The End of Modern Civilization

The End of Modern Civilization

T.I. Wade / Sep 24, 2020
The End of Modern Civilization At exactly midnight on December every electronic device made in China for the last years stops working From the U S electrical grid and all its back ups engine control management systems earl
  • Title: The End of Modern Civilization
  • Author: T.I. Wade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At exactly midnight on December 31, every electronic device made in China for the last 30 years stops working From the U.S electrical grid and all its back ups, engine control management systems, early warning systems on U.S satellites, every motor vehicle, aircraft and ship made after 1985, to even simple memory chips inside children s teddy bears every electronic fuse,At exactly midnight on December 31, every electronic device made in China for the last 30 years stops working From the U.S electrical grid and all its back ups, engine control management systems, early warning systems on U.S satellites, every motor vehicle, aircraft and ship made after 1985, to even simple memory chips inside children s teddy bears every electronic fuse, resistor, or connector that was Made in China becomes dormant forever.At one minute past midnight on January 1st, every modern television broadcast of the U.S New Year s Eve festivities on the East Coast black out Millions of motor vehicles with an engine management system or engine computerized system suddenly die, causing loss of control and thousands of accidents only seconds into the New Year Traffic lights, directional beacons, communication stations, and all aircraft landing systems black out a couple of minutes later, as their modern back ups start failing Children s Christmas presents, nearly forgotten, stop buzzing, moving, and blinking and go silent Radios, computers, and all forms of electronic communication devices even the latest 132 million electronic Christmas presents given only a week earlier iPhone 5Gs, IPod Nano 4s, IMac Notepads and iPad 3s go silent, never to blink on again Ninety seconds after midnight, the entire electrical grid of North America deactivates itself and goes into close down mode.The shutdown of the United States of America, and 97% of the entire world, is accomplished by 12 30 am U.S Eastern time on the first day of the New Year.It takes only 30 minutes to completely dismantle the whole of modern Western civilization.
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        T I Wade was born in Bromley, Kent, England in 1954 His father, a banker was promoted with his International Bank to Africa and the young family moved to Africa in 1956 The author grew up in Southern Rhodesia Once he had completed his mandatory military commitments, at 21 he left Africa to mature in Europe He enjoyed Europe and lived in three countries England, Germany and Portugal for 15 years before returning to Africa Cape Town in 1989 Here the author owned and ran a restaurant, a coffee manufacturing and retail business, flew a Cessna 210 around desolate southern Africa and finally got married in 1992 Due to the upheavals of the political turmoil in South Africa, the Wade family of three moved to the United States in 1996 Park City, Utah was where his writing career began To date T I Wade has written sixteen novels.


    1. This book was very hard to finish Honestly, I skimmed about half I couldn t get into it It s just too drawn out Too long and tedious Too boring The last third, after the catastrophe, when all the action picks up, is good The concept is good The writingt so much.So basically, a Chinese corporation spends 30 years getting their microchips and computer part thingies into everything around the world If it has Made In China stamped on it, these guys probably made it Then, they decide to flip the kill [...]

    2. Terrific vacation book Very believable and chilling Even if you re not an aviation buff, it s still exciting Characters are easy to believe and the good guys are very likable Highly recommended

    3. The story itself is okay, but the characters seemed to be carbon copies of each other Everyone was an expert electrical engineer and expert pilot The main character is rich, has his own airfield, and owns a couple of war birds Some of his normal friends own war birds as well I wish I could own a war bird or two They re expensive to own and even expensive to operate and maintain.I read a review elsewhere complaining about the editing and conversations not being real I agree The editing is very b [...]

    4. I started and stopped reading this book 3 times before I eventually persevered and got through the early chapters The reason for my persistence was because I liked the concept very much and after reading a review of the second book in the series I decided to give it another try The problem I found was the first couple of chapters were not engaging enough and the author flooded the book with in depth material about the old planes, which whilst informative could put off casual readers There was a [...]

    5. So I m 19% in the book and I don t know how I feel ,if I like it or not,so far in each of the chapters that I ve read you meet a different character and that chapter basely tells you something about their past and history as well as going back and forth between the characters and Jiangsu Province, China , so right now I m on chapter 6 and its about the Smart Family, last chapter was Chapter 5 and it took place in Jiangsu Province, China 1980s So I ll keep reading to see what happens next, you do [...]

    6. Invasion USA is a series about how the Chinese turn off everything made in china after 1985 in an attempt to take over the world The setting of the first book is all over the United States and in some parts of China The book is told by several different perspectives, but every main character has something in common they like to collect and fly ancient antique World War 2 planes They also have friends who collect World War 2 army vehicles Together they might be the new USA air force and Army In m [...]

    7. The plot was great I would actually give that 5 stars The problem was, there was WAY to much character development going on late in the book I do not expect to STILL be going through character development including flash backs to already written points halfway through a book At least not with an action book, Which is what this one reads like.Also there were many many places where there was a need for better proofreading and spell check, repeated words, misspelled words use of the wrong homophone [...]

    8. This book is very drawn out in parts and thus very dull in parts It s also repetitious and full of totally pointless details about flying If a good editor got hold of this book it could have been cut by almost half.The idea is interesting but the execution of that idea is a bit of a disaster.I like future war thrillers and unfortunately this doesn t get to that stage as it s only the first part in a series and the war has yet to begin This is the biggest let down of the book It s the prelude to [...]

