The Map

The Map

T.S. Learner / Feb 28, 2020
The Map From the author of s biggest selling thriller debut an ingenious exciting adventure In the tradition of Kate Mosse s Labyrinth and Raymond Khoury s The Last TemplarLondon Classics scholar
  • Title: The Map
  • Author: T.S. Learner
  • ISBN: 9780751545500
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of 2010 s biggest selling thriller debut, an ingenious, exciting adventure In the tradition of Kate Mosse s Labyrinth and Raymond Khoury s The Last TemplarLondon, 1953 Classics scholar August Woodthorpe, son of a prominent American politician, has stumbled upon an extraordinary artefact an ancient book a chronicle that once belonged to an infamous alcFrom the author of 2010 s biggest selling thriller debut, an ingenious, exciting adventure In the tradition of Kate Mosse s Labyrinth and Raymond Khoury s The Last TemplarLondon, 1953 Classics scholar August Woodthorpe, son of a prominent American politician, has stumbled upon an extraordinary artefact an ancient book a chronicle that once belonged to an infamous alchemist burned at the stake in 1646 Within the ancient text is a map an intricate, ingeniously designed labyrinth that will lead August on a spectacular journey to three mazes secreted within France, Spain, and Germany And at the heart of one of these mazes is hidden the elixir of eternal life But Western Europe is still reeling from the shock of war, and if he s to survive his perilous quest, August must translate ancient codes, decipher deadly riddles, and expose a mystical secret three hundred years old even as he outwits Spanish militants and German spies.
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    1. An example of very poor editing Long sections that were far too detailed and uninteresting For example how to develop a photo in a make shift dark room Very boring and totally irrelevant Only needed to know what the photo showed Additionally the story centered around a complex maze The description was very poor, a diagram would have added so much The story took ages to get going and then the ending was completely rushed The hero was mot hugely likeable and the journey was very jarring A very uns [...]

    2. Initially it took me a while to get invested in this read, it seems to be a book of two parts, but never tells you such The slightly depressive era of past WWII is not commonly a time period I ever read through The protagonist August Winthrop is a very compelling, yet troubled character to follow, but this offers the character a vulnerability which instantly puts the reader on side The first half of the novel progresses quite logically, and seems, as a reader, to culminate in a natural conclusio [...]

    3. I really found it engrossing When I first chose this book, it was out of a mixture of desperation experiment feeling and I liked the feel of the title and cover It was a risk because I am not the one who goes for absolutely unknown writers This is my First T.S.Learner I love mysteries thrillers and usually by tried and tested authors.But I was pleasantly surprised Maybe a bit draggy, but generally the author is very skilled at creating the scenarios and characters Plus her knowledge of facts and [...]

    4. A little disappointing because I found the main character rather annoying, and he seemed to have just the right skills and tools needed to get him out of sticky moments all the time The historical research that went into this novel, however, made it interesting, as well as the twists and turns that raised the tension and momentum as the thriller progressed The map has survived through the centuries, protected by a secret group, but secrets have a way of leaking to the wrong ears, and a struggle [...]

    5. after a few hundred pages of difficulty i really got into the book and i liked the character August very much the ending has left it open for another book and i hope that T.S Learner carries on with the next one as i will definitely get it.

    6. Ok, well, I don t usually review books, but I d like to explain my one star.The back cover, wittingly presents the book as a Dan Brown clone substitute Technically, that s true, since we have also taken from the back cover an ancient scroll, black magic worshippers, a map to three hidden labyrinths throughout Europe, ravaged by war Well, yes, we deal with material engaging enough But in essence, in order for this book or any book to fit in the Dan Brown genre , I think it should also have a simi [...]

    7. After a rather wobbly start where I put this aside for a few weeks to read other books, I found once I picked it up again that this an engaging thriller.Overall, I felt the period setting worked even though there were a few aspects that didn t quite convey the early 1950s I did appreciate the integration of Kabbalistic lore into the story line Learner has included a bibliography and quite obvious that she s done her research in that area, even if she elected to depict Crowley as having been enga [...]

    8. The Map starts off on a journey one in which someone is murdered He claims to have knowledge of such immense treasure the truth of what could happen in the future and the King has him killed as a spy.But that s just one bit of it, ever heard of The Tree of Life Well, look it up because T.S.Learner has delved into history with research on it and you cannot help but respect the amount of time and detail that was put into the story.He has his facts and his fiction well coordinated.The Map is a stor [...]

    9. I enjoyed it on the whole, although it could be a bit too descriptive and long winded at times However, I found the atmosphere and historical context fascinating enough to go and find out just what did happen in Spain during the Civil war No wonder they skipped over it at school not as clear cut as WW2 at all It is only now I am beginning to wonder why there are so few films, stories etc set in this milieu.Anyway, a gripping story, believable and likeable enough characters, and a good traipse ac [...]

    10. This is an extremely engrossing book that draws you in I found it difficult to put down This is a page turner that keeps you interested through out It s an easy read so put on the kettle and let your mind run free with the intrigue of the story.

    11. Weakish finish Not the happy ending I crave That, however, is my fault not the writer s Good researched history of fascinating times I liked it More literary than a Dan Brown, less adventurous than a Clive Cussler.

    12. A well written adventure history suspense book which takes place in Franco s Spain and Post WWII Europe It s Dan Brown, but much better and properly written There are parts of historical background and it s not a mindless artifact chase, which is properly explained.

    13. I have to agree with some of the other comments below I found the book an enjoyable read but at times there were too many story threads I can t help been disappointed with the ending, however I think that s my taste them any fault of the writers Would definately recommend.

    14. If you have a hankering for a Da Vinci Code type read, this will satisfy It is very well written, and while not being a huge fan of the genre I found the pseudo historical side story entertaining enough And I learned a bit about the Spanish Civil War.

    15. One of the books I took on holiday, its in the vain of Dan Brown et al and if you want something as a quick holiday read it does the job

    16. A fast moving thriller that moves easily between the post war Europe, the Spanish civil war and Medieval Europe Good read wanting a sequel to answer some of the questions left unanswered.

    17. I liked this book was long and wordy but it ran well.The historical detail was interesting and detailed but ran with the modern investigation in an enfolding manner.Found it easy to read.

    18. Un libro f cil, que crece al avanzar en sus p ginas y que termina dignamente Interesante por el entrelazar del misterio y el momento hist rico en que tiene lugar

    19. Again, an okay book to pass time I quite enjoyed reading this mix of thriller and fantasy with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.

    20. I admit that I read this quite quickly, and will re read.I didn t find this quite as thrilling as Sphinx The main character doesn t seem to feel the full pressure of the situation until at least about half way through the book, although he is facing personal demons throughout This is a highly political book, almost too much for me I m slightly confused by the motivation and actions of the lead baddy , as well as not fully understanding the role job of a secondary threatening character Olivia Hen [...]

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