First Do No Evil

First Do No Evil

Carey Baldwin / Jul 08, 2020
First Do No Evil One killer is in her blood The other is in her house Blood Secrets Book There s a killer lurking in Dr Skylar Novak s family tree the gene for breast cancer That s why her brilliant brother invented
  • Title: First Do No Evil
  • Author: Carey Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9781609288815
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
  • One killer is in her blood The other is in her house.Blood Secrets, Book 1There s a killer lurking in Dr Skylar Novak s family tree the gene for breast cancer That s why her brilliant brother invented the Bella vaccine But even if the miracle drug protects her from the cancer that took her mother s life, it can t save Sky from the flesh and bone evil stalking her in sOne killer is in her blood The other is in her house.Blood Secrets, Book 1There s a killer lurking in Dr Skylar Novak s family tree the gene for breast cancer That s why her brilliant brother invented the Bella vaccine But even if the miracle drug protects her from the cancer that took her mother s life, it can t save Sky from the flesh and bone evil stalking her in secret When the killer strikes, detective Daniel Benson finds himself in the wrong place at the right time The bold detective manages to save Sky s life just in time for her to return the favor Survival leads to seduction, and Danny risks everything his career, even his life, to keep Sky safe But will the buried sins they uncover cost him her heart Danny s strong arms may hold her close, but only Sky can stop the terror that s coming next Product WarningsContents include One heart melting hero good luck getting this delicious detective out of your head One reluctant heroine wielding a Glock was never on her to do list One crazed villain an entire flock of baa baa black sheep won t be enough to put you to sleep And a lifesaving vaccine with one deadly side effect murder.
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        GREAT NEWS JUDGMENT, the first book in my Cassidy Spenser Thriller series, has been named one of the BEST BOOKS of 2014 by SUSPENSE MAGAZINE Both JUDGMENT CONFESSION are BOOKSELLERS BEST AWARD Finalists JUDGMENT is a DAPHNE DU MAURIER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MYSTERY SUSPENSE Finalist and a SILVER FALCHION finalist.Carey Baldwin is a mild mannered doctor by day and an award winning author of edgy suspense by night She holds two doctoral degrees, one in medicine and one in psychology She loves reading and writing stories that keep you off balance and on the edge of your seat Carey lives in the southwestern United States with her amazing family In her spare time she enjoys hiking and chasing wildflowers.CareyBaldwinfacebook CareyBaldwinAuthortwitter CareyBaldwin


    1. One killer is in her blood The other is in her house.First Do No Evil is the first book in Carey Baldwin s Blood Secrets series It s an action packed, romantic, medical thriller that took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions At times I was riveted to the story and couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out what would happen next, while at other times I was reading with one eye squeezed tightly shut, afraid of what might happen next.Blurb There s a killer lurking in Dr Skylar Novak s fami [...]

    2. This was a group read or I might not have picked it up Another Samhain with very little but some sex, yet still a really great, suspenseful story This is the story of Sky, a family doctor with a big heart, and Danny, the cop she meets at the very beginning of the story Sky is meeting her brother and fiance early morning at a favorite coffee shop, and Daniel shows up before the brother and fiance and starts flirting And then finds out about the fiance and backs off But during that visit to the co [...]

    3. One good turn deserves another, you save my life, I ll save yours.A seemingly innocent breakfast at the local breakfast watering hole in Flagstaff with her brother and finance ends in heartbreak and despair for Skylar Novak Why was this happening to her again Wasn t it bad enough she had to lose her father to murder 15 years ago Why must she suffer through another inconceivable tragedy and terrible loss Detective Danny Benson was also in the coffee shop that fateful day Jack Sprulock decided to [...]

