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N lk vuosi N lk on se kissanpentu jonka Paju Lauri pisti s kkiin ja hukutti avantoon Se raapii pienill kynsill n ja kyns isyist tulee vihlova kipu sitten uusi raapaisu ja taas uusi kunnes pentu uupuu ja putoaa
  • Title: Nälkävuosi
  • Author: Aki Ollikainen
  • ISBN: 9789522340894
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • N lk on se kissanpentu jonka Paju Lauri pisti s kkiin ja hukutti avantoon Se raapii pienill kynsill n ja kyns isyist tulee vihlova kipu, sitten uusi raapaisu ja taas uusi, kunnes pentu uupuu ja putoaa s kin pohjalle ja painaa siell raskaana, vet s kki alas, ker voimansa ja aloittaa uuden myllerryksen.
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      471 Aki Ollikainen
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        Aki Ollikainen born 1973 is a Finnish writer A photographer and journalist by profession, Ollikainen received widespread acclaim for his debut novel N lk vuosi 2012 , an account of the Finnish famine of 1866 1868 The book won several prizes and has been translated into English by Emily Jeremiah and Fleur Jeremiah under the title White Hunger Peirene Press, 2015.Ollikainen lives in Kolari in northern Finland His second novel Musta satu was published in spring 2015.


    1. Notoriously taciturn, the Finnish As if we each had a quota of words, along with instructions to be parsimonious with them so as not to exhaust the supply A friend s son is spending a year in Helsinki as an Erasmus student I m told that a satirical brochure giving somewhat spurious tips to foreigners who want to embrace their new culture completely starts by warning them that it is forbidden to speak to fellow passengers on public transport.Perhaps the reader of this little novel needs to keep t [...]

    2. Ollikaisen N lk vuosi, englanniksi White Hunger, on yksi 13 Man Booker palkintoehdokkaasta t n vuonna Se on ensimm inen suomalainen kirja, joka on ylt nyt t lle ehdokaslistalle Huhtikuussa n ist valitaan kuusi kirjaa ja niist lopullinen Man Booker voittaja Hieno saavutus, mutta t lt kirjalta voi odottaakin hyvi saavutuksia Kirja on sivum r lt n pieni, mutta tarina on kerrottu niin hyvin, ett n m sivut riitt v t kertomaan olennaisen ja tuomaan esille sen kauhun ja n l n ja sairaudet mit Suomessa [...]

    3. Finnish novella set during a 1867 famine that maintains a tone of snow capped hopelessness without reprieve Not unlike Andrey Zvyaginstev s recent Russian epic, Leviathan, this novel is an unrelenting showcase of the blizzards of unfairness that visit the planet s less fortunate mortals, leaving the reader drenched in gloom and life loathing.

    4. An exhausting winter read, a woman leaves her dying husband and heads out into the blizzard with her two children somewhere in hellishly cold Finland, heading for St Petersburg They have to beg and there are hazards than just the harsh natural elements.Each day is like a throw of the dice and this beggar family of three are like pawns on a snakes and ladders board, trying to move towards their ultimate goal, one step at a time, where the snakes outnumber the ladders and the destination becomes [...]

    5. Tijdens de hongersnood in de strenge winter van 1867 1868 in Finland wordt een gezin gedwongen huis en haard te verlaten op zoek naar voedsel en een leefbaar bestaansminimum Het is het debuutroman van Ollikainen Het leest op zich goed weg, maar van mij had de schrijver best een stuk weg kunnen laten aan het begin , want het voegt niks toe Daarnaast heb ik het gevoel dat het boek maar weinig bladzijdes mocht hebben Het had uitgebreider gekunt, dan had het boek van mij 1 ster meer gekregen Nu 2,5 [...]

    6. Much of this novella is about one impoverished Finnish family s experience of starvation set during the last naturally occurring famine in Europe but almost all our antecedents would have lived through similar times Whilst it conveys pain, hallucinations, freezing, the wrong sorts of help or none at all and being expected to be grateful regardless , public hostility, and just one damn thing after another making one think closely about what it s like to live through famines and partial societal [...]