    9. First, this would make a great movie Even though it was a bit dragged out at times in the beginning, with all the different airplanes, and character descriptions, most of it all fell into relevancy later on I found myself looking up the different planes on the web for a better visual, in my reading experience The author did a great job in giving the reader food for thought How far will some go for control Some would say not that far, I would reply watch the news to see how far people go, and the [...]

    10. The two start rating on this book is based on the book alone The problem from my eyes of this book is that it sets the stage for later books in the series As a result there is a lot of background and a lack of action in this book For the first 250 or so pages it is truly just background which I m sure will be helpful in the later books, but wasn t good for a standalone book After reading this I am planning on going on to book two but if you re looking to get this book then be aware that you ll p [...]

    11. Very interesting story sends shivers up you spine thinking it could REALLY happen I struggled a bit for the firat part about 60% of the book and then I couldn t put it down finished the last 40% in one sitting The first half is setting up the story fair enough ut the minute details of every kind of aircraft got very boring I love flying too but who cares if a model C plane is 7 kilometers slower than a model D It detracts from the story.Some great characters are involved in this end of the world [...]

    12. Techno thriller about a takeover of the worlds major powers, and the aftermath.Good thing was the cause of the takeover, and how long it took to implement no Bond style super weapons.The villains were also fairly credible, and their parts of the book are where it shines.The heroesl seemed to be super intelligent, super rich, and able to afford what may turn out to be the solution Unfortunately, their parts of the book seemed to drag quite a wordy bunch.Despite the world being taken over, it s ve [...]

    13. This looks like a solid beginning to a great series At first I thought this might be related to the old Chuck Norris film Invasion USA I was wrong This book was about a Chinese plot to shut down the majority of the world s electronics Once that is accomplished it was up to a group of pilots to start restoring communications with antique aircraft This book dealt alot with refurbished planes and going around newer circuit boards I had a great time reading it and am looking forward to the next one [...]

    14. I agree with both pro and con comments made by other reviewers Pro a very believable and chilling scenario Con way to much character development and too much time building up to the disaster part That said I will read the next book in the series as I do like the story line This was your classic, The first one s free gambit of a free Kindle book but hey, I really knew that going into it

    15. This story is goodThe story is good but the writing is poor The author is not adept at his craft yet The story had bizarre details irrelevant to the telling of the story and the dialogue between the characters was stiff and hard to imagine from these characters However, the story is good and plausible I am considering getting the next book in the series and I hope the writing is better.

    16. This was like reading a technical manual for flying If you are into aviation, you will probably enjoy this book I m not into a aviation that much so it was pretty boring for me I ll be honest I did not finish this book and I skimmed through about the last third I did read Two thirds through before any thing resembling an invasion starting and by this time I am no longer interested Too many other books out there to read without wasting time on excruciating reading such as this.

    17. One of the best apocalyptic books I have ever read At exactly midnight EST, every electronic device made in China or with parts from China shuts down Airplanes crash worldwide, the electricity grid stops, automobiles stop and anything else with an electronic control built in recent years stops The details in this book are better than most I have ever read Everything sounds very possible and plausible I am looking forward to the next books in the series.

    18. DNF 11% sounded like a great concept and wanted to read really bad when it was about 7% in I knew it wasn t going to keep my interest it is very tedious and boring with complete detailed background of each character and not told in a compelling way I was really disappointed will not finish the series on to the next one

    19. This one will depend on your reading style its a grest book and the beginning of a series but as a book on its own it becomes difficult to enjoy the plot and story were good, im an aviation enthusiast so i related to that side of it as well overall if your intending in reading this make sure with a view to completing the entire series the second and third books are entirely different reads.

    20. Should be 4.5 author gets bogged down here and there as there is so much going on and cans decide if they b want to carry b details thru the book or skip over parts like what v happened to Lee who made it to air force base, did he contact Carlos or try to or did I end up missing it trying l to figure out how the plot stabilizes.

    21. I could not finish this one It started OK, but the entire beginning of the book was all about airplanes and this group of people buying and restoring said planes It was incredibly boring to someone that is not an airplane fanatic, of which I am one.I kept waiting for the action to pick up but it never did and I just lost all interest.

    22. First 3 4 of the book are character history and development Last 1 4 of the book is the best part and just when it gets good, it ends Problem is now I want to find out what happens so my OCD is going to make me buy the sequels I don t want too but I have too Also, very bad editing Lots of typos.

    23. The first 60% was slow going and just background info I had to keep forcing myself to continue and did skim parts It didn t really get moving until after the disaster and then the book ends to be continued in the next book I m not sure I will bother with the next book if it takes over half of the book to get interesting.

    24. Thought provokingI really liked this book, but the first third is to me very technical, I would have liked illustrations of all the different aircraft Will be buying the rest of the series I liked the strong characters both men and women and the can do attitude, problem or science a solution, brilliant

    25. Fairly good book Some of its little busy but It was interesting enough that I would like to read the sequels, however they want 4.95 for the second book My opinion it s not worth 4.95 so until the sequels go on sale they will remain unread by me.

    26. couldnt finish, 25% in and still only telling about the charactors lives, past to present and on and on I didnt need to know every little detail I never made it to the part in the book where the actual story began I hate books that go overboard in details that didnt need to be in the story.

    27. An awesome read This book and the entire series makes a person think about what could in reality Keeps a person interested from start to finish Read all four and can t wait till the fifth one arrives.

    28. Different than most America attacked booksSo far the first book has grabbed me and heldtight Will start tomorrow with book two and expect things to start getting hotter for the hot shot pilots and the decimated world and the evil of the Chinese attackers.

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