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  • Title: Prom
  • Author: Mary Ellen Mark
  • ISBN: 9781606061084
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
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      Mary Ellen Mark

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        Mary Ellen Mark, born 1940, has achieved worldwide visibility through her numerous books, exhibitions and editorial magazine work She is a contributing photographer to The New Yorker and has published photo essays and portraits in such publications as Life, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair For over four decades, she has travelled extensively to make pictures that reflect a high degree of humanism Today, she is recognized as one of our most respected and influential photographers Her images of our world s diverse cultures have become landmarks in the field of documentary photography Her portrayals of Mother Teresa, Indian circuses, and brothels in Bombay were the product of many years of work in India A photo essay on runaway children in Seattle became the basis of the academy award nominated film STREETWISE, directed and photographed by her husband, Martin Bell.


    1. Book blurb The high school prom is an American tradition, a rite of passage, and one of the most important rituals of youth in this country The internationally recognized documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark took on the extraordinary challenge of working with the Polaroid 20x24 Land camera to produce this fascinating look at dozens of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds on this memorable night in their lives.Having not grown up in the States, the only prom I attended was my coll [...]

    2. Using a Polaroid 20x24 Land Camera, which weighs in at a hefty 240 pounds and stands about 6 feet tall, Mary Ellen Mark photographed couples attendees from several proms across the country The black and white photographs are quite dramatic, but the subjects in many of them look so serious that it s hard to imagine them having any fun Smiles Few and far between The accompanying DVD a documentary of Prom, directed by Martin Bell shows interviews with a number of the couples asking them various que [...]

    3. The prom is such an iconic pop culture phenomenon, the climax of so many YA books and romantic comedies I doubt I will ever forget that last scene in Pretty in Pink, a movie whose plot centers around a prom But of course the real life experience of prom is a whole other thing Whether you loved your prom, you felt let down by it, or simply didn t go, it is likely that you have some memories of it Because even if it wasn t a magical movie moment, the prom in most high schools is a pretty big deal [...]

    4. NOTE I have not watched the DVD, so this review is based on the book alone.At first glance it seems pretty gimmicky, Mark travelling around with a 20x24 Polaroid, taking prom night photos and putting it all into a book that HEY comes with a DVD Paging through the photos, though, it becomes clear there s something very special going on here.Despite the locations, outfits and backdrops being the same as your average ordinary prom night shots, there are waves of humanity and emotion pouring off of [...]

    5. My interest in Mary Ellen Mark started with her other projects notably Ward 81 and Streetwise but for some reason, this collection is the only Mark book in the library The benign subject matter maybe It s pretty charming, though I read it like I read poems tear through the first read viewing , just get a feel for what it is Then read the intro and the appendix of quotes, and go through the book once again, slowly, comparing the ideas and words to first impressions.Which is way than I got from m [...]

    6. I am mesmerized by the photographs This 3 year odyssey, criss crossing the States, photographing teen couples in their prom get up The photographs are formal black and whites, and the teens seem so much older than their years, and than the teens I see wandering around They face the camera sternly, the clothes an odd mix of risque and naive There are mixed race couples, gay couples, oddly shaped couples, flashy couples I wonder what world they live in.

    7. Basic black and white pictures of seemingly miserable kids except for the kids from Texas Biggest grins ever going to prom That being said I could not stop looking at this book The pictures of these kids and their outfits kept me from doing work for 20 minutes, easy for a fun time waster, I recommend looking for this book at you local library but don t go spending any money.

    8. MEM is a brilliant social commentator and visionary artist in equal measure And her husband Martin Bell is an excellent filmmaker Anyone pondering the future of this country will want to read this, and watch MB s enclosed DVD poignant, funny, tragic, and downright terrifying all at the same time.

    9. Ok this was a very interesting book of photos One of the high schools was on the cape The cool part was that the book came with a 30 mintue DVD That was a cool bonus If you are into photography and want to see the different types of proms there are, I d def get this book.

    10. Mary Ellen Mark makes her subjects look painfully awkward a lot of the time which seems like a potential harmful thing to do to teenagers but makes for interesting viewing.

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