Det vita guldets herre

Det vita guldets herre

Stephen R. Donaldson Ylva Spångberg / Jul 08, 2020
Det vita guldets herre Efter nederlaget p Det enda tr dets s tter j ttarna segel igen Thomas Covenant Linden Avery och deras f ljeslagare f rs ker ta sig tillbaka till Landet men de hamnar f r l ngt mot norr genom en frus
  • Title: Det vita guldets herre
  • Author: Stephen R. Donaldson Ylva Spångberg
  • ISBN: 9789127040113
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Efter nederlaget p Det enda tr dets s tter j ttarna segel igen Thomas Covenant, Linden Avery och deras f ljeslagare f rs ker ta sig tillbaka till Landet, men de hamnar f r l ngt mot norr genom en frusen oceans is knar innan de n r land H r har situationen f rv rrats allt mer solgiftets makt tycks bara ka.
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      304 Stephen R. Donaldson Ylva Spångberg
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        Stephen Reeder Donaldson is an American fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novelist in the United Kingdom he is usually called Stephen Donaldson without the R He has also written non fiction under the pen name Reed Stephens.EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION Stephen R Donaldson was born May 13, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio His father, James, was a medical missionary and his mother, Ruth, a prosthetist a person skilled in making or fitting prosthetic devices Donaldson spent the years between the ages of 3 and 16 living in India, where his father was working as an orthopaedic surgeon Donaldson earned his bachelor s degree from The College of Wooster and master s degree from Kent State University INSPIRATIONS Donaldson s work is heavily influenced by other fantasy authors such as J.R.R Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, and William Faulkner The writers he most admires are Patricia A McKillip, Steven Erikson, and Tim Powers.It is believed that a speech his father made on leprosy whilst working with lepers in India led to Donaldson s creation of Thomas Covenant, the anti hero of his most famous work Thomas Covenant The first book in that series, Lord Foul s Bane, received 47 rejections before a publisher agreed to publish itOMINENT WORK Stephen Donaldson came to prominence in 1977 with the The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which is centred around a leper shunned by society and his trials and tribulations as his destiny unfolds These books established Donaldson as one of the most important figures in modern fantasy fictionRSONAL LIFE He currently resides in New MexicoE GRADUAL INTERVIEW


    1. Unlike other reviews I ve read, I liked the second trilogy as much as the first And I can understand why the author took almost two decades to tackle his third trilogy The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever I attempted to read the first trilogy when I was much younger than I am now, around 12, and just couldn t get into it And not because of the big awful that happened near the beginning of the first book just because I hadn t experienced enough life to scratch the surface of the [...]

    2. While I enjoyed the series, and thought it was a fascinating universe with interesting characters, I had two major problems 1 Both the first and second Chronicles are almost entirely composed of suffering and death I ve got no problem with dark stories, but spending days weeks reading nothing but horrible events can take its toll I often had to limit my reading to night time, because of I read early in the day I d spend all day depressed 2 Without going into any spoilers, I will say that the pro [...]

    3. We are mortal, and the visage of failure is heinous to us But we are not required to succeed It is required of us only that we hold fast in every gale and let come what may That is the grace which has been given to you To bear what must be borne In this third and final installment of the second Thomas Covenant trilogy many secrets are revealed, much despair is wrought, love is rekindled, and hope begins to flourish once Covenant, Linden, and their band of friends make their way to Mount Thunder [...]

    4. The Earth s crust was still cooling when I read this.So, we come again to the last book in the trilogy Things haven t gone well for the home team but no spoilers Our hero and the Doctor return again to fight for the Land.In this novel, Donaldson surpasses his previous ending Covenant takes actions that surprise not only his enemies, but friends as well In this book he has finally come to terms with much that he was told should understand, using that knowledge to force things to a victory.Some mi [...]

    5. Much like the first trilogy, this is also a dark read, but oh, so worth the journey Thomas Covenant has an equally flawed assistant, and it is even fascinating to see their issues interact than it was just watching TC make it through the first trilogy.If you missed my review of the first series, you might want to read it, as I did a much better job with that one.Mr Donaldson remains extraordinary, and the Second Chronicles are just as worthy of all the praise heaped upon the First Chronicles Do [...]

    6. Arguably the best epic fantasy since JRR Tolkein with apologies to Roger Zelazny and the Prices of Amber series , this is the last in the second trilogy of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever read the other trilogy first to appreciate this trilogy It is a terrific coda However, I must note that it starts off with a violent act and should only be read after your parents have signed off on the mature themes.

    7. Re read this and all the Covenant books in preparation for the anticipated 10th and final Covenant book publication in fall, 2013 A magnificent ending to the Second Chronicles Donaldson is even better in this trilogy than in the first

    8. The second trilogy really pales in comparison to the first It opens with promise as we see the Land, which Donaldson imbued with so much beauty and spirit in his first trilogy, warped and ruined The first book was about action, reaction, and learning Plots and subplots were put into motion and promised an epic battle for the heart and soul of the living Land.However, Donaldson wallowed in lugubrious reflection, second guessing, and overwrought emotion Thomas Covenant was an anti hero We were sup [...]

    9. This book, and the other books of this series about Sir Thomas Covenant are the only books that actually made me sweat when reading them They are intense After reading this book, the first I read of the series, I said I would never read this author again I couldn t help myself though, after I recovered from the first book I started another one, and made my way through it By the time I had read all the books in the series, I was accustomed to Donaldson s writing style, and after reading about hi [...]

