Freeing Carter

Freeing Carter

Nyrae Dawn / Aug 09, 2020
Freeing Carter His whole life Carter s fought to hold it together To help Mom run their store To be there for his special needs sister Sara and be the perfect boyfriend Mel wants To dominate on the basketball cour
  • Title: Freeing Carter
  • Author: Nyrae Dawn
  • ISBN: 2940014968607
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Nook
  • His whole life Carter s fought to hold it together To help Mom run their store To be there for his special needs sister, Sara, and be the perfect boyfriend Mel wants To dominate on the basketball court the only place he ever feels free And to carry Mom up the stairs when she s too smashed to make it on her own It isn t like she has a problem Mom loves them If she doHis whole life Carter s fought to hold it together To help Mom run their store To be there for his special needs sister, Sara, and be the perfect boyfriend Mel wants To dominate on the basketball court the only place he ever feels free And to carry Mom up the stairs when she s too smashed to make it on her own It isn t like she has a problem Mom loves them If she doesn t drink every day, she s not really an alcoholic, right Wrong.Then Kira Dawson, a girl with a bipolar wardrobe and rotating hairstyles comes to town Somehow, she sees the truths he hides from the world You have skeletons, too, Carter Shaw Don t think I don t know it For the first time, he wants someone to see his inner scars to really know him When his mom finally goes too far, will Carter be able to man up, even if it means turning his back on her and stepping out from behind the fa ade he s fought so hard to keep in place
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    1. This is my third Nyrae Dawn book and, once again, she has written a wonderful and thought provoking book I m kind of beginning to wonder if Ms Dawn is really a teenage boy trying to pass himself off as an adult female writer Wouldn t that be something Nyrae Dawn writes a teen boy POV like nobody s business I love it People think alcoholics are violent They don t hold down jobs or they re out drinking every night No offense to the people who believe that, but they don t know jack Sometimes, peopl [...]

    2. 4 Stars Another winner Nyrae Dawn has crafted an amazing thought provoking book She gets into the mind and heart of a teen boy the likes of which I have never read before One would think that she somehow transformed herself into Carter s character and then wrote the story while she possessed his soul People think alcoholics are violent They don t hold down jobs or they re out drinking every night No offense to the people who believe that, but they don t know jack Sometimes, people do it to deal [...]

    3. This book is SO many kinds of amazing I LOVE Carter, love this story SO much.There s just the perfect amount of sexy, and fun, and touching, and wow just wow.Also my favorite noticing a girl scene EVER I like legs look for this.

    4. I love Nyrae and all her boys This one is raw, while still having those sweet, romantic moments that melt you.

    5. I hate to admit it, but sometimes a perfectly good book gets a totally different reaction from me than the reaction I know the author intended Like Freeing Carter, Carter s story as a guy dealing with his mother s alcoholism is supposed to be sad and emotional, get my sympathy, but for the most part I just didn t feel it I don t want to sound callous, but I don t like being told how to feel, I like making up my own mind based on the story, and the way Carter just spent most the book telling me h [...]

    6. No one and I meanNO ONE writes like a teenage boy like Nyrae Dawn I m beginning to think that she was one LOL Another awesome book on a teenage boy growing up, dealing with school, friends, girls and family Although Carters is different His Mum is an Alcoholic and his sister has a disability This was a heartwarming story Emotional at times Funny at times Either way it was just beautiful If your a YA Fan READISOK.

    7. I really enjoyed Freeing Carter I especially loved that this book was told from Carter s POV I love getting the story from a male s perspective.Carter is THE MAN on the basketball courts, he may even be better than his old man The court is where Carter feels the most free from the pressures of his life, to be happy just to be Carter Carter s mom has a drinking problem His sister has special needs His girlfriend only cares about her self and is a NUT JOB His BFF, Travis, has some family issues of [...]

