Dead Letter Office

Dead Letter Office

Kira Snyder / Aug 03, 2020
Dead Letter Office When Celia s father is killed in Afghanistan she moves with her mother to New Orleans the city where her father grew up Struggling to adjust and haunted by troubling dreams Celia finds comfort in n
  • Title: Dead Letter Office
  • Author: Kira Snyder
  • ISBN: 9781937804022
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Celia s father is killed in Afghanistan, she moves with her mother to New Orleans, the city where her father grew up Struggling to adjust and haunted by troubling dreams, Celia finds comfort in new friends like Tilly, a practicing witch, and Donovan, the son of police detective On Halloween, bizarre supernatural occurrences rock the city Celia meets the mysteriousWhen Celia s father is killed in Afghanistan, she moves with her mother to New Orleans, the city where her father grew up Struggling to adjust and haunted by troubling dreams, Celia finds comfort in new friends like Tilly, a practicing witch, and Donovan, the son of police detective On Halloween, bizarre supernatural occurrences rock the city Celia meets the mysterious Luc and finds a letter, over a hundred years old, addressed to her.The paranormal repercussions continue when Celia learns that Luc is the restless spirit of a young man murdered in 1854, only able to assume solid form at night And then, to her shock, Celia finds that the letter, which describes the suspected murder of a man in 1870, contains uncanny parallels to the present day death of Abel Sims, a homeless veteran.With help from Luc, Tilly, and Donovan, Celia races to solve the murder and the mystery of the letter using both magical and forensic clues.This is an Active Fiction title Active fiction is a new type of e reading experience that allows the reader and the author to interact with each other and the text in new and different ways.Kira has written Parish Mail like a TV series there are over arching mystery and romantic story arcs that extend between the episodes, while each episode has a smaller case that is presented and solved Along the way, she asks you, the reader, to make several small decisions as you read These choices do not impact the overarching storyline, but certain combinations unlock clues to the series mystery, which are embedded in the text Kira also asks you to cast a vote at the end of the episode, to get additional feedback from her fans about their preferred love interests in future episodes.
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        DEAD LETTER OFFICE and POST MORTEM, the first two in the Parish Mail series of interactive ebooks, are now available for Kindle, Nook, Android, and Kindle app iPad iPhone coliloquy products dea.loquy products posKira Snyder is a writer living in Los Angeles Her television work includes the Syfy Channel shows ALPHAS and EUREKA and the People s Choice Award winning vampire drama MOONLIGHT, which aired on CBS Kira s plays have been performed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, the Circle in the Square Theatre School, the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford, England, the Bay Area Independent Theatre Fringe Festival, and Stanford University Also a game designer with a Masters degree from NYU Tisch s interactive media program, Kira has produced games for Electronic Arts, Purple Moon, Microsoft, There, the MIT Press textbook Rules of Play, and Yahoo, including EA s seminal alternate reality game MAJESTIC She is a proud geek and loves sci fi and videogames, reading and playing when she s not writing or designing.


    1. Dead Letter Office is an interesting mystery novel Yet this is unlike most mysteries one may have read In this book the reader helps decide the course of action for the story For those who enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child or even teen adult , then this is the next step up Teenage Celia has just moved to New Orleans with her mother Trying to settle in, getting to know her grandparents, finding new friends and grieving the loss of her father all at the same time Celia s chara [...]

    2. Remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure Stories They were great for an afternoon read when you were a kid However, there wasn t any substance to the characters in those books This book has it all I was a tad worried when I heard this was an interactive book Sometimes, interactive means weak story, but this is so not the case for Dead Letter Office The book is fun and spooky Celia has a great voice as narrator, and you feel invested in her journey The choices were agonizing though It doesn t [...]

    3. Won this in first reads giveaway I really enjoyed this book I read it over the course of 2 days but would have finished it in one day had I not had other obligations I did not want to put it down My copy of the book published in 2013 was a straightforward book and not a choose your adventure interactive style book described by other reviewers This was a fast and fun read for me I really enjoyed all of the characters The book is about Celia, a teenager who moves to New Orleans with her Mother aft [...]

    4. Romance, magic, mystery, supernatural suspense and true emotion, this urban YA book has it all plus a little extra Dead Letter Office, the first in The Parish Mail Series is part of a new wave of interactive fiction that gives you, the reader various options throughout the novel In certain parts of the story different paths for the character are placed before you and you must decide what choice that character makes This is actually my first interactive experience as a reader and I rather enjoyed [...]

    5. For full review please click hereThank you to Coliloquy for sending me a copy of Dead Letter Office through NetGalley In no way did this affect my opinion of the book.Before starting Dead Letter Office I was quite intrigued with how the Active Fiction Choose Your Own Adventure aspect of it was going to work It had been a while since I d read a CYOA last time was probably primary school , so I was really looking forward to it I m only going to be reviewing for the path that I personally took, so [...]

