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Undercurrents A serial killer is loose on the streets of Seattle Driven by guilt and frustration too exhausted to consider stopping Detective Lou Boldt thinks he s finally got the break he needs to end the Cross
  • Title: Undercurrents
  • Author: Ridley Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780312929589
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A serial killer is loose on the streets of Seattle Driven by guilt and frustration, too exhausted to consider stopping, Detective Lou Boldt thinks he s finally got the break he needs to end the Cross Killer s twisted spree But each new clue contradicts another And each new corpse mocks Boldt s efforts.
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        Ridley Pearson is the author of than twenty novels, including the New York Times bestseller KILLER WEEKEND the Lou Boldt crime series and many books for young readers, including the award winning children s novels PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS, PETER AND THE SHADOW THIEVES, and PETER AND THE SECRET OF RUNDOON, which he cowrote with Dave Barry Pearson lives with his wife and two daughters, dividing their time between Missouri and Idaho.Also writes Chris Klick mysteries as Wendell McCall.


    1. Not bad really, but of the same old stuff serial killers with bizarre MO s, a city gripped by fear and an irate police bureacracy demanding an immediate solution And cute little female cops of course Ho hum.

    2. Undercurrents by Ridley Pearson is a 2014 RosettaBooks publication These days, if you want to read a thriller by Ridley Pearson, one must resort to combing through his blacklisted titles Ridley has apparently been bitten by the YA children s writing bug and has disappeared down the rabbit hole I have been patiently waiting for a new thriller from this author, but it looks as though he is about to embark on yet another children s book series Sigh The good news is, a smattering of RP books can be [...]

    3. 1st of the Boldt Matthews series A ghoulish series of murders of young women in the Seattle area has the city jittery with fear and the Seattle Homicide bureau exhaustively hunting down every wisp of a clue Police Sergeant Lou Boldt, who heads up the investigation, has a special stake in finding the psychopathic murderer, dubbed the Cross Killer by the press Boldt was involved in arresting a suspect in the case who was later gunned down in the courtroom, although now he appears to have been inno [...]

    4. VERY INTELLECTUALA complex plot blended with an intelligent whodunit Detective Boldt with his remarks and questions forces the reader to participate and wonder all the time Suitable for everyone who wish to think as part of the entertainment

    5. Undercurrents by Ridley Pearson is a 2014 RosettaBooks publication These days, if you want to read a thriller by Ridley Pearson, one must resort to combing through his blacklisted titles Ridley has apparently been bitten by the YA children s writing bug and has disappeared down the rabbit hole I have been patiently waiting for a new thriller from this author, but it looks as though he is about to embark on yet another children s book series Sigh The good news is, a smattering of RP books can be [...]

    6. Leave no stone unturned.That is perhaps one of Lou Boldt s trademarks when you prod your way throughout the book s 430 pages As a nearly fortyish detective with a crumbling marriage and serial killings on the loose, your mind will be boggled in reading details, why Boldt will even bother keeping simple things as evidence And then, Chekhov s Gun reckons.I first encountered Undercurrents in one of St Martin Paperback s promotions in Silence of the Lambs When I found the book, I picked it up, lusti [...]

    7. He sipped his wine He felt pleasantly light headed I m lonely, Daffy His face tightened I ve isolated myself Being a cop used to be one thing I did Now it s all I seem to have It s all I ve left myself with I ve isolated myself but good Being a cop is like a terminal disease or something it consumes you, entirely, slowly but surely I ve allowed it to take everything out of my life And I ve suddenly reached the stage where I resent that Lou Boldt is a sergeant with the Seattle Police A suspect he [...]

    8. Mystery Thriller I m rereading these Lou Boldt mysteries in order this time so I can catch up on the newer ones This was way emo than I remembered, but full of good procedural detective stuff walking crime scenes, finding clues, talking to witnesses The character stuff is less good Lou s kind of a pig when it comes to women, and the book has some weird narrative problems at times it s in 3rd person Lou Boldt, except for about six random sentences It also has a cheesy metaphorical sex scene that [...]

    9. I always love to read books set in a place I have lived or visited This is a great detective story based in Seattle, my current residence This story had just the right amount of suspense and was very well written A great book if you are looking for something light and hard to put down.

    10. This is a avery good read by Ridley Person, and a Lou Boldt main character with Daphne Matthews It is a complex but enjoyable run through events.J Robert Ewbank, author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

    11. This was my first book by Ridley Pearson and it was an excellent read Had my heart racing Ridley Pearson is one hell of a writer

    12. This is another one available in the Kindle Unlimited library reissued from a while ago late 70s or early 80s and that shows in the attitudes to women and sexual assault, as well as the lack of cell phones or computerised data.It felt quite claustrophobic the lead detective can t think of anything else except catching his killer he has problems in his private life, an ulcer, his boss is complaining about his dishevelled appearance and he can t sleep But he can t deal with any of it until he s go [...]

    13. really maybe a 2.5 first book in the series for Boldt Matthews, this did not fit together well for me in the end Not really believable in how it was tied together Interesting pairing with the detective and psychologist Not sure that I will try the next title quick read hohum

    14. Always terrificCan t believe I d missed this novel, having thought I d read every Boldt story He s such an awesome character and Ridley Pearson never disappoints.

    15. This is my first book from Ridley Pearson, but it sure isn t going to be my last The plot may have seemed thin and simple at first glance, but how the story and the characters develop is a different question altogether Unlike many police procedurals, Undercurrents gives a chilling and unpredictable account of an obsessive cop investigating a string of grisly murders with painstaking detail and vivid depiction of each scene, each interaction, each action, and Pearson s imagination for the charact [...]

