Satin Pleasures

Satin Pleasures

Karen Docter / May 26, 2020
Satin Pleasures Bustiers Birds and the Blues Dan McDonald walked away from the American dream a life full of money glamorous women and power Now nothing can lure him back into the corporate death trap Except Dan
  • Title: Satin Pleasures
  • Author: Karen Docter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bustiers, Birds, and the Blues Dan McDonald walked away from the American dream, a life full of money, glamorous women and power Now nothing can lure him back into the corporate death trap Except.Dan s scheming aunt snares him into opening a lingerie shop in Tess Emory s shopping mall Tess is everything Dan has vowed to avoid sexy, smart, and obsessed with work.Tess isBustiers, Birds, and the Blues Dan McDonald walked away from the American dream, a life full of money, glamorous women and power Now nothing can lure him back into the corporate death trap Except.Dan s scheming aunt snares him into opening a lingerie shop in Tess Emory s shopping mall Tess is everything Dan has vowed to avoid sexy, smart, and obsessed with work.Tess is determined to make her life a success and right the wrongs of her past, no matter the cost.They re both going to discover that true love breaks all their rules.
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    1. This copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.Kindle Edition, published February 14th, 2012Karen DocterA bad health scare brought workaholic Dan McDonald to rethink his priorities Now he s left the stress behind and vowed to take better care of himself On his way to help his aunt with the opening of her lingerie store he meets Tess Emory The brunette embodies everything he should avoid like the plague She s married to her work, constantly pressed for time, and very unb [...]

    2. SATIN PLEASURES RECEVIES A WELL DESERVED 5 STARSA tantalizing, sexy, and sassy read to heat the sensesd melt the heart Satin Pleasures delivers just thata pleasure I couldn t put down A delightful page turner What a treat to watch Tess and Dan s undeniable attraction collide with those delectable little conflicts guaranteed to sabotage any attempts at happiness The battle begins on page one to challenge the strength of both characters while they determine to remain immune from the force driving [...]

    3. Love it Light reading, a feel good after read, it has a little bit of everything, drama, romance, some steamy scenes and humour.

    4. Tess is a workaholic mall manager who can t slow down because she is working toward a promotion that will help her get her father into a surgery that he needs to walk again She feels like it s her fault that her father was hurt and she is responsible for making sure he has the surgery She can t slow down or she might not get the promotion One gridlock traffic stop on a bridge and a hit in the head by a frisby makes her late for a very important meeting.Dan used to be caught up in the rat race un [...]

    5. Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter is pure romance, and wonderful one at that This was such an enjoyable read, that I couldn t put it down, since this was such a feel good book The story begins with Dan MacDonald, who is returning from a year of a peaceful seclusion from a stressful career, to San Francisco to help his family He is stuck with his dog, Colby, a German Shepard, on the bridge due to a overturned truck While he waits, he spots a beautiful brunette sitting on the hood of her car, talkin [...]

    6. atin PleasuresBy Karen DocterFast fun and FabulousAre you looking for a happy and fun romance Something to cheer you up, and give you the warm fuzzies I found one Satin Pleasures is so sweet, but I am such a helpless romantic Dan has made some big changes in his life For the past year he has given up the rat race and settled for just relaxing and taking care of himself He goes to help his aunt start up an expansion of the family business, a Women s lingerie shop called Satin Pleasures He is only [...]

    7. Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter is the breakthrough first novel by this author This book is a fun read that makes you laugh and sigh and want to rush out and buy some sexy lingerie At this price, you can t lose Getting stuck in a traffic jam on the Golden Gate Bridge is old hat to anyone living in or near San Francisco For Dan McDonald, this is just the epitome of the life he left behind Everyone is trying to get to the exact same place, but nobody can move for the crowd He gave up his corporate [...]

