals with the rich and the reckless, the [...]

    9. NIGHTMARE IN PINK 1964 John D MacDonald .This is not your typical Travis McGee novel All of the action except at the end occurs in New York, mostly in the city Travis starts out to do a friend a favor He starts out doing it because of a guilt feeling His friend was severely wounded while Travis went on RR in his place When he gets to the city, he finds that there is a smelly operation that smacks of a criminal operation by some of the higher management personnel In fact, the boyfriend of Nina it [...]

    10. Not sure this was quite as good as the first Travis McGee I read But still very enjoyable as long as you can ignore the slightly sexist tone of the bookminds me of reading Ian Flemings s Bond, sign of the times I guess I liked the New York setting, made it easy to imagine I ll definitely be carrying on with these.

    11. The second Travis McGee novel finds our self described boat bum doing a favor for an old army buddy who has been confined to a VA hospital and, sadly, is unlikely to live much longer The man s young sister, Nina, needs help as it seems her fianc has just been murdered in an apparent mugging gone bad Travis s investigation takes him to New York and leads him from one contact to another, the trail eventually leading to a high priced call girl and an incredible scheme to steel millions from wealthy [...]

    12. Very fast read Unfortunately not nearly as entertaining as the first of the Travis McGee series, Deep Blue Good by

    13. I enjoyed this, the second novel in the Travis McGee series, slightly better than the first, The Deep Blue Good by, largely because its plot became pretty nutty for the last 50 pages It wasn t dissimilar to many of Ian Fleming s old James Bond novels, in which the situation the protagonist is trapped in is so insane that you can t help but just shrug your shoulders and go along for the ride.I didn t like it, however, for all the same reasons I disliked The Deep Blue Good by The attitudes of the [...]

    14. The beginning seemed verging on boring, but the book progressed into predictably thrilling action and some pretty sublime writing.

    15. I didn t quite know what to think about this MacDonald book First off this one is not set in Florida At first I thought I was reading a romance novel someone had secretly hidden under a MacDonald book jacket as Magee spends quite a bit of time romancing it up Then he is drugged by an apparent LCD type drug and we get to experience his hallucinations along with him Quite different for me from the previous Travis Mcgee novels I have read but in the end the Travis I know returned.

    16. On the front of the book it informs me that this is a Travis McGee novel, A Nightmare In Pink After 150 pages I finally realized that this was not the follow up to The Deep Blue Goodbye I was hoping for This a James Bond rip off Double O Dong in 50 Shades of Ballsack.Double O Dong is irresistible to women They are drawn to him like he s the star of an Axe Body Spray commercial Once they get him they feel as if they ve just had a pint of Rocky Road, lost 10 pounds, and watched a weekend full of r [...]

    17. In his second series adventure, Florida boat bum and tilter at windmills Travis McGee is off his patch On a mission for his disabled best buddy from his Army days, McGee is on the trail of murder and malfeasance among the skyscrapers, board rooms, people kennels and cocktail bars of New York City Among the super rich, our hero is, as one offended jet setter says, a sort of walking emetic Out maneuvered and outsmarted, McGee is kidnapped into a mental hospital that makes Randle Patrick McMurphy s [...]

    18. Third time s a charm This is book 2 in the series I recall the last time I read the series collectively speaking, Travis got in a lot of trouble But this time, this book, trouble is really, really bad Seemed to pay attention to just who he was and marked a couple of personal information 1 When Travis got out of the service during the Korean War, he was supposed to go into business with his brother However, when he got back there was no business it had been taken away from his brother no specifi [...]

    19. Another re read for September s Travis McGee book club over at Hitfix This is the second in the Travis McGee novels, and you can tell MacDonald is still finding his footing with the series, since he immediately takes Travis out of his beloved Florida and sets this one in New York As far as Travis McGee stories go, this isn t one of my favorites, but the passages where Travis ruminates on the ultimate downfall of society that he believe will start in New York are well done, as well as Travis usua [...]

    20. I enjoyed this than the first book maybe because of the interesting use and references to hallucinating and mind altering drugs which would have been a pretty unusual element in any book written at the time.I never really understood what McGee was after as a monetary reward but he seemed to be quite happy with his various sexual conquests and so were his lady friends He helps the sister of his best friend from the Korean war, stumbles across corporate fraud and an illegal medical research centr [...]

    21. Trav was way too cool for me in this one I still enjoyed the plotting, but the man woman interactions were just too dated to be fun in the context of this story.

    22. 17 may 15, 35 from macdonald for me and only the 2nd travis mcgee story, 2 travis mcgee just ran through a john sanford phase and no of those stories lying around unread so it s back to macdonaldcdonald rocks the casbah 18 may 15, finished excellent story why because there are elements in this story that have a touch of the macabre reading along and there s a change of pace macdonald does this from time to time, throws something into the story and i wonder where d that come from a good way like [...]

    23. When reading a McGee book for the first time, or possibly after a long time, its good to read MacDonald s background if its in the book and to remember when it was published This was originally 1964 The latter will help with some of the plot points, the former well, it helps to understand McGee a little Not that he s that tough to understand I d live his life in a heartbeat But there is a McGee McDonald view about modern civilization that is a fairly negative, paved paradise and put up a parking [...]

    24. Book 2 I am inclined to agree with many who reviewed this one Not quite as good as others Heavy on the romance for the first two thirds of the book It didn t get into the point of the problems to be solved until the last few chapters and then it went rather quickly to the conclusion Oh, well, I guess they can t all be great.

    25. A call from an old Army buddy and a flight to New York City gets Trav embroiled in a plot to steal the minds and money of the rich by a group of psycho surgeonsThe Manchurian Candidate meets Psycho cybernetics or Dianetics.

    26. New York is where it is going to begin, I think You can see it coming The insect experts have learned how it works with locusts Until locust population reaches a certain density, they all act like any grasshoppers When the critical point is reached, they turn savage and swarm, and try to eat the world We re nearing a critical point One day soon two strangers will bump into each other at high noon in the middle of New York But this time they won t snarl and go on They will stop and stare and then [...]

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