The Soldier Son Trilogy Bundle

The Soldier Son Trilogy Bundle

Robin Hobb / Aug 09, 2020
The Soldier Son Trilogy Bundle For the first time read the entire Soldier Son trilogy as one ebook at a special price In Book One Shaman s Crossing Nevare Burvelle was destined from birth to be a soldier The second son of a newl
  • Title: The Soldier Son Trilogy Bundle
  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • ISBN: 9780062227089
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
  • For the first time, read the entire Soldier Son trilogy as one ebook at a special price In Book One, Shaman s Crossing, Nevare Burvelle was destined from birth to be a soldier The second son of a newly anointed nobleman, he must endure the rigors of military training at the elite King s Cavella Academy and survive the hatred, cruelty, and derision of his aristocratic clFor the first time, read the entire Soldier Son trilogy as one ebook at a special price In Book One, Shaman s Crossing, Nevare Burvelle was destined from birth to be a soldier The second son of a newly anointed nobleman, he must endure the rigors of military training at the elite King s Cavella Academy and survive the hatred, cruelty, and derision of his aristocratic classmates before joining the King of Gernia s brutal campaign of territorial expansion.And it continues in the next two novels, Forest Mage and Renegade s Magic.
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        I am shocked to find that some people think a 2 star I liked it rating is a bad rating What I liked it I LIKED it That means I read the whole thing, to the last page, in spite of my life raining comets on me It s a good book that survives the reading process with me If a book is so so, it ends up under the bed somewhere, or maybe under a stinky judo bag in the back of the van So a 2 star from me means,yes, I liked the book, and I d loan it to a friend and it went everywhere in my jacket pocket or purse until I finished it A 3 star means that I ve ignored friends to finish it and my sink is full of dirty dishes A 4 star means I m probably in trouble with my editor for missing a deadline because I was reading this book But I want you to know I don t finish books I don t like There s too many good ones out there waiting to be found.Robin Hobb is the author of three well received fantasy trilogies The Farseer Trilogy Assassin s Apprentice, Royal Assassin, and Assassin s Quest , The Liveship Traders Trilogy Ship of Magic, Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny and the Tawny Man Trilogy Fool s Errand, Golden Fool, and Fool s Fate Her current work in progress is entitled Shaman s Crossing Robin Hobb lives and works in Tacoma, Washington, and has been a professional writer for over 30 years.In addition to writing, her interests include gardening, mushrooming, and beachcombing She and her husband Fred have three grown children and one teenager, and three grand children.She also writes as Megan Lindholm, and works under that name have been finalists for the Hugo award, the Nebula Award, and the Endeavor award She has twice won an Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Readers Award.


    1. Robin Hobb is fantastic This was the last trilogy of hers that I have read, and I had delayed reading it because of its relatively poorer reviews Also, a friend had dinged it because she did not like the parallels to the old west and the subjugation of native peoples by a stronger, technology driven culture But the books are clever and inventive, as Robin Hobb always is There was not as much action, and the protagonist acted too dense for too long since he was given to us as a very intelligent a [...]

    2. I usually don t bother writing reviews but I figured this series, from a usually solid writer, was disappointing enough that it warranted a little warning to future readers The story as it unfolds isn t very well constructed and since I read them all at once in the collection, I m honestly surprised at how each book ended The books themselves cannot be read individually as there isn t a complete or satisfying narrative to be found in any individual volume the action picks up almost directly wher [...]

    3. I edged towards four stars for this series because it confounded my expectations of the fantasy genre at almost every turn Not so much in its setting but in the author s treatment of the protagonist and his relationship to the magic He certainly does not fit the traditional mould of a hero, in some regards he is neither likeable nor admirable, but is all the better for it He blunders through the world trying to be the person he thinks he ought to be, trying to do the right thing, and being const [...]

    4. I almost never write review on , but I was so pissed after reading the 2nd book I couldn t help myself I don t know if I ve disliked a series In a sense, this is a greek tragedy because everything goes wrong But it s worse Because the main character struggles with the exact same thing literally the entire book Without any change or development of his character His struggle at page 100 is the same as his struggle at the end He is such a passive player, and he is to blame for all the bad things t [...]

    5. This trilogy was so disappointing I couldn t even finish the third book The first was fine, the second was a struggle, and then I got to third and realized that there are so many good books out there and I didn t need to waste my time I ll stick with Fitz and the Fool and the Realm of Elderlings, Robin Hobb mostly shines with those.

    6. Such a great series, I was skeptical at first, there is not a series that has kept me on edge the entire time I can t explain how frustrating and powerless you feel as the reader, but how entertaining and interesting the story is

    7. I was a bit unsure what I would think of this trilogy I adore Robin Hobb s writing, but had heard that this series wasn t so good as the Farseer and Liveship stories so I put off reading it for a while In fact, I really enjoyed it I love the way Hobb writes such interesting, believable characters Her writing is not really plot driven, although what does happen is inventive than the majority of fantasy stories There were so many interesting themes in this trilogy, like equality, environmentalism [...]