    7. In een uitgepuurde en po tische taal, wordt je een wereld en verhaal geopenbaard, dat je verweesd achterlaat en je een mokerslag toedient Ollikainen is de Finse Cynan Jones.

    8. The colour is being drained from Juhani s face The first to go was red, the colour of blood Red changed into yellow, then yellow, too, vanished, leaving grey, which is now fading gradually into white Beautifully told story of the famine in Finland in the winter of 1867 enpedia wiki Famine_ , translated beautifully from the original Finnish by the team of Emily and Fleur Jeremiah.Marja is forced to leave her home, and her starving husband Juhani to his fate, and travel across Finland with her dau [...]

    9. The winter is severe, the famine struck the country, as it seems, especially the remote rural areas, as told in the novel Witte honger original N lk vuosi White hunger in English by the Finnish Aki Ollikainen We follow a family trying to escape from starvation, with a high ambition to reach St Petersburg before it was called Leningrad, the story is set in the winter of 1867 1868.This family not only has to cope with the hunger and the weather, but also with all those people who share their fate [...]

    10. Kun suomalainen romaani saa Man Booker International Prize palkinnon ehdokkuuden, mielenkiintoni her v litt m sti, vaikkei N lk vuosi lopulta jatkoon p ssytk n Vuoden 1867 vaikeasta talvesta kertova teos on aiheeltaan t rke aika kultaa muistot eik kansamme kokemaa pula aikaa en hirve sti ajatella Lukukokemuksen oli varmasti tarkoituskin olla ep miellytt v ja usein kirja tuntui jopa irstaalta Ollikaisen kuvaukset ihmismielest kerj l isten t ytt m ss maassa ruuan puutteessa on taitavaa, samoin kui [...]

    11. A family is forced to leave their home to find a place where there is at least some food It is winter in Finland There is also some weird erotic scenes It is depressing Hunger by Knut Hamsun while covering another period in another country is a better book on the subject of hunger.

    12. A haunting story about a mother who flees from home, escaping famine She leaves her sick husband at home, dying alone In the middle of winter, she is planning to go on foot from Finland to Sint Petersburg, hoping for a better future for her children A story about despair and love A story about how humans lose all traces of humanity when they are struggling to survive.

    13. The Famine of 1866 1868 was the last famine in Finland and northern Sweden, it was also the last major naturally caused famine in Europe In Finland the famine became known as the great hunger years suuret n lk vuodet and it is estimated that about 15% of the entire population died, with this figure rising to 20% in the hardest hit areas One of the reasons that this famine hit particularly hard, was that various parts of the country had suffered previous poor harvests, with 1862 being an exceptio [...]

    14. I bought this book for two reasons 1 I m trying to read translated books this year, and this fit the bill.2 It was longlisted for the Man Booker International, so surely it couldn t be bad Oh, Past Kirsti How foolish you were Look, it wasn t bad, PER SE It just makes a LOT sense when you know that it was published as part of a novella series around the theme chance encounters The story is predominantly about the Finnish famine of 1866 1868 With her husband on death s door, a woman decides to t [...]

    15. Livre court mais puissant, qui d charne l int rieur Dans la Finlande de 1867, l hiver s allonge dans les campagnes pousse les affam s vers les routes enneig es, vers les villages qui s agglutinent autour des glises froides, vers une Helsinki gouvern e par de beaux messieurs qui finissent eux aussi par maigrir sous leurs moustaches R cit d une duret inexorable, le langage f rocement imag de La faim blanche appelle la peur de la disette qui dort encore sous nos c tes, m me apr s des d cennies d ab [...]

    16. Really didn t like it, but it wasn t a 1 star book either I think a lot of the hype is because of the subject, not because of the form or the story.

    17. Aki Ollikainen voitti romaanillaan N lk vuosi 141 sivua Hesarin kirjallisuuspalkinnon vuonna 2012 Kirjan aiheena on 1867 n lk vuosi ja ihmillisen k rsimyksen kuvaus kerjuuv est senaattoriin.Kirjan rakenne on toteutettu siten, ett n k kulma vaihtuu eri henkil iden v lill on idin ja tytt ren Marja ja Mataleena sek senaattorin ett elostelevan l k rin eli Teon Rakenne on melko katkelmallinen, ja elet n katovuoden lokakuusta seuraavaan kev seen Erilaisten ihmiskohtaloiden kietoutuminen toisiinsa toim [...]