    8. I received this book from Karen to review for the Masquerade Crew, but of course I was going to review it here too I hadn t reviewed a book for the Crew in months because honestly none of the books caught my interest We get a lot of sci fi, horror, and thriller books and those are just not my favorite genres to read So when a romance popped up on my radar, I snagged it.I liked Satin Pleasures, I really did It wasn t the type of steamy, paranormal romance that I m used to reading, but it satisfie [...]

    9. Fun and thoughtful romance about learning that what you thought you wanted in life isn t always exactly what you need.Dan used to be the classic definition of the driven, ladder climbing, corporate businessman until he got sick and realized that he needed a lifestyle change and fast or his obsessive, controlling personality was going to kill him After a year spent regaining his health and determined to never drive himself to death s door again, he reluctantly agrees to move from silent partner t [...]

    10. Book Satin PleasuresAuthor Karen DocterGenre Contemporary RomanceLength Approximately 342 PagesSATIN PLEASURES by KAREN DOCTER is the story of Dan and Tess A year ago, Dan almost died His life was consumed with getting ahead in a stressful position of power, money and a woman that cared about her career than him He walked away from everything to live a peaceful and stress free life.Tess is a career woman, driven by ghosts from the past She is obsessed with obtaining a promotion to the point of [...]

    11. This is a pure romance novel with a little bit of heat Not really that much and that was exactly what kind of disappointed me Just when I thought it would give me the heat it seemed to build up to the author didn t follow through Don t get me wrong, the book is very well written and captivating to the point I had moments of Gone With the Wind sighs, but by leading me to believe there would be explicit content while it never ever went there was a bummer Sorry I do love my steamy windows every now [...]

    12. This book shouts romance When a hunky guy with a German Shepherd comes to the rescue of a sexy career woman, sparks are bound to fly Dan recognizes Tess as trouble and wants to avoid her for his own peace of mind Tess doesn t have the time for romance, since she s competing for a promotion Problem is that he s going to operate a lingerie store in the same mall where she is the manager How can a healthy man touch silky undies all day and not think about how they ll look and feel on a particular l [...]

    13. Satin Pleasures by Karen DoctorTess Emory is focused on her job and while it demands a lot of hours, she is willing to do it to help support her parents Daniel McDonald has quit the Corporate rat race but agrees to help his family open the new lingerie store in the strip mall that Tess manages The two are immediately attracted to each other but with very extremely different life styles, there are conflicts and stumbling blocks to overcome.A cute romance with a life lesson live life, don t live t [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book It is 189 pages I love to know how many pages before I buy a book It started out a little slow because I wasn t sure which way the author was going to take this story Don t give up , after a few pages in the story gets very interesting with the rest of the book becoming very entertaining The supporting characters are fun and help the story flow but don t overtake the main couple of Dan and Tess You will fall in love with Colby though I will be looking forward to books [...]

    15. The author sent this book to me in PFD format.Though it wasn t long enough to be a full length novel at 124 pages, it was a fantastic bit of fun to read I read this in one sitting, it is so fast paced and upbeat It made me laugh out loud in several scenes The Hero Heroine Dan and Tess were made for the page They were witty, fun and adventurous between the sheets After they worked out their difference, of course.I especially liked the insinuated boyfriend Anthony who was actually a pet canary mea [...]

    16. Dan and Tess are in two different spots in their lives Dan had a health scare that had him refocus his life Live life to its fullest and a career is only a job you have to find balance in life Tess is striving to help her father walk again and pay for surgeries that cost thousands She needs her promotion to get enough money to help her parents Trying to be selfless and fix what you can not fix is a very hard to handle.This story is a great read It is romantic and I would recommend this book I re [...]

    17. Do you want a book that will make you laugh Because of a health scare Dan McDonald decides to take things easier and help his aunt Mary with her lingerie shop.You know this story just has to get better a man working in a Lingerie Shop On his way to San Francisco he is stopped by a truck accident, Tess Emory is waiting for the accident to be cleared up also , seated on her car hood when she is knocked unconscious by a Frisbee some teens are playing with, Dan rescues her What Happens when Dan kiss [...]