    4. This fantastic debut has it all a strong heroine, a sexy hero, a scary bone chilling villain, and lots of unexpected twists and turns The medical aspects of the book was quite interesting as it led to lots of moral and ethical questions It was a thrilling fast paced book that kept me turning the pages couldn t turn it down I absolutely loved this book and hope everyone buys it next Tuesday I m so excited for Carey and can t wait to see what s next from her

    5. A compelling, superbly written romantic thriller that hooked me from the beginning and still hasn t let me go With a debut this outstanding, I can only imagine how good this author s future books will be

    6. Memorable Scenes the first chapter awesome start to a fabulous book Sky unraveling a part of the suspense plot and figuring out who the villain was I was reading with bated breathI was immediately grabbed by Carey Baldwin s writing style It s fluent, clean and crisp with a knack for subtle humor in the dialogues That first chapter had me at the edge of my seat, reading breathlessly Dr Skylar Sky Novak is suffering from survivor s guilt and not taking care of her own wellbeing She is stubborn, ca [...]

    7. Carey Baldwin s debut novel, First Do No Evil, is a romantic medical thriller that starts with a kick of unexpected desire and a bang literally and never lets up until the end By the forth page she had me at what s it going to be coffee or cuffs I ve become so hooked and can t wait to see how the H H get together He, Danny Benson, a detective and widowed father She, Skylar Novak, a physician running a clinic for the indigent, and recently engaged to her partner How on earth will Baldwin get them [...]

    8. Loved this book The author is a physician and boy you could tell through out this book The first three chapters blew me away both with the introduction of the hero and heroine and with the detailed explanations of medical procedures that had to be performed Don t say this often but I also fell in love with the hero from his first words in the book Dr Skylar Novak goes through life determining the threat level and quickest escape route of every place she goes due to seeing her father killed and b [...]

    9. Dr Sky Novak is no stranger to crime or the aftermath but when months later she is confronted with the idea that she may be next or her brother, Garth, she turns to the one man she hopes can help her make sense of things.Detective Danny Benson puts his life on the line all the time as a cop but when he entered Jolene s diner that cold morning he hadn t expected to meet Sky Novak or come quite so close to death In the aftermath, while rehabilitating, Danny starts questioning the events of that da [...]

    10. I m happy to say that I ve found another great new author one I ll be looking for again in the future This practicing physician has started off her new series with a winner in this romantic medical thriller The opening pages catch your attention with a literal bang when a killer steps into a diner and endangers everyone inside It s also where Danny is seriously injured Sky has to save him and the details and swirling emotions are so vivid you can almost feel them But never fear, you re guarantee [...]

    11. When newly engaged Doctor Skylar Novak walks into Jolene s coffee shop to meet her fianc Edmond and her brother Garth, she has no premonition that life is about to change forever Detective Sergeant Daniel Benson does not expect to come across a woman he can love nor does he expect his world to explode in terror and pain.Carey Baldwin s First Do No Evil opens with, literally, a bang and the action escalates.I was hooked from the first chapter and have to confess that I did not pick the murderer B [...]

    12. 4 1 2 Star FIRST DO NO EVIL is a well written, entertaining thriller with a great love story Baldwin creates a tale with enough suspense to have the reader sitting on the edge of their seat Danny and Skylar are very real and likeable I couldn t wait for the scenes where they interacted Baldwin s medical experience gives her the ability to bring life and additional tension to crisis scenes with her realistic portrayal of the danger Sky s brother Garth could easily become just another stereotype b [...]

    13. This is my first time reading anything from Carey Baldwin and I must say, what a rollercoaster ride it was This book was GREAT Kept me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter The characters were wonderful and the storyline had so many twists and turns,It made me dizzy just from reading Anyone who likes a good romantic suspense novel, this book is most definitely for you.

    14. This book was written by my writing partner, so of course I think it is awesome Danny, the hero, is to die for I can t wait until everyone has a chance to read this amazing romantic thriller

    15. First Do No Evil by Carey BaldwinCarey Baldwin s First Do No Evil is a cornucopia of suspense, romance with titillating elements of the very best kind First Do No Evil captivates me from the first dramatic scene in the diner to the last page I found it to be a robust thrill of a roller coaster ride that causes your breathe to hitch and occasionally bring a tear to the eye of the most stoic reader Ms Baldwin spins an adventurous story that demonstrates her awesome writing abilities with strong ch [...]