    8. Really enjoyable read Engaging twist on the popular star athlete meets enigma new girl at school trope in that the problems they have are VERY real These are smart, mature kids but not unrealistically so which made the story ring true for me I felt for Carterying to juggle the usual teen pressures of grades and girls while living a secret life as the child of an alcoholic parent Kira was great as the new girl who is so comfortable in her own skin she defies trends and marches to her own drumor i [...]

    9. Honestly all I can say is Nyrae Dawn is by all means one of my favorite authors of all times She has a way with words that I can only idolize She had me in awe with What a Boy Wants, in tears with What a boy Needs, and completely speechless for Freeing Carter I love how Nyrae takes on the challenge of writing from a male s POV, there s not too many books out there and she speaks volumes through her characters Each of her characters face important roles, roles that some people butcher when trying [...]

    10. My Summary Carter s senior years is gonna rock Beautiful girl friend, fab best friend, starting point guard, everything is just about perfect What Liar, liar pants on fire What s up with Mel lately all they do is fight Travis has something up he s not talking about and basketball s at risk unless Carter can get caught up in English class All of that takes a backseat to the real problem in his life the secret that he protects He has to protect his mom and his sister He has to balance it all, man [...]

    11. Nyrae has this amazing talent to craft stories that are so beautifully meaningful Freeing Carter is no different It s than a story of a boy falling in love It s story of the lengths people will go to take care of their family The lengths people will go just to fit in and feel like they belong The lengths people will go to hide the dangers they have to deal with Carter Shaw is good at hiding himself His mother is an alcoholic and Carter constantly is helping her and hiding it in the process He w [...]

    12. I finished this book than 24 hours ago, and I still cannot figure out what to write for this review I try really hard to never include spoilers, and this book is so good I do not want to spoil anything for anyone that has yet to read it Yet it is so hard to find a way to explain how darn good, how important, how real, and how heart rending this book actually is without doing so If you have substance abuse issues, if someone in your family does, if a friend does, you need to read this book If yo [...]

    13. Freeing Carter is simply amazing Carter is admirable He possess such courage and an undying love for his mom and little sister, Sara I love the way he is with Sara No little girl could ask for a better big brother Carter has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he has to hide it from everyone His only release is basketball, and even that could be taken awayHe s intrigued by the new girl in town Kira is unique and says things that leave him baffled Suddenly he doesn t feel like such a gre [...]

    14. I love books from the guy s pov and Carter was great Nyrae does a wonderful job writing from the male s pov Carter was living the perfect life as a high school senior basketball star, popular girlfriend etc What people don t know is that he is living with an alcoholic mother, a sister with downs syndrome, failing english and just tolerating his girl He feels the pressure coming from all sides but has no one to talk to not even his best friend Travis When the new girl Kira comes in to his life an [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this story Not only because the characters were so fab but because it was such a realistic representation of how alcoholism can effect a family I admit to bawling my eyes out in the last chapter Nyrae Dawn is a wonderful storyteller who I will continue to keep an eye on This is my second read by her and it won t be the last sniff.

    16. There are a ton of addiction stories out there in YA What I loved about Carter was that it wasn t the usual angry, screaming, abusive drunk parentsbut rather, a subtle sort of addiction that has spiraled out of control before anyone realized it It s about a boy, and a girl, but most of alla family who wants to keep it together.

    17. Carter is hiding things from his friends, a side of him he doesn t want them to see He doesn t want them to see the Carter that takes care of a drunken mom late at night He wants them to see normal Carter the one who has a beautiful girlfriend, the one who loves basketball than anything But things are starting to slowly fall apart for him And all it takes is a free spirited girl named Kira to shake up his world and show him he doesn t have to hide that he can be free.I am not sure I have ever r [...]

    18. Carters mother is alcoholic and he is the one who takes care of her.His father died from heart attack and that s the reason his mother drinks.His little sister Sara has the Down Sydrome and needs to been take care of.His realtionship with Mel is practicly over but they dont admit it.His English grade is low and the teacher threats Carter that if he doesnt do his homework she will talk to the coach to take him of the basketball team.Basketball is the one thing he loves than his family and distra [...]