    10. I read this entire series Unlike most series, it doesn t fade in interest after the first book As the publisher states These books have never received the recognition they deserve It s one of the most powerful and complex fantasy trilogies since Lord of the Rings, but Donaldson is not just another Tolkien wanabee Each character driven book introduces unexpected plots, sub plots, and a host of magical beings so believably rendered you d believe you might bump into them on your way to the bookstor [...]

    11. This is the end of the second chronicles, end of the second trilogy WowI know I read this many, many years ago but there was so much that I had forgotten The last chronicles await mebut I have to put them on hold for a little while I need other stories to refresh me These last 6 books have been draining even though I really enjoyed them.

    12. A Good EndingDon t expect to get a lot of sleep while reading this conclusion to the Unbelievers time in the Land If we read it carefully there is something we can all learn about ourselves in this fantastic epic.

    13. All the Chronicles of Sir Thomas Covenant are excellent fantasy with strange worlds and a very unlikely hero I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a good journey a great book

    14. Whereas in the original trilogy, Covenant revisits the Land in each book, and each book, in a way, tells a seperate story, abeit part of a bigger whole, Donaldson s second trilogy is one long, continous nightmare There s no going back for Linden and Covenant from the start of the first book the shadow of Covenant s imminent death, lying stabbed in the chest in the real world, hangs over his fate in the Land, and over the fate of his love for Linden and their future together By the end of White G [...]

    15. White Gold Wielder is a satisfying conclusion to the wonderful second Covenant trilogy In this book, Covenant, Avery and the other remaining members of the failed quest for the One Tree undertake the arduous journey back to The Land, where showdowns against the Clave at Revelstone and Lord Foul at Mt Thunder occur.In this trilogy with 2 main characters, one or the other character had been emphasized in the previous volumes If The Wounded Land was Covenant s book, then The One Tree was Avery s [...]

    16. For those who read my reviews, I am re using the same review for each of the Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant I will include thoughts on all three novels in the one review Cheers People say, all the time, how the second installment in a trilogy is usually the best or the darkest of the three Donaldson did the darker bit in The Illearth War Book 2 of the first Chronicles But his second trilogy managed the same thing Everything that was awesome about The Land in the first trilogy is corrupted [...]

    17. I read this second Thomas Covenant trilogy as the books were released I remember vividly waiting for White Gold Wielder to be released so I could finish Even so, I was not fair to this trilogy when I read them I was too much a fan of the first trilogy This trilogy is certainly not like the first one.In some ways it s better It s cleaner, in that it doesn t rely so much on what you already know about fantasy coming into the books The first trilogy is packed full of parallels to the Lord of the Ri [...]

    18. The second Thomas Covenant Trilogy comes to an end with a than satisfying conclusion As is the norm with Thomas Covenant we are treated to a fair number of introspective moments as indeed we are with Linden Avery But not without good reason The love between the two lead characters is complicated by their individual inept ability to quickly forgive This is important as it shapes the closing the moments of the book and leaves us in an interesting predicament for the next book I ll spoil nothing h [...]

    19. Good, dammit I m glad that s over I ve read this before, but this time I got of the philosophy than I did the first time out Before it was all adventure and giants and ninjas and some sort of Ent creature and magic and stuff This time it was all about sacrifice and self loathing and inadequacy and inadequacy made manifest by the fear of inadequacy and Gosh I ve started the first book in the next series, and even though it s the one I ve read the first time most recently, it s the one I remember [...]

    20. I just finished reading this book for the 5th or 6th time this morning so I thought that I might review it.For many years this had been my favorite series of books I still remember how engrossed I was as I worked my way thru this series for the first time There are a number of reasons why Donaldson is in my top 5 list of authors and this series epitomizes these reasons.One of the first things I found was the interesting vocabulary Donaldson uses to describe his characters and landscapes Colors a [...]

    21. A compelling conclusion to the Second Chronicles of TC, tonally warmer and hope laden than The Power that Preserves, where everyone just seemed to perish or drop dead The story itself drags on a bit, particularly after the quenching of the Banefire at Revelstone, and upon the ice, but I can swallow that, much due to the characters themselves whom I ve grown to like so much I don t want to part from them If SRD ever wrote a separate book about The First and Pitchwife, I d rush to buy one immedia [...]

    22. Thomas Covenant knew that despite his failure on the Isle of The One Tree, he had to return to the Land and fight After a long and arduous journey, fighting all the way, he readies himself for the final showdown with Lord Foul, the Despiser, and begins to understand things he had only just wondered about before From the PublisherThese books have never received the recognition they deserve It s one of the most powerful and complex fantasy trilogies since Lord of the Rings, but Donaldson is not ju [...]

    23. The Thomas Covenant books are great yet distressing Why are they great Because I love a never ending story I love to know the history of each character and how they were introduced and what they contributed to the story I love the generational progression That is fascinating The writer has quite the imagination and style I have to refer to the glossary often to remind me of the references throughout the series I ordered the ebooks.This is why this series distressing The author pulls you in and t [...]

    24. Yet again, a review of the whole trilogy rather than each individual book No spoilers of the story variety The gist, for those who want to skip the lengthy review these three books are action packed and immediately engaging than the previous trilogy, and Donaldson continued to hold true to the strengths that made the first novels a pleasure to read.This trilogy was the better written, for me More action packed, events driven and easier to get into The horrors being wrought on the Land are a te [...]

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