Dead Beat

Dead Beat

Val McDermid / Feb 17, 2020
Dead Beat When private investigator Kate Brannigan is asked to find a missing person as a favour she accepts after all it s got to be better than the last two weeks of staking out houses and warehouses from d
  • Title: Dead Beat
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780007142910
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • When private investigator Kate Brannigan is asked to find a missing person as a favour, she accepts after all, it s got to be better than the last two weeks of staking out houses and warehouses from dawn until midnight, and living on motorway service station food.The missing person in question is a songwriter, Moira Pollock, and Kate s search leads her into some of the sWhen private investigator Kate Brannigan is asked to find a missing person as a favour, she accepts after all, it s got to be better than the last two weeks of staking out houses and warehouses from dawn until midnight, and living on motorway service station food.The missing person in question is a songwriter, Moira Pollock, and Kate s search leads her into some of the seediest parts of Leeds and Bradford But what she doesn t realise, is that finding Moira is just a prelude to murder .
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        Val McDermid is a No 1 bestseller whose novels have been translated into than thirty languages, and have sold over eleven million copies She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award She was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame in 2009 and was the recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for 2010 In 2011 she received the Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh.


    1. Kate Brannigan is a private investigator and her boyfriend Richard is a music reporter After attending a concert Kate is asked by Jett a singer to find his former girlfriend, Moira Kate knows this is something she doesn t normally do, so convincing her partner, Bill Mortensen to take the case will be a challenge As Kate looks for answers to Moira s whereabouts she discovers places of London that she wished she never had Just when things look like they might be coming together, Kate finds herself [...]

    2. The joy of rereadingFirst Sentence I swear one day I ll kill him.I ve read most of the Kate Brannigan Series already, but I never read them in order So I ve decided this year I m gonna do it right.I think these books don t impress me as much as McDermid s newer books, because just that McDermid grew so much as an author, her writing and plots have become so much better, so much complicated I am sorry I didn t read these books first, it would have mean so much to me that way.

    3. Bill Mortensen and Kate Brannigan made up the private investigators who investigated fraud and white collar crime, so when Jett, singer, songwriter and musician asked her to find an old friend of his as a favour, she was hesitant But with the grudging approval of her partner, she took it on Never having done a missing person before, Kate got right into it, and before long she was deeply involved in the sleazy side of London, discovering parts she hadn t known had existed.As she dug deeper, Kate [...]

    4. Heard an interview with Brannigan on BBC World Service not long ago and thought I d give her a try This book was just OK, but I m willing to keep going with the author because other reviewers have noted that she gets better I ve just switched over to her Tony Hill series which is crazy gory and moves along at a much faster pace So far I m liking it better.

    5. I vaccillated between 3 and 4 stars for this I m not keen on Kate as a protagonist, but I think the trademark flashes of McDermid humour and the precision of the geography in the places I know well did enough to bump it up for me.The other point in it s favour is the evocative talent McDermid has for anchoring a book in a time period Everybody in this book smokes The food and drink choices are as blatantly nineties as prawn cocktail and Cinzano bianco are seventies They all think shell suits are [...]

    6. I came to this genre novel via my reading on the doings of Manchester, England, as I d recently moved here from the United States McDermid was cited as introducing a PI who worked a Manchester beat, as was Cath Staincliffe, whose novel Go Not Gently I read recently with the same impulse to get at of what the city s culture is about.While ably telling her story about Kate Brannigan, PI and co owner operator of Brannigan and Mortensen, McDermid introduces many references to the city s culture and [...]

    7. The first of the Kate Brannigan series, and as always I ve held off until I m ready to start at the beginning Quite a different style of working than Lindsay Gordon, not to mention lifestyle of course, and the change to a leading character that starts with a purpose rather than stumbling into the situation as the latter did Fast paced, plenty of action and even placed in a location that I know so well, although the error in calling Ardwick Green Ardwick Common seemed strange to me as the only in [...]

