Forced Awakening

Forced Awakening

Bree Bellucci / Aug 09, 2020
Forced Awakening While enjoying the summer at her grandmothers cottage Sophie falls captive to a sex crazed Werewolf Still a virgin Sophie is reluctant to give in to his sexual desires Hopeless and without a plan of
  • Title: Forced Awakening
  • Author: Bree Bellucci
  • ISBN: 9781476321561
  • Page: 474
  • Format: ebook
  • While enjoying the summer at her grandmothers cottage Sophie falls captive to a sex crazed Werewolf Still a virgin, Sophie is reluctant to give in to his sexual desires Hopeless and without a plan of escape she begins to crave the wolfs depraved needs.A small taste of what s inside No Sophie screamed, beating her fists against the man s back The less noise you makWhile enjoying the summer at her grandmothers cottage Sophie falls captive to a sex crazed Werewolf Still a virgin, Sophie is reluctant to give in to his sexual desires Hopeless and without a plan of escape she begins to crave the wolfs depraved needs.A small taste of what s inside No Sophie screamed, beating her fists against the man s back The less noise you make, the easier this will be, the man said darkly Help she cried, Someone help me please But the man was fast and seemed unaffected by her weight as he swiftly carried her deeper into the woods Sophie screamed again, in vain, but she knew no one would hear her She thrashed and kicked her legs and beat her fists, exerting every ounce of energy she had Female, you do not want to use all your energy now, said the man, and she heard the dark humor in his voice The sound made her stomach turn She went limp against the man, and quickly began devising a way to escape She felt the man slowly slide his fingers up her legs, under her skirt No she cried out, kicking her legs But he held her legs tight with one arm, while the other arm explored her soft, young skin The man moaned deeply and he pushed his fingers up to her thighs, feeling her soft flesh He kneaded his fingers into the skin, moaning in quiet appreciation Sophie squeezed her eyes shut, cringing from his touch.Sophie noticed that the man s pace began to slow and it seemed as if he were tiring Of course he couldn t continue at his pace with Sophie thrown over his body Taking advantage of the opportunity, Sophie kicked with force and her body hit the ground with a thud She scrambled to get up and run, but the man was faster, pinning her to the earth.He smiled, No need to run, female You can t escape Sophie fought against his weight, but he did not budge I wanted to find a better spot, but his will have to do, he said Sophie studied the man under normal circumstances he was probably very attractive He was tall and broad with large muscles He had dark auburn hair and dark chocolate eyes with a strong jaw I am Rylan, he said, his voice softer I wish you no harm, but I must use your body.
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        My name is Bree Bellucci I m a nurse by day and a sex fiend by night Writing sexy smut has been a hobby of mine for years I started out writing stories for my own pleasure and eventually began sharing with friends There is no better way to get me horny than reading about a slut doing whatever it takes to please her partner, or partners The greatest erogenous zone is the mind, and erotica is the best way to turn it on


    1. This book was hilarious Since I m not at all sure it s supposed to be, I m giving it one star The writing is immature and the sex scenes horribly clumsy, but I did get a few good laughs.Sophie is kidnapped and raped and she figures that if she sucks the rapist off well enough, he ll let her go Perfect logic She sees a creature that looks like half bird and half corpse What is it Why, a CorpseBird, of course Oh for heaven s sake, someone should donate the author a little imagination Unless this w [...]

    2. Very erotic tale of a young girl that has been warned to never go into the forest She soon discovers that the forest has to fear than lions or tigers or bears She meets up with a werewolf that intends to take her with him Thus begins Sophie s journey It begins as a journey of sexual discovery but develops into much by book three of the trilogy The eroticism in this book is off the charts The love scenes are frequent but not overbearing and always left me wanting The trilogy continues with Bre [...]

    3. Humorous and Sexually Entertaining Talking about sexually satisfying your minds sexual hunger, this short novella is just the thing to take on a journey as Rylan werewolf grabs Sophie human from within the woods and takes off with her The sexual attraction is immediately as her virgin scent drives Rylan crazy However, Rylan is a lover and he easily breaks Sophie in in all positions possible so get ready for pure erotic heaven Rylan comes so hard that he shape shifts into his wolf form LMAO I tho [...]

