Miss Seeton Draws the Line

Miss Seeton Draws the Line

Heron Carvic / Feb 17, 2020
Miss Seeton Draws the Line Miss Seeton s every attempt at a portrait of little Effie Goffer has become a chilling picture of a corpse Is Miss Seeton actually drawing a clue to a series of child murders in rural England And can
  • Title: Miss Seeton Draws the Line
  • Author: Heron Carvic
  • ISBN: 9780425110973
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss Seeton s every attempt at a portrait of little Effie Goffer has become a chilling picture of a corpse Is Miss Seeton actually drawing a clue to a series of child murders in rural England And can she turn from sketching to catching a skilled killer
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        Heron Carvic 21 January 1913 9 February 1980 was a British actor and writer who provided the voice for Gandalf in the BBC Radio version of The Hobbit, and played Caiphas the High Priest every time the play cycle The Man Born To Be King was broadcast.As a writer he created the characters and wrote the first five books featuring retired art teacher Miss Emily D Seeton, a gentle parody of Agatha Christie s Miss Marple.Further books nominally in the Miss Seeton series were then written under two other pseudonyms Roy Peter Martin as Hampton Charles wrote three novels which were all released in 1990 Sarah J Mason, writing under the name of Hamilton Crane, then took up the series writing 14 books in all, some of which are still in print.


    1. The delightful, intuitive Miss Seeton returns in the second book in Heron Carvic s slyly comic series And she s as charming and perspicacious as ever Kind spinster Emily D Seeton finds herself on the brink of retirement from her job teaching art in a London school and a permanent settlement in the village of Plummergen in Kent Hopeful that her reputation as the Battling Brolly, established in Picture Miss Seeton, is behind her, she tries to maintain a normal life But a serial killer who targets [...]

    2. There s a kind of benevolent chaos about these stories that s very appealing.I feel very sad for Miss Seeton, though, whenever she draws She s someone who had considerable talent, who was trained out of it and into respectability She represents all those interesting little girls, who were bound up in conformity s straight jacket.

    3. Miss Seeton is upset because she is unable to draw a local child s picture Shas tried three times and the drawing comes out the same She has a bad tooth and goes to a dentist He gives her pain medication and she falls asleep There so many turns and twists in this book it will keep you guessing Miss Seeton even though her life that is filled with a child killer, robberies, embezzlement, and town routs without realizing what is happening around her The police find her drawings very helpful A funny [...]

    4. Miss Seeton Draws The LineByHeron CarvicWhat it s all aboutChildren are being murdered in and around London and Miss Seeton usualems to accidentally be in the middle of the action Why I wanted to read itI read the last Miss Seeton book first and loved it so much that I wanted to start at the beginning and really understand how Miss Seeton and her artistic abilities became so important to the police What made me truly enjoy this bookThe village of Plummergen and its villagers are the stars of thi [...]

    5. Miss Seeton is a treasure This book is funny and well written, with a fabulous ending I plan to read every book in this series.I received a free advance reading copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    6. Second in Heron Carvic s Miss Seeton mystery series set in a small village in England in the mid 1960s and revolving around Miss Seeton, a sweet old lady who happens to draw psychically.My TakeThis series is a buy for mewell, at least the stories written by Heron Carvic In this particular story, Miss Seeton has been coming down to spend her holidays at her cottage for about a year now and the villagers should have had a chance to get to know herwell, to be fair, they have and it seems to be the [...]

    7. If this book had been written by someone else, today, it would have been dark and gritty in the extreme Someone is going around Kent strangling small children, while someone else or is it is breaking into post offices and people s houses At the same time, gang warfare makes itself felt in the countryside, and a bank cashier is leading a dangerous double life.Fortunately for us, it was written in 1969 by Heron Carvic, and it s a Miss Seeton cosy Carvic s Miss Seeton is a combination of Mrs Pollif [...]

    8. Probably like 2 1 2 stars Miss Seeton and her antics are certainly amusing, while the strangulation of children isn t The fact that Supt Delphic believes in her is a plus, it avoids all that time with him having to be convinced However, she has been compared to Miss Marple and other older amateur detectives That does not make sense to me Yes, she seems to have an intuitive ability to sort things out through drawing and yes, she seems to be at the center of the capture of most perpetrators Howev [...]

    9. What a lively time for Miss Seeton This was such a fun book I m so happy I started at the beginning of the Miss Sexton books How can so much happen to one little aged women, at barely 5 tall, adding her umbrella adds the the petite Miss S With all the height she needs Plus don t forget the sharp end of business All the characters here have all the believability of being for real I d love to meet anyone of them, but I think Lady C would be the most interesting person besides Miss S Love this seri [...]

    10. Actually I would rate 4.5 Love this series and Miss Seeton I read the series when it was written 15 years ago and loved it then I recently saw an offer for the first so I took advantage of rereading The good news is that there have Ben too many books read in between for me to remember the plot But Miss Seeton lives large in my memory and rereading reminds me why Laugh out loud adventures as she assists unknowingly in most cases Scotland Yard and the local,constabulary in routing criminals I am w [...]

    11. Miss Seeton returns and brings Inspector Delphick and Bob Ranger back to Plummergen This time the police are looking for a serial killer who is killing children And, of course, since Miss Seeton is involved the village is once again acting on the Nuts rumor mill, the police are wiping their brows, and she is just going about her days without realizing the mayhem around her Great series from the 1970s that makes me smile.