    8. Comparisons to Sarah Paretsky s V.I Warshawski series are unavoidable Both writers create tales of female investigators who solve crimes in a straightforward and down to earth manner, and also take the reader on a detailed tour of a particular locality Paretsky s novels are set in the greater Chicagoland area, and McDermid takes the reader to the Manchester Bradford Leeds areas of northern England DEAD BEAT features Manchester based detective, Kate Brannigan, as she attempts to solve the murder [...]

    9. I m glad this is not the first book of Val McDermid I have read, if it had been I am sure it would have been my last I struggled all the way through it as I found it dull and many of her characters wooden and unbelievable ms mcDermid has gone on to write some great who dunnits, this just wasn t one of them.

    10. After the sheer genius of the Tony Hill series and others such as A Place of Execution, this wasn t quite what I hoped it would be Still, it was a good read and I won t give up on the Kate Brannigan series just yet

    11. I appreciate novels with smart, independent women Kate definitely qualifies Having a mystery tied into the music scene makes it even enticing Kate and her partner usually deal with white collar crimes However, her romantic partner has a friend that asks Kate to do a missing person search Kate reluctantly agrees and locates the woman, who is then murdered.

    12. It was an OK book for me And one of the books where you like characters than the plot It didn t grabbed me and sucked me in as much as I expected Robert Galbraith recommended this It was a good mystery with a proper detective, but It wasn t something distinctive It wasn t bad either and I understand writing style can get better so I ll try with her Tony Hill series.

    13. A nice, fast paced little read to offset weightier and ponderous books I found the characters engaging, the language clear and the plots clever I ll read from Val McDermid in this genre Footnote the characters are diverse

    14. I wasn t really a fan of this one maybe because it s one of McDermid s older ones, but it felt too conversational and unpolished The plot seemed just a tiny bit too unlikely to make any of it feel plausible, but I also didn t really care for Brannigan and her methods a whole lot.

    15. I have just recently read a newer Val McDermid novel and wanted to see what her older works were like I was very happy with this first installment of her Kate Brannigan series Kate is a private detective with 2 years of law school behind her She decided she would rather do private investigation than law and quit school to work with her friend Bill.Kate is investigating a fraud case in which a phony cooperation is making phony copies of anything from Rolex watches to band merchandise In the middl [...]

    16. Val McDermid is probably best known for her gritty, gory novels featuring Detective Inspector Carol Jordan and psychiatrist Dr Tony Hill, televised as Wire in the Blood taking the name of the second novel in the series By the time she published the first of those novels, however, she had already written two separate series, each featuring engaging female protagonists Her first three novels revolved around Lindsay Gordon, lesbian journalist who solved fairly traditional whodunit style mysteries T [...]

    17. I ve read all of the Tony Hill series and most of her standalone thrillers, but hadn t got round to her first series before, which features Kate Brannigan, PI It s not bad for a first novel much light hearted and without the gruesomeness of her later books, but given it was published in 1992 and is full of early 90s musical references the worst period in music history IMHO and quaint descriptions of what at the time was no doubt brand new technology she has to explain what Tetris is, and what a [...]

    18. We ve previously just read two of Scottish crime novelist Val McDermid s Tony Hill Carol Jordan novels and thought we d try the first in her Kate Brannigan set, Dead Beat Kate is partners with another guy in a private eye firm that mostly deals with white collar crime But she accepts a job from Jett , a rock star, to track down his former gf and co songwriter Moira It takes her a while to do so, but she eventually delivers the missing woman to Jett s estate Soon enough, Moira is killed in the we [...]

    19. This is the very first novel Val McDermid wrote I have to say, I like it so much than those that came after.This was cleverly put together, cleverly paced, the characters workedere were no inconsistencies On the one hand, it was not one of the Mary Sunshine mystery books that I cannot even pick up again happy homemaker solves crime, because she is so much practical than most peopleor better yet, dog solves Cat solves Caterer solves, and here are her recipes NO, never again But on the other, Mc [...]