    8. I really like Robin Hobb s writing but I liked her other FitzChivalry series better I did like this trilogy, although it was an odd mix Starting with Nevare Burrell joining the Cavalla academy and the political difficulties between the old nobles and the new ones, almost dying from the Speck plague but recovering only to become obese, learning about magic, and being caught up with the Speck tribe where his fat is an indication of magical greatness, this trilogy was far ranging in ideas and persp [...]

    9. This series is wildly Robin Hobb if you are a true fan, you will understand The story in The Soldier Son Trilogy is a deeply troubling one one that pulls at you as it walks into darkness The world is believable, and the characters are so very real you will find yourself actually hurting for them, and holding your breath at times These stories do contain some action, though it s a truly dramatic story that bears reading than once The tone is quite a bit different from that in the Fitz and Fool s [...]

    10. Not my favorite Robin Hobb series, but a pretty good read She draws much material from western military academy life, indigenous cultures, and the ensuing conflicts All with her own flair of course.

    11. Total disaster I can t believe I actually paid money for this Hobb falls into the sin that female writers often do, which is to endlessly belabor a point with irrelevant details, mean while grinding on the reader for pages and pages of despair, hopelessness and depression The books could be cut down by 75% and nothing would be lost Sadly disappointing, the last I will buy

    12. Well, I finished my Robin Hobb tear I ve been on since April I reread all of the Realm of the Elderling books, and then topped it off with my first time reading of the Soldier Son trilogy Now it s all over and I wanna cry.It was great I noticed something when reading these books right after her others In her latest series, The Fitz and the Fool, she depicts Bee as having almost autistic like symptoms And yet in her world, the autism is of course magical and makes Bee special This depiction of Be [...]

    13. I ve already read the three books that comprise Soldier Son, but when I saw a Kindle deal for the trilogy all in one I decided it was time for a reread Shaman s Crossing comes first, then Forest Mage, and Renegade s Magic completes the series I love Robin Hobb but I remember feeling like this series wasn t one of her best.My reread elevated my esteem for the story of Nevare Burvelle, a soldier s son destined by the good god to become an officer, thanks to his father s newly minted status as a no [...]

    14. This marks the fourth trilogy I have read by Hobb farseer, tawny man, rain wilds being the others It has Hobb s trademark long form character development, morally ambivalent protagonists and celebration of simple, close relationships On the other hand this is a different world from the other trilogies, sharing elements of the American West with a landed nobility and primal forest magic For some reason it takes a bit longer to get wrapped up in this new world, but it is still worthwhile An intere [...]

    15. Quite a thorough departure from her previous novels I ve read.During the reading I ve gone back and forth with how much I like or dislike this series It starts so well and then seems to wander in the weeds in what seems like a lost story without much direction It wraps up quite well and brings a very satisfactory conclusion to the story Should you read it I m not sure It s both very tiresome and very engaging If you like Hobb s other works I think he s you should read it, if you re new to her wr [...]

    16. This was a really odd reading experience for me Although Hobb is an exceptionally talented author, I found very little enjoyment in the first two books of the series Navare s stubborn refusal to learn from his mistakes felt frustratingly familiar The calamities that befell him felt like the end of a tragedy in the middle of a coming of age story Motifs were expressed in ways that felt awkward and shallow Despite all of this, when I finished Shaman s crossing, I had to go buy Forest Mage When I f [...]

    17. The first few chapters of the first book are a bit of a push to read through and I wonder if thats why these books get so many bad reviews because other than that I can t understand why These first few chapters are absolutely necessary to set up the story that follows after, though The books are incredible in so many ways Simply put though they will take you away to a fantasy setting thats breathtaking in detail and horrifying in its grittiness The characters are lovable and I have found that th [...]

    18. Definitely creative, original, and a complete departure from typical fantasy novels Robin Hobb has created another protagonist with his own set of limitations who is dim in entirely different ways from Fitz The first book was pretty good, and the second wrapped everything up nicely The middle book was a plod The books would have been very much improved by some rigorous editing and tightening But I ll forgive a lot for a certain female character, who I found extremely enjoyable.

    19. Unique, interesting I really felt it should have ended a bit earlier The desire to give a happy ending should sometimes be avoided This book should not have had one and did Nevertheless, an extremely well thought out post medieval fantasy.

    20. Uggggh I had to force myself to finish this series Dumbest bunch of characters that I ve ever read about I mean seriously, they make one stupid decision after another, and consistently fail to learn from the train wreck chain they ve reaped Boring and unsatisfying read.

    21. Great StoryI recommend this book if you like to read about overcoming the self doubt that comes from being a Soldier, a Soldier s Son, or just that one person who is different than everyone else, then this book series used fort you.

    22. A very different story, very different type of magic, very enjoyable even though I read it inside out second book first, then the others in relative order

    23. ExcellentDifferent than the Assassin, Tawny Man, Dragon or Live Ships series, but so good Well worth reading, I highly recommend these.

    24. I was not as quick to care about the protagonists as I was with the Realm of the Elderings, but the I read, the I was caught up in the story.

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