A Fine Balance: Drama

A Fine Balance: Drama

Sudha Bhuchar Kristine Landon-Smith / Aug 06, 2020
A Fine Balance Drama Based on the Booker shortlisted novel by Rohinton Mistry andadapted by Sudha Bhuchar and Kristine Landon Smith this programme textedition of A Fine Balance is published to coincide with Tamasha Theat
  • Title: A Fine Balance: Drama
  • Author: Sudha Bhuchar Kristine Landon-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780713688238
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the Booker shortlisted novel by Rohinton Mistry andadapted by Sudha Bhuchar and Kristine Landon Smith, this programme textedition of A Fine Balance is published to coincide with Tamasha Theatre Company s 2007 revival and tour of the hit play.India, 1975, and a callous government has declared a State of Emergency.In these uncertain times a spirited Parsi widowdeterBased on the Booker shortlisted novel by Rohinton Mistry andadapted by Sudha Bhuchar and Kristine Landon Smith, this programme textedition of A Fine Balance is published to coincide with Tamasha Theatre Company s 2007 revival and tour of the hit play.India, 1975, and a callous government has declared a State of Emergency.In these uncertain times a spirited Parsi widowdetermined to avoid a second marriage takes a student boarder and twoHindu tailors into her ramshackle flat The four strangers whose lives havebecome inextricably linked find themselves crossing divides of caste,class and religion to form the most unexpected of friendships.Produced by Tamasha creator of the groundbreaking East is East and the award winning musical Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral A Fine Balance was first seen at Hampstead Theatre in 2006, where it enjoyed a sell out run it tells a grim tale with wit, warmth and a keen eye for the join between public policies and private lives The Times nothing short of a miracle Sunday Telegraph a moving but unsentimental homage to endurance, asking for no pity, only understanding Sunday Times
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    1. This was an astonishing story for the first approx 550 pages Mistry nicely balanced the hope and misery in the lives of the major characters so that the story remained compelling rather than heartwrenching I found the remaining 150 pages, however, to be so sad that it became disheartening A story that I had enjoyed reading turned into one that I was relieved to finish I m still not sure why Mistry chose to deal with Maneck as he did I can think of a half dozen things that it may symbolize but in [...]

    2. This book was written by an Indian who has been living in Canada for the past 30 plus years Thus, although it is a book set in, and very much about, India particularly the India under Indira Gandhi , it has a quintessential Canadian gloom about it Don t get me wrong this is a compelling book, and its very wryness somehow makes descriptions of the horrific bearable, but I would not recommend reading it unless your personal horizon is relatively free from despair.

    3. This book made me realize just how lucky I am are It follows the story of two lower caste men, uncle and nephew who break out of their predestined roles and go to the city to earn a living It leads them to a widow forced to live by her wits and the student she takes in as a boarder Their lives really do depend on a fine balance, and anything can tip it the wrong way.

    4. This book drew me in quickly and I had a hard time putting it down I so badly wanted the characters to be able to better themselves and to achieve their simple dreams I got so mad at all the horrible, corrupt government officials who kept cheating them out of their basic human rights It seems like this book could have taken place during medieval times with the cruel treatment of the lower classes, but it really takes place in India in the 1970 s I have always known that India is a third world co [...]

    5. Quite a disturbing read Set during the period of Indira Gandhi s infamous Emergency, Mistry s novel narrates the lives of four individuals who end up living and working together in the same flat in Bombay Widowhood, Caste violence, Ragging, the mafia, Nusbandi, corruption and heroism get explored in great detail Read it to learn what the Emergency meant for the poorest of the poor of this country.

    6. This is the kind of book where I can easily read one chapter, and go to sleep Didn t suck me in to the point where I can t put it down, but kept me interested enough to finish it But it s endlessly sad I learned things about the history of India that I didn t know But I finished the book and felt hopeless, so I can t give it any than 3 stars.

    7. It could be so much better than it actually ended up to be Maneck Kohlah had so much potential to turn their lives around, but no the writer insisted on giving it a hopeless, miserable ending which just didnt make sense to me.

    8. Fantastic book giving a true insight into life as a Dalit in the harsh reality of today s caste system

    9. The book was an excellent description of the lives of the four characters, but I kept expecting a resolution to at least some of their challenges The book prepared me for the overpopulation, culture and poverty that I witnessed in a subsequent visit to India.

    10. It is a perfect but sad story It s about 40 years of history of India but not from the viewpoint of people in power but the street people The main characters are A woman whose husband was killed in a bike accident, and she struggled to live independently, two hindou tailors who tried to find a normal life and a financial way to survive, and a college student It s poignant It changed the way I thought about the Indian politicians It s my favourite book.

    11. I agree with one of the other reviewers that this book was extremely interesting in the beginning to the middle, showing an exceptional side of people in different castes in India coming together I learned a bit about India and its political system The book was a tough read from the start but the end of the book was so utterly devastating that I lost all my interest in India and its people Horrible horrible ending

    12. Absolutely beautiful in its heartache, I couldn t put this book down It drew me in immediately, in the first few pages, and through the next 700 pages it had me firmly in its grasp The writing is phenomenal and the characters are so well developed Set in Bombay, India between 1975 and 1984 it follows the story of 4 people from different backgrounds who come together by chance and create a unique bond Add this to your must read list

    13. I ll probably just end up paraphrasing a friend s review, since we reacted to it so very similarly Its a very well written book, broad in scope, and was based on a time in the history of India that I never knew much about I don t want to be a spoiler, so all I can say this is not a feel good book I did find it a page turner and very interesting though, so with the reader beware warning I can highly recommend this book.

    14. This takes a long time to rope you in But, if you re interested in character back story, it s worth the effort.I felt so much for the characters once the effects of Emergency State began to directly impact their lives lives The events in the book, although fictional, are a reminder as to how government decisions made by disconnected individuals at the top have very real consequences for those at the lower economic rungs of society Heartbreaking.

    15. One of the most poignant books I ve ever read the novel follows the lives of four people from India who are all from different backgrounds, religious sects, socio economic backgrounds and language groups It does this during the 1975 Indian state of emergency and captures the devastating effects of the corruption and oppression on ordinary lives Although underscored with sadness and injustice Mistry manages a fitting humour Truly a fantastic read.

    16. I really enjoyed most of the book I don t know anything about the political history of India so all of this was kind of shocking A lot of bad things happen to the characters in the book but somehow the feeling of the book stays upbeat until the very end when it suddenly gets very tragic and