    20. Pretty good for a first book I like Kate though she kind of strikes me as one of the people whom everyone wants to kick for having their life a little too well in order The mystery here wasn t all that complicated I pretty much guessed who the bad guy was early on , but the author comes at it in a bit of a roundabout way that s rather interesting and unique Kate starts the book working on a couple of other cases at the beginning and we don t actually get to the murder bit until nearly halfway th [...]

    21. This is the first book in the a series for Val McDermid s second character, Kate Brannigan Kate is a northern feisty lass working as the junior partner in a PI firm that mainly deals with white collar crime Unlike with Val s other character, Lindsay Gordon, there is no lesbian or feminist angle constantly being thrust upon the reader and the book is much better for it.Most white collar crime can be a bit boring and certainly wouldn t be a good vehicle for a series of fictional books so Kate gets [...]

    22. A page turner that s surprisingly lighthearted given it s from McDermid she of the rather macabre Tony Hill series of novels I found her second Tony Hill novel Wire in the blood so gruesome in its depiction of the murders that occur in the book that I had to stop reading it Someone s head get bashed in Dead Beat but you don t thankfully get a blow by blow account of it While this book is full of cliches and stereotypes everyone from rock star to the grubby journalist is portrayed exactly as they [...]

    23. Re release of the electric debut of Kate Brannigan, a Manchester, England based private detective whose hobbies include Thai kick boxing, computer hacking, and a misadventurous relationship with her journalist boyfriend, Richard.It s no thanks to Richard that Kate agrees to take on a strange missing persons case as a personal favor to a rock star, and no thanks to Richard that she is immediately reminded of why such cases are best avoided Every rock star is on the hunt for a good lyricist, but K [...]

    24. This is the first book I ve read in this series and I found it an entertaining and very readable mystery Good characters, reasonable plotline While I don t consider it an outstanding book, it is definitely a series I will continue with.The flaws, for me, may be mostly a matter of it being a first book in the series, as the characters are not quite as defined and individual as I prefer them I would expect the ongoing books will flesh out the main characters with time.The other thing that kept it [...]

    25. The Kate Brannigan series is new to me, though I have read all the Tony Hill books so love VD s writing.This is quite an old story but it stands up OK Not as gruesome as Tony Hill s exploits Kate Brannigan a Private Detective is hired by a friend of her boyfriend to track down a woman who was his collaborator with him in a song writing duo Since Moira left,his records have been getting steadily predictable and he wants to re new the spark, but Moira just left one day without a word and he has n [...]

    26. I really enjoyed re reading this it s just filled with the sort of characters that are fun to spend time with The star and narrator is Manchester s youngest PI, the wise cracking Kate Brannigan, and other people in the stories include her rock journalist boyfriend Richard and her journalist pal Alexis The plot keeps you turning the pages, and the jokes keep you smiling This series is not as gruesome as the wire in the blood books, it focuses on neat plotting and atmosphere It s also fascinating [...]

    27. Val McDermid is one of my favourite authors However, this book doesn t come anywhere near the high standards of the Tony Hill Carol Jordan series and one or two other standalones Admittedly this was one of her first novels and was lacking a really good plot and ending She mentions Agatha Christie in the book and the whodunnit could have come right out of one of her stories.On the plus side, I thought the relationship between Kate and her partner, Richard was very comical The banter was superb an [...]

    28. Per a quick internet search , this is Val McDermid s 4th book Her ability to carry multiple plots begins to show here, and this talent grows in later books It s a bit stiff in places and view spoiler it is a bit much that she closes out the book by calling all the suspects to the drawing room But that is balanced by how much devastation this leaves Though we don t read about the consequences, Jett is going to have a rough time finishing that album hide spoiler , but large sections fly by and the [...]

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