    6. Before I start, please note that this book was given to me free by the publisher in exchange for a review What I have written is my honest opinion.This is the first Active Fiction e book I ve read It gives the reader an option of the direction they want the plot to take The last time I read a book let alone an e book in any way similar to that was when I was about 10, reading an Enid Blyton Famous Five red herring book I was therefore really intrigued as to what to expect Would there be red herr [...]

    7. In Dead Letter Office, Celia Jane Macarty and her mother are starting over in New Orleans, the birthplace of her recently deceased father and the town where her paternal grandparents still live In her grandparents backyard, Celia is immediately drawn to a tall, bone colored tree which seems to have a natural mailbox extending from its trunk Halloween night, weird phenomena start popping up all over New Orleans not the least of which is a letter addressed to C.J.M and dating from 1870 appearing i [...]

    8. Do you like New Orleans Ghost stories History Mysteries Choose your own adventures Stories set in high school Magic Swoon worthy boys Girls with gumption If you replied yes to ANY of the above then you re going to love Dead Letter Office The first book in the Parish Mail series throws you right in with a killer first line The dead man smiles at me WELL THEN why don t we just get started, eh Who doesn t love a good old mystery or a ghost story Great news this is both While certainly unsettling fr [...]

    9. I received this ebook from the publisher, Coliloquy Coliloquy is different from other publishers and gives the reader a different experience giving you an active fiction experience What might that be you ask Well it s a new way of e reading that lets you choose the way you want the story to head Throughout the story you are given options where you can choose what way it goes but the reader still gets the same outcome so you aren t missing anything It s really a fun experience and this is my seco [...]

    10. What a fun little enjoyable read I will most likely be picking up the rest of the books in the series.Each character was equally interesting but I feel like there wasn t enough character growth in the story They re all sort of one dimensional, but I assume that will change as the series moves along I did quite like Celia as a main character though I thought she was I really enjoyed Tilly I thought she was fantastic and quite badass lol While I liked Luc, I didn t really connect with him in any w [...]

    11. First Line The dead man smiles at me.Dead Letter Office takes us into the life of sixteen year old Celia Jane, who moves with her mother from San Diego, CA to New Orleans, LA after Celia s dad dies in Afghanistan During Celia s first few days in New Orleans she finds a centuries old letter hidden in a tree in her New Orleans royalty grandparents back yard The letter leads Celia, ghost hottie Luc witch friend Tilly and live hottie Sheriff s son Donovan on the trail to solving a modern day murder. [...]

    12. Book Review originally published here iheartreading mini revStarted off great, but quickly went downhill The idea is wonderful, reminiscent of those choose your own adventure books, but it falls short The setting, New Orleans, was great, and I loved how the book even brought a ghost into play Unfortunately the plot seemed far fetched, and the characters were one dimensional Celia was all right, but the secondary characters lacked personality A so so read.

    13. Celia s father has passed Her mother decided it is time for her to be closer to his side of the family, which she has never known New school, new family, New Orleans, new ghosts There are minor choose your own adventure elements options to this tale.A descriptive narrative that is often emotional with a twist of humor characters and readers are led through various entwined turmoils and mysteries of this story.Characters are supportive, varied, interesting, and caring.Overall, a fun read.

    14. 22% Uh oh I ve come to my first what happens next question, and I m stumped over what to choose After getting to know the character, I think I know what she would do But what she does and what she really wants to do are two very different things AGH This is so, so much harder than I thought it would be.41% bites nails I m nervous, I m nervous Both of these choices I could make seem like good ones I m really curious about both of them, but I am making my choice based on whom I want Celia to spend [...]

    15. I DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE RECAP THE BOOKS IN MY REVIEWS, THAT IS WHAT THE BOOK DESCRIPTION IS FOR NOR DO I HAVE SPOILERS This review can also be found on my blog, abitchandabookreview as well as free book listings, new book release dates, and a wealth of other cool stuff Overall RatingThis book was interesting The format took me back to my childhood days when I adored the Choose Your Own Adventure books I have often thought over the years how wonderful it would be for those books to make [...]

    16. Title Dead Letter Office The Parish Mail Series Book 1Author Kira SnyderPublisher ColiloquyPublished 1 11 2012ISBN 9781937804022E Book ASIN B00BFD2SZQPages 379Genre Young AdultTags Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, ParanormalOverall Rating Celia Jane Macarty and her mother moved to New Orleans following the death of her father in Afghanistan She does not remember her grandparents since she and her parents have not seen each other since she was a baby Her mother decides Celia needs to get to know her [...]

    17. My recommendation anyone who wants to read a mystery and paranormal book with a new twist.My review My copy was provided by Netgalley.Celia never believed in magic She was like a typical teenager and always thought in black and white She never thought that ghosts are real and are watching over us Yet when Celia starts getting weird dreams, everything doesn t seem as clear as it was before Her new friends aren t really helping her stay normal because Tilly is a witch and Donovan is the son of a d [...]