    4. I ll tell you , I got this book because it was free but once I started reading it I couldn t stop reading I then went back to and bought the two other parts of the trilogy and was just as enthralled as I was with the first book They are very short stories that in some places will have you sitting on the edge of your seat because that s the best position to sit in under these circumstances Watch for the big twist in the third book I really enjoy the way Bree Bellucci writes the sex scenes She s g [...]

    5. This is a short and sex filled read, which for me borderlined on sexy and goofy It satisfies the primal desire Some of the dialog is a bit rough and repetitive, and the fact that Rylan shifts afterward was just funny I was honestly expecting a tiny bit in terms of story but overall it was decent enough It does have a bit of forced sex in it, so if you don t like that then you have been warned It was good enough to hold my interest and pass some time Since it was free I don t regret checking ou [...]

    6. This book was free on and I thought, what the hell, I will give it ago I am glad I did, it was suprisingly good So good I may buy the next one

    7. Forced Awakening by Bree Bellucci2 starsI thought this would be monster porn, but it wasn t Just werewolf sex rape You can argue with me all you want but Sophie said no and then once they started doing the deed she said yes That doesn t qualify as consensual It bothered me a bit, but I knew it would probably involve rape since it says Forced, but I was expecting monster porn Monster porn is different because they aren t human This book isn t bad though It s just really random It has a small plot [...]

    8. This was a steamy read, for certain, but the heroine really rubbed me the wrong way She was a wimp, sure, and I accepted that, because she was playing the virginal card, but to go from not wanting to submit to her captor rapist to doing so in the blink of an eye, just because he gave her decent orgasms, just didn t seem plausible to me There was almost no fight in her to try to fight against him for longer, even if she was enjoying the sex I just didn t care for how she just rolled over and acce [...]

    9. Wow this is a great example of werewolf erotica, for the uninitiated Sophie is abducted and overpowered by Rylan He is a werewolf and his species will weaken and die out without frequent sex, and the willing the partner the powerful the sexual healing The series was addicting, admittedly a delivery system for some really erotic and yummy sex I read all 3 books back to back I m a hedonist, sue me.And, I must say, if Rylan is anything like my fave wolf, I d volunteer for healing duty.

    10. Very short, very sexy, very fun And come onwho picked this up expecting the next Pulitzer It s a werewolf story with hot sex scenes, a reluctant virgin, and a to be continued ending It s an appetizer for sure and wickedly sinfully enjoyable as just that I like fairy tales of which this really fits in so many ways You want to sex up my fairy tales Okey dokey I m all in

    11. Yeah, this was quite comical, not in the sense of the dialogue but the actions Like is this for real, did view spoiler he just kidnap her to have his wicked way with her while running through the forest, to tell her that she is his then to end it by saying the pack wants their turn hide spoiler I wasn t bored that s for sure, but I m gonna have to pass on the rest of the series.

    12. An intense read with rough passion steaming off the pages Bellucci writes her shifters with the hearts of animals and desires that are just as dark and mysterious Highly enjoyable if you like your breeding erotica carrying a stark dubcon edge.

    13. I have a fascination with these Dark Erotica books that have been popping up on Kindle and Smashwords as of late These books are supposed to be a marriage of Fifty Shades of Grey and the supernatural romance novels that began taking flight with the Anita Blake series of mysteries printed gang bangs I have 8 of them so far on my kindle and the quality varies Some just scream bad Fan Fiction Monstrous Love to gleefully silly but in a good way, mash ups of Lovecraftian fiction and an pervy Otaku s [...]

    14. This was such a weird read for me because I felt the urge to laugh through a lot of it Not because it was particularly BAD, but the main character started out quite naive and talked a lot about her virginity, but then seems to know quite a bit when the mysterious wolf decides she s is and has his way with her plenty of times over the course of a few days There was plenty of times where the main character talked about how frightened she was, but then just goes along with it, despite the fact that [...]

    15. So I was bored one night and decided to find some erotica porn on my kindle This was one of the two short stories I read The basic premise is bothersome Sophie, a woman who prides herself on her purity and virginity she states that she is saving herself is kidnapped by a strange man from the woods who then rapes her repeatedly but Sophie ends up liking it a lot I understand that this is erotica porn but really Jesus I m surprised a woman wrote that The writing is eh The majority of the text was [...]