    18. The Hunger Years , the Finnish Famine of 1866 68 was the last famine in Western Europe that was caused by natural reasons The book tells about a family that is forced to leave their home in the early winter to go begging and maybe end up in the place where there is at least some food There was some weird contrast because at the same time I am reading Anna Karenina and about their life in St Petersbourg and that book came out less than 10 years after the famine, and in this one the mother dreams [...]

    19. Hoewel het boek niet super dik is en de sc nes heel erg kort en met weinig woorden worden beschreven, zit er een hele wereld in dit boek Het is ongelooflijk hard en genadeloos, maar tegelijk zo menselijk Lang geleden dat zo n uitgepuurde po zie in literatuur mij heeft gegrepen.

    20. Vahva ja tiivis teos, joka tuo n l nh d n silmien alle Pieneen tilaan on saatu suuri tarina, jossa mit n ei ole liikaa eik liian v h n Alkuun tuntui, ett t m j tti v h n liian et lle, mutta hieman pureskeltuani sekin fiilis katoaa ja tilalle tulee pienen kirjan vaikuttavuus, jolle l yt merkityksi ja yhtym kohtia t h nkin p iv n, t m n ajan h tiin.

    21. why so much rape tho i thought this was a book about starving in the cold and i was prepared for that turns out that nearly half of the book had something to do with women s pubic hair or rape no thanks.

    22. Aina ei tarvita satoja ja satoja sivuja historiallisen romaanin kirjoittamiseen Raaka, todenmukainen, lohduton ja kaiken sen hehkutuksen v rti.

    23. Raadollinen, kylm , s lim t n.Tinkim tt m n karu, realistinen kuvaus 1800 luvun puoliv lin n lk vuosista Oiva ote yhteiskunnan kaksijakoisuudesta h d n keskell N lk on elintasosairaus.N lk inen suomalainen kyll tarpoo eteenp in kuin mummo lumihangessa ja sisulla menn n kun ei muutakaan voi Paikoitellen tuntui hieman liioitellulta Mutta miksi, oi miksi, miksi niit raiskauksia, huoria, huorittelevia eukkoja, ty ntymisi ja kovettuneita kaluja pit sis llytt tarinoihin niin paljon, eiv tk suomalaiset [...]

    24. Aloin lukea t t kirjaa sipsikulhon kanssa, mutta naksut j iv t Ajattelin, ett n in lyhyen kirjan vain hotkaisee menem n, mutta kirjan kieli ja yksitt iset lauseet ovat niin t ynn tavaraa, ett lukeminen oli todella intensiivist Virkkeit piti sulatella ja makustella miksi mun mieleen tulee nyt vaan n it ruokailuun liittyvi kielikuvia Tykk n my s siit , kun historiallisissa kirjoissa ei hierota sit historiaa naamaan selitt m ll liikaa pirtin sisustusta tai p reiden koostumusta Se menee helposti sel [...]

    25. White is the colour of death, like the frost that spreads weed like through the window frames along the timber joints across the wall Finnish writer Aki Ollikainen s debut, White Hunger, is the first novella in the Peirene Press Chance Encounter series their theme for 2015 This bleak yet poetic story is rather remarkable, and it s my favourite Peirene release in quite some time.The setting is the Finnish countryside in the winter of 1867 Successive years of crop failures, widespread famine and t [...]

    26. The severe famine that brought havoc and destruction to nineteenth century rural Ireland has been well documented Less well known is that than 250,000 people about 15% of the population died when Finland experienced a similarly devastating famine in the late 1860s.This is the background to Aki Ollikainen s short, disquieting novel White Hunger It s 1867 a year which saw the culmination of a series of poor harvests and a particularly harsh winter Marja, a peasant farmer s wife from the north, ab [...]

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