    19. This review is also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogI originally rated this 3 stars after reading, but after giving it some thought I bumped it up to 4 I really liked this book.Carter, the main character, has so much to deal with His mom is an alcoholic who struggles hard with her inner demons His little sister, Sara, has special needs and he struggles to help her and deal with his mom He also has grown apart from his girlfriend and knows their relationship is no longer a good thing, but he [...]

    20. This was such an engrossing read and so well done It felt smart and even though the romance kind of takes second place to all the stuff that is going on with Carter, it was enough to feed my romance soulCarter is a high school senior whose mother is an alcoholic He is a mass of emotions He loves her but he hates her He is ashamed that she drinks She isn t really a visible drunk and she isn t abusive or anything, so they manage to hide it, somewhat But Carter feels the burden of it all Of keeping [...]

    21. I really liked this book This wasn t the first book I read from Nyrae Dawn, yet somehow she has given me such satisfaction from reading a book like it was the first time I had once I read one of her first works Carter seemed like a tortured soul in a less morbid way and the way he lies to everyone, especially the way he lies to himself by denial Kira, tortured than Carter, needed to find herself Both were clueless of what they truly are until they found one another It s not easy dealing with an [...]

    22. I just read this book, because I liked the first one I ve read of Nyrae, but I m disappointed I thought it would be interesting not that much boring I guess I liked it at the beggining, but then it turn into an annoying story I mean, in all my reader s life, I can only think in Richelle Mead and Meg Cabot that make me fall in love for than one book series It s possible that there s authors that I can t rememberThe narrative was from Carter s POV, and that s a reason to me dislike, I suppose I [...]

    23. I was fortunate to read to Freeing Carter before it released I thought it was a truly meaningful story of a boy with way too much responsibility on his shoulders, and his road to being free Nyrae Dawn is an excellent character writer Her stories always have characters who reel me in with their quiet, emotionally packed narrative Carter was no exception As his burden increased, I felt the panic in his voice He s a boy who wants to do right by his family, but also needs to learn to do right by him [...]

    24. This is a pretty realistic tale of a teen struggling with the right thing to do when it comes to his alchoholic mother A young man who loves his mother and his little sister desperately and tries for their sake to maintain some semblence of normalcy at the expense of his own happiness I love how this book deals with how he comes to terms with the fact that he can no longer enable his mother, with the help with a very vibrant girl who has issues that she needs to work thru as well I love that he [...]

    25. I really liked this oneI m happy to say that I don t know what its like to have parents getting drunk nor will my own childrenBut I do have friends who ha alcoholic parents growing up so unfortunately I still know about it then I would like.I find Carters feelings and action believable I recognize them from my friends actions and the same goes for TravisI adore Kira and the fact that she didn t mind Sarah but was comfortable around her from the very first time

    26. 4.5 stars Another winner from Nyrae Dawn I love her writing and I how I feel so connected to her characters, both the main secondary ones This book makes you feel all kinds of emotions That is a sign of a great book to me, when I m so invested in the story and I really care about what happens with the characters Great read

    27. I enjoyed this book very much What a Boy Wants is still my favorite, hence the 4 star rating not 5 She does an amazing job writing from the boys POV Very refreshing Carter is a very likable character Kira reminded me a lot of Stargirl by Jerry Spinnelli I like for Stargirl characters in among all the real teens I meet I would highly recommend this book Nyrae Dawn does it again.

    28. Nyrae Dawn makes it into my top three favorite authors I expected a lot from this book because What A Boy Wants What A Boy Needs were so good and this book didn t let me down The reason I love Nyrae Dawn books so much is that I love how she writes from the guy perspective, I wish books were like hers.

    29. No one captures the teenage boy quite as well as Nyrae Dawn This is a heartwarming story with the perfect mix of emotions LOVED

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