    12. I can t stop laughing Miss Seeton is an art teacher, a yogini, and a big help to Scotland Yard Her weapons are her pencils and paper and her brolly She has just moved to a quiet, sleepy little hamlet Suddenly, the hamlet is no longer sleepy or quiet All sorts of burglary and murder ensue and somehow Miss Seeton is involved If you enjoy British humor, with odd characters that Bertie Wooster would no doubt know, you re in for a treat with this series Start with Picture Miss Seeton.

    13. These books are such fun The crimes are deceptively dark but wrapped in in such a gloriously tongue in cheek humour that the frisson of discomfort is soon abated by another laughMIss Seeton and her Umbrella get involved in a spate of bank robberies that the Good folk at The Yard have linked to some terrible child murders in Plummergen and the surrounding areas, so Miss Seeton s skill for drawing emotions and feelings in called upon again.

    14. The follow up to Picture Miss Seeton, Miss Seeton Draws the LineIs an equal delight The ultimate heroine without a clue, but a trusty umbrella in hand, thwarts thieves and other murderous villains in her quiet little town with a few pictures thrown in for good measure.Thoroughly recommend this light hearted romp.

    15. Thank you to Farrago for the free copy.I found this rather distasteful as it seemed to be attempting to be humorous about child murder which I thought was an unsuitable background for this sort of novel.The whole solution was just so obvious and I kept thinking there would be a twist.I have now read four of these and will call it a day.Not for me.

    16. This book is not to be taken seriously It s a bit silly and far fetched Some of the words and scenarios are difficult to believe I m still not sure what era it was set in I thought the characters seemed edwardian victorian but helicopters are mentioned twice so this made me think late 60 s Even so Miss Seeton is an extraordinary person.

    17. This is the second Miss Seeton books I ve read and this one just seemed rather silly I think I ll go on to something else for awhile and try again later.

    18. Great plot Hilarious characters Laugh out loud reading This is a delightful series Miss Seeton is such an exquisitely developed character I wish I could meet her in real life

    19. Mildly diverting mystery novel, second in the Miss Seeton series, chiefly fails to charm in that it is pretty much exactly like the first If you could re imagine Mr Magoo as a mild mannered, nearly retired art teacher with a certain amount of ESP living in a Kentish village, you have Miss Seeton She has no peer at unconsciously knocking out bad guys and solving mysteries, aided only by her umbrella and an occasional assist from Scotland Yard The only difference between this novel and the first i [...]

    20. In the British village of Plummergen there is a lady named Miss Emily Seeton If one were to look in the dictionary under oblivious one would find a picture of Ms Seeton She is a bright woman and a talented art teacher She is kind of heart and considerate of others And when she looks at someone, she is able to draw them as they actually are She can see a soul, whether she realizes it or not Ms Seeton is worried about herself Could she have had a stroke and not noticed What could be wrong with her [...]

    21. Title Miss Seeton Draws the Line Miss Seeton Mystery 2 Author Heron Carvic Published 5 5 2016 Publisher Farrago Pages 180 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Psychics Crafts Hobbies Cozy Mystery ISBN 9780993576317 ASIN B01EKK5SD4 Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalley My Rating 4 1 2 Stars Every Village or town has one The Matriarch that has been there forever and knows everyone and everything that is going on the village or town You either love them or fear them Such is Miss Seeton of [...]

    22. This is the second of the series concerning the doings of the hapless and accidental crime buster Miss Seeton Of course there are huge similarities to Miss Marple in setting and character but for one huge difference Miss Marple revels in death and the seeking out of justice whereas Miss Seeton solves her mysteries through synchronicity and chance Therein lies the humour of course One might equally see her as the Frank Spencer of cosy crime quite literally falling into scrapes and being given kud [...]

    23. This is an absolutely wonderful series and I would highly recommend any of the books in it I was given an ARC in return for an honest review which is a pleasure for me You could read the books out of order but I would also recommend that you read them in order Miss Seeton is fantastic She is a spunky art teacher who always finds herself in trouble and the press has suddenly latched on to her as being a super sleuth able to apprehend any criminal The police and Scotland Yard are taking her talent [...]

    24. I would like to thank Netgalley and Prelude Books for a review copy of Miss Seeton Draws The Line, the second in Heron Carvic s humourous cosy series Superintendant Delphick is puzzled by a series of child killings and with no clues he decides to ask Miss Seeton to draw the latest victim to see if she can see something he can t She isn t keen because there is something wrong with her every time she tries to draw a young girl from the village, Effie Goffer, the right side goes wrong but she does [...]

    25. Absolutely DeightfulNo spoilers in this review Four stars is my high praise Five stars is reserved for outstanding books.This is, without doubt, going to be my favourite Miss Seeton story Extremely well written and edited and grammatically correct it is a pleasure to read, although there are a couple of glitches in some words which I put down to the digitisation of the book Miss Seeton has been compared with Miss Marple in some reviews, and to a certain extent this is so, but only superficially [...]

    26. Some books present such a clear vision of themselves that the reader instantly knows what their relationship is going to entail Heron Carvic s Miss Seeton series struck me that way in book 1, and continued to do so with equal clarity in this book and I loved it.This is definitely not a mystery series for those readers who are not looking for a touch of the absurd or a significant stretching of reality But, it is a perfect tonic for those of us who are happy to consider the absurdity of life and [...]

    27. Miss Seeton has decided there must be something wrong with her as when she tries to draw little Ellie Goffer a most obnoxious child the picture always comes out looking like the picture of a corpse on one side Miss S fears she has had a stroke But could it be her unacknowledged psychic abilities which are seeing what is going to happen to Effie Plummergen is much as it usually is apart from a spate of thefts and Miss Seeton quite welcomes a request from Superintendent Delphick to go to London an [...]

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