    18. Satin Pleasures is a sweet, steamy, and fun contemporary romance She works too hard He used to work too hard and has learned his lesson They know a relationship won t work, but there is a very strong attraction, right from the beginning They think they won t see each other again, but it turns out the store he owns is in her mall So how are they supposed to fight the attraction when they have to see one another on a regular basis This is a great story There are some fun situations, including how [...]

    19. Every now and again, you come across a book that sweeps you, the reader, into the folds of a pleasurable and needed distraction Karen Docter does that in this funny romantic comedy that is Satin Pleasures Both main characters, Dan and Tess, are friends or coworkers that you know in your real life They re believable, flawed, yet hopeful, even when they fight the obvious signs of subtle manipulation and love I laughed out loud so many times it surprised me It s a fun fast read I recommend this boo [...]

    20. A knock you over from the beginning storyFrom getting hit in the head by a frisbee and falling off the hood of her car to looking into the green eyes of Dan, Tess world is about to be tested and possibly changed Whether it is the new promotion or a new lover, only time will tellwhich will be best for Tess, which will she choosewhat wonderful and passionate story A fun and sweet read, hard to put downI was given this book in return for an honest review

    21. This book was always easy to put down To me, that s a problem I always came back, but it was primarily because I don t like leaving unread books It s a sweet story and I m happy they got together, but I really fail to see why HTH Investments had to be owned by who it was honestly, it was almost enough to knock this down to a 2.5 star for me Nowhere at any point did the author evenHINT at it butcent beach book read.

    22. Karen Docter is a master of the romance formula She gives her characters, Dan and Tess, just the right amount of emotional baggage to make the story than just romance Both characters are likeable enough to keep you turning the page from beginning to end It s a quick read, just right for a lazy afternoon So, if you enjoy reading spicy romance, I highly recommend you try Satin Pleasures.

    23. Fun and sweetSo enjoyed this book It is a sweet read Dan dropped out of the rat race after a health scare and is now managing his Aunt s lingerie shop Tess is a workaholic, who doesn t now how to take it easy They are both stubborn and vulnerable and perfect for each other I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    24. I downloaded this book a freebie on Kindle It was a sweet surprise I am not a huge fan of contemporary romance, but this book had an interesting plot and a lot of tongue in cheek humor Tess, the heroine is a workaholic, Dan, the hero, a corporate drop out and the book is their implausible, hysterical love story This is a well written, enjoyable book and I would highly recommend it.

    25. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really loved this book The way Dan and Tess met, the trials they went through, the pain she felt for her fathers condition and to lessen her stress, how he had helped to fix things without her knowing all for the love he felt for her.

    26. Satin Pleasures shows all work and no play makes Tess a lonely girl Dan has lived Tess s life and chose to leave the hustle and bustle of corporate America What happens when now layed back Dan saves Tess from a flying frisbee attack Can he help her slow down and smell the roses Can there be a happily ever after

    27. I liked this book It was a fun, quick, predictable read But, I like predictable when it comes to romance So, that s fine with me I like any romance novel that I can relate to I have a fantastic relationship with my hubby of 14.5 years So, I like reading stories that remind me of us when we were first together This one did that for me So, yes Good read.

    28. Tess is a workaholic and Dan gave up that life a year ago when it almost killed him The only problem is, the sparks have ignited when they met on the bridge during a traffic jam and now are working in the same mall Can love be far behind This was a sexy, smart, cute and lighthearted story I recommend this one Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

    29. This was such a cute read Wish there were guys like this all over the place Women would definitely love to have a Dan in our every day lives to keep us calm and level headed Such a smooth and fast read I was given a copy of this book free for an honest review I definitely recommend this book to other romance lovers.

    30. Crazy sexy little romp that keeps you on your toes of what will happen next Should they shouldn t they hmmm.meone needs to give in just a little bit Learning its ok to move forward because priorities change all the time Because you can have your own life if you choose to and be happy you deserve it Just close your eyes and breathe a little.

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