    16. I seen this book and decided that I wanted to read it I love to read books that have wolf shifters in them.Sophie has been warned from her grandparents to stay away from the forest but she thinks she sees her brother and that something has happened to him Well it ended up being a wolf shifter named Rylan She tries to fight the attraction that she feels for him but he ends up taking away all of her misgivings She tries to run away from him several times but her ends up catching her and saving her [...]

    17. thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2Where do I even being with this I m simply going to list the issues with Forced Awakening The beginning is jumpy The writing has a juvenile feel to it There were words used repeatedly to the point that they became annoying Head hopping There are little to no surrounding details The forced seduction is amateurish It could have been a powerful scene and it fell flat There is insta lust and insta love.

    18. Sometimes, I think I love erotica Just jump right in and get err done The author lost a star because the entire story felt stilted for the first half of the book At some point, it seemed like she finally got into the story herself, and then the book turned awesome Somehow, I don t think I have to explailn what I am talking about is eroticaAnyhow, the author has captured my attention with this book and I intend on purchasing the rest of this series

    19. read this short novella in about 20mins tops First off, the sex is human on human don t get your panties in a bunch over the cover The main male character is a shifter as you guessed ite main female charcter is the virginal innocent girl cliche but effective.It was an entertaining short erotica story As with most erotica tales, the sex was the main focus with little character development plot But I must admit the sex scenes were hot and I just might read bk 2 by the way it ended.

    20. The title really sums it up well The bred part happens in the next book I assume Not my cup of tea I m going to classify it bdsm not really the whole thing was too much like rape for me Nothing was explained and the h was spineless If you like spineless women in pseudo forced rape sex scenes this book is for you.

    21. This book didnt have much of a story line There was not much communication between the chacters The book was mostly about sex and the sex part wasnt all that The book was a freebe and 27 pages total.

    22. It s porn for the ladies, the story is just there to string together a series of sex scenes.Personally, I like Bree s Dungeon Monster series

    23. Inhalt Sophie verbringt den Sommer bei ihrer Oma Diese hat sie schon seit ihrer Kindheit vor dem Wald gewarnt Was sich genau darin befindet, wei sie nicht, aber das es gef hrlich ist Eines Tage h rt sie allerdings ein Wimmern im Wald und bef rchtet es sei ihr Bruder Als sie in den Wald tritt, berf llt sie ein Mann und verschleppt sie tiefer in den Wald Schon bald merkt Sophie, dass der Mann ein Werwolf ist und er nicht das einzige gef hrliche Wesen im Wald ist.Meinung F r eine kurze erotische Ge [...]

    24. Found this dark erotica while searching for some free books to read From the title of this trilogy, I knew there would be plenty of explicit sex scenes I just didn t know the story itself could be this horrible.I couldn t understand Sophie s character view spoiler At first she was an innocent virgin, then she suddenly became a wanton slut who was excellent in giving blowjobs and enjoyed the rough sex after being raped by a werewolf several times She seemed to have multiple personality disorder M [...]

    25. There s not really much to this but the sex, and while some of that is kind of hot, most of it is just average at best Everything happens too fast, the sex never lasts very long, and yet it s supposedly so intense and great that the guy even loses control of his shifting Which is just weird There is an attempt at a story here, but it doesn t make much sense really, nor does it make much sense why Sophie would be wanting this guy so much so fast I think the author s trying to posit some fated con [...]

    26. 2.5 star Where is the rest of it I m still not thrilled with this trend of serial books Seriously, this Trilogy should really just be one book This Forced Awakening barely spends time building the world The characters are meh The sex is rough and that s good The teasing excerpt for the next book is annoying as it should really be part of this book But it does promise a gang bang.

    27. Is this an erotic comedy If it is, it really is hilarious, because the book makes no sense at all to me and is really funny because it is like erotica had a clash with fairytales, where everything is possible and no one needs a specific logical reason why something should or should not be done.If it is not an erotic comedy, then I am really wondering why is this book even published I really am.

    28. The writing was pretty bad The heroine was totally inconsistent and seemed to have lost her backbone the moment she was kidnapped There was steamy sex but I need a teeny weeny bit of emotional depth in the main characters for it to work or at least some storyline I ll just be honest, this was a bad book.

    29. So This is awkward The heroine gets kidnapped by a werewolf and made his sex slave There were no forcing of anyone s awakening because she happily, eagerly, and very quickly succumbed to his advances She did try to escape but when a forest full of monsters tried to kill her, she stuck with her were loverboy It was actually a pretty funny read.

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