    16. This is a fast paced medical thriller that begins when single father cop Danny Benson finds himself in the middle of a robbery at a diner that results in the death of Sky Novak s fiance and almost results in his death too When he recovers he discovers that the investigation has been closed even though he still has questions about it When he goes to see Sky, he quickly learns that the attack in the diner mirrors a robbery attempt at her home when she was seventeen that killed her father Both happ [...]

    17. Rhayne s review posted on Guilty Pleasures5 StarsCarey Baldwin has done an exceptional job writing a very fast paced, action packed, intense medical thriller with a side of romance This is a story full of twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages.Danny is a detective, single father to one unruly teenage daughter, and the kind of hero that melts your heart Skylar is a physician running a health care clinic She is very caring, and the kind of heroine t [...]

    18. I was fortunate enough to receive an advance reader copy of FIRST DO NO EVIL, author Carey Baldwin s debut medical thriller From the first page to the last I was totally hooked The pacing is perfect From the very first scene the reader is given a premonition that something terrible is about to happen And when that terrible thing does happen, the scene is so shocking, so emotional, so riveting that it takes your breath away The plot is enjoyable, but it s not what makes this book such an incredib [...]

    19. This book is edgy and emotional If you love a story that is suspenseful, that will stay with you and keep you thinking after you finish it, you won t want to miss out on this one.Complete Review posted here guiltypleasuresbookreviews

    20. A totally chilling romantic thriller that will make you tingle and shiver until you reach that last page An exciting page turner with a dreamy hero Detailed review to be posted soon.

    21. First Do No Evil by Carey Baldwin was a medical thriller that I could not put down It s also a psychological thriller, as well The intricate plot had me turning the pages as fast as I could read I was hooked from the first chapter when Dr Sky Novak and Detective Sergeant Danny Benson meet.The setting in Flagstaff, AZ was described perfectly and I should know since I live in Arizona Her descriptions made me feel like I was right there among the towering pines and laid back lifestyle Sky and Danny [...]

    22. Copy received from author as a gift My thanks is this review.First Do No Evil was a huge surprise to me Not because I was expecting anything I wouldn t like, but because this is Carey Baldwin s debut novel, and it was good, very good She s a mild mannered physician her words, not mine, still practicing full time Carey is also a former clinical psychologist, so writing about psychopaths comes naturally again, her words, not mine J She s also a hopeless romantic Et voil , we have ourselves a medic [...]

    23. First Do No Evil is a fantastic medical thriller Dr Sky Novak is a mild mannered Physician who owns and operates a free clinic with her Fiance Edmond One morning when she walks into Jolene s coffee shop to meet her brother Garth and her fiance Edmond for breakfast, she has no idea her life is about to change forever Det Sergeant Daniel Benson does not expect to meet a women he is willing to give his life for Danny Benson suddenly finds himself in the muddle of a robbery at the diner that almost [...]

    24. Amazing book, a wonderful mix of drama, suspense both murder and medical and a touch of romance I received the paperback yesterday and have already finished it.The characters are great, especially like Sky and Dan The story has many twists and turns that will keep you entertained and guessing I highly recommend this book, I m looking forward to the next in the series.I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.

    25. A superbly written debut authentic, emotional and suspenseful There s not nearly enough good romantic suspense out there, so I m very pleased that Carey Baldwin has joined the ranks of published authors Look forward to her next book

    26. First Do No Evil was just the kind of book I love A fast paced romantic medical thriller It was a real page turner from the start I can t wait for the next book in the series to come out I highly recommend this read Well written debut novel Thank you, Carey Baldwin

    27. An extraordinary debut novel, this book offers a compelling plot and vivid characters that should have strong appeal for those who like their thrillers frighteningly real and unforgettable.

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