    16. This is number one in the Lew Bolt Daphne Matthews series Lew Bolt is a Seattle Police Department Sergeant, and Daphne Matthews is a forensic psychologist who works for the Seattle Police Department Seattle has been having a series of killings, all women, all involving some torture prior to death, all killed in their own apartments, but the police pulled in a strong suspect who was consequently convicted He was assassinated by the victim s family before he could be convicted The killings stopped [...]

    17. Sergeant Boldt is investigating the Cross Killer a serial murderer who cuts a crucifix into the victim s chest Boldt is assisted by police psychologist Daphne Matthews Slowly, painstakingly, their police procedural tenacity builds up a criminal profile Yet this is than a police procedural novel Pearson provides poignant observation of people s flaws, including Boldt s, not least the disintegration of his marriage Being a cop is like a terminal disease it consumes you, entirely, slowly but surel [...]

    18. In this genre, for me, there is John Sandford and there is everybody else Ridley Pearson s Lou Boldt Daphne Matthews series is really the only one that truly stands along side the Prey books I ve recently given the series a re read and if you have the chance, I highly recommend them Pearson creates a very human, very likable cop in his main character Lou Boldt He s not the badass hero who always saves the day He s the tireless worker who plugs away at a case until it submits to him The interplay [...]

    19. My first introduction to both author Ridley Pearson and Detective Lou Boldt I enjoy watching all of the police television offerings and whether past MOD Squad, Kojak, NYPD Blue, The Rookie, Hill Street Blues, Without a Trace to present Law Order SVU, Unforgettable, Blue Bloods Ridley Pearson takes the reader on a visual and emotional journey in book form of police procedure, forensic details, and psychological profiling as though you are a part of each step in the investigation and an integral p [...]

    20. I borrowed this through the Kindle lending library and, seeing the 2014 publication date, mistakenly thought this was a new book It s not it s the first in a long series that started in 1988 The only reason that that s important is that I think my expectations were in a different place when I started reading this I expected a modern thriller I guess it is okay for a book written in the last 1980s, but I found the sexism which, of course, wasn t being used to highlight sexism but, rather, was be [...]

    21. I wanted something lighter to read than my usual non fiction and this author was mentioned somewhere as fun to read It was a good story, good characterization, dialogue, plot But I am so weary of sex being woven into everything I clicked right through on my Kindle the lengthy graphic pornographic description of one sexual encounter at least there was only one There is also some profanity, especially of God s name, but not as much as in other books I ve read and immediately set aside for that rea [...]

    22. I got this book in a bag of hand me downs It was delightful Lou Boldt is a Seattle homicide cop who fingered a guy for serial killings The guy is killed by the father of one of the victims But, the crimes don t stop In fact, there may be two killers out there Lots of guilt hanging on Lou now.Very good cop mystery I pegged the bad guy s but not what you think early on but it was nice to see the outcome And, a nice view of the dynamics of Lou s personal life as he gives nearly all to the case.Writ [...]

    23. My 1st book read on the Kindle I ve read it before and knew I already liked it, so I wanted to know if I would like reading it on a Kindle I like reading buying Hardcover novels and I have a pretty large collection The Kindle is a nice way to read It s not my 1st choice, but it has it s merits Like reading books that are not in Hardcover I ve always hated reading paperback But there are times when I find a series of stories that I want to read, in order, that I can t find a Hardcover for the fir [...]

    24. c1988 I found this book all very depressing So depressing, that the actual plot kind of escaped me I was glad to get to the end I don t think that I will bother with the rest of the series I had heard read some good things about Mr Pearson though so perhaps it was my mood than the book itself This was unproven territory for Boldt He was used to examining the situation from the role of the victim a dead victim Now he was forced to join the living and consider this from the killer s perspective, [...]

    25. Two years ago I read this book, but I didn t remember it and read it again Apparently I liked it better the first time Initially I gave the book three stars, now only two.Most of this novel moved right along, taking the reader with it It did bog down in places and that is probably because Pearson wanted us to get to know the characters since he planned to write an entire series about them The ending wasn t up to the earlier parts of the book, which knocked my rating from 4 to 3 stars.

    26. Great first episode of a serie, one of the best first episodes ever Good mystery, good deepness of the characters, I appreciated much the police procedural POV of the story and also the lack of the usual western ending I got used to despise even in most of the good USA crime novels I liked the balance between flaws and strenghts of Lou, I liked how his personal life interferred with his detective work, how humanly he fought his mixed emotions for other characters Now that I got bound to this ser [...]

    27. Somewhat burned out Seattle Detective picks the case of a murder that seems to copy the style of an earlier case where they had a suspect only to have him shot before he made it to trial The Detective, Lou Boldt has had thoughts that they did not have the correct person in that case and so it seems as new bodies begin to appear and evidence is scarce as his taskforce work to find the killer And then it seems they also have a copycat killer and also a leak giving information to the press A good m [...]

    28. A classic thriller with lots of blood, intriguing mystery, well developed subplots, and romanceLost sleep because I couldn t stop reading,so that was akin to Lou Boldt s state of mind throughout this tension filled novel The book is rich in details describing the psychology of all characters, vivid descriptions of crime scenes, and poignant relationships between the characters This is a sophisticated, adult novel with many exciting situations and the police investigator, Lou Boldt, is superb.

    29. I has heard that his Lou Boldt series was well written and liked It was time to try the first one It came out in 88, so imagine my surprise that it about a serial killer terrorizing the citizens of Seattle Took me awhile to get into the police procedural, the police psychologist giving her ideas of his age abused as a child, etc I read this before But, the writing is good, sense of place And, even with Boldt being the haunted detective leading the case So, having been written over 25 years ago, [...]

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