    18. I received this book from Netgalley I have never heard of an Active Fiction Title so I wanted to try it out and see if it was something I like.I m still not 100% sure what it is but it s been such a long time since I was able to read a Choose your own adventure book I was very excited, when I was a kid they use to be my favorite and my son who is 8 is starting to read them in school I do wish they had choices throughout the book I think you had to do it about 3 or 4 time.Celia is a young girl w [...]

    19. This review and others can be found on my blog She Has A Knack For ItI found this book to be a nice, fun, quick, and easy read A few parts were a little creepy, but it wasn t a scary story Example Celia is in the cemetery and feels someone put a hand on her shoulder, but when she turns around no one is there The above description explains the basic storyline, so I won t go into that I will tell you that I liked all of the characters in the book Celia seemed the most developed While I felt like I [...]

    20. I don t actually read very many mysteries, but whenever I do, I remember just how awesome they are It s kind of neat to have everything slowly unveil before you as the main character figures everything out D Dead Letter Office definitely did the whole mystery element well, and the fact that it is an active fiction title made it even better Instead of being a passive reader experiencing everything as the character makes choices, you get to make the choices for them and that was fantastic I made s [...]

    21. Dead Letter Office is an Active Fiction book which encourages reader engagement and serial storytelling When I first started the book this frustrated me My thought was pick your path Ah, no, thank you But, as I got further into the story, I actually liked it.When Celia Jane Mccarty s marine father is killed in Afghanistan, her whole world changes Not only must she deal with the loss of her dad, but her mom decides they will move to New Orleans, where he grew up.Right from the get go, things are [...]

    22. This book was interesting Like other reviewers this was my first interactive novel I am not sure I really like it, the picking I mean At first I thought this is amazing I love that I get to choose But halfway through I just started thinking what am I missing by not choosing the other path This was not helped by a couple of things that were mentioned that must have been related to another choice However, once I finished the book I did go back and select the other options just to find out what I m [...]

    23. Read this review and on my blog J Reads Ya Diversity Ratings POC Chars 2 Queer Chars 0 This book is a sort of choose your own adventure novel It was really fun and easy to read, but it felt less like a book and like a game A lot of the things I love about books deeper characters, complex relationships, beautiful writing was absent in this book It was still fun an entertaining, but it felt like it was missing its heart.The beginning is actually everything I want in a book I was actually crying [...]

    24. CJ Celia Jane Macarty knew her life was never going to be the same the day she saw the two Navy officers in dress uniform got out of their car Since that day when the officers notified her and her mother that her father was killed in Afghanistan, CJ s life has turned upside down She and her mother have moved from California to New Orleans to be closer to her father s family, a family CJ has never met Now she is burying her father and starting at a new high school all in the same week When CJ esc [...]

    25. 4.5 starsI have been so impressed by Coliloquy thus far, because their books are just fantastic And Dead Letter Office was no exception Dead Letter Office was such a great read and I am very excited to hear from Kira Snyder and the wonderful cast of Dead Letter Office.The plot of this one was so unique it wasn t quite like anything I have read before I loved Kira Snyder s portrayal of ghosts, as it was very cool Discovering what would happen next and trying to figure out what exactly was going [...]

    26. I received this book from Coliloquy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely loved this book It was awesome to be able to interact with the book and chose what the characters would do next If you picked the wrong choice then the killer could get away If you didn t pick a choice than the story wouldn t make much sense because you would be missing out on the information provided before Sometimes I couldn t chose which one to pick and I just picked a random choice I even kept on [...]

    27. You can see this review and like it on my blog, Written PermissionMany thanks to Coliloquy for sending me a review copy of this book via NetGalley My Opinion What really piqued my interest about this book was the active fiction label What is this so called active fiction It sounded really interesting and cutting edge Yeah Active fiction Choose your own adventure I have nothing against choose your own adventure books, I used to love them as a kid But it is not a new concept, and I felt really ch [...]

    28. Dead Letter Office is a refreshing and pleasant read It was easy to fall into the world and picture the events Kira had created for us The first thing I look for in a book is, can it keep my attention In this case the answer is yes, and I wanted to know The suspense and the reveals were spread out appropriately One thing I can t stand is novelists constantly using reveals as a method of suspense This doesn t happen here, thankfully.This leads me on to the second thing I liked about this book, i [...]

    29. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This book started off with great promise, but for me went downhill rather quickly I love the idea of a young girl dealing with the loss of losing her father, and moving to a new place however, the story began to seem extremely far fetched when the ghost started coming into play I had trouble understanding how the person murdered now was related to the past, and that never really seemed to be explained at all I guess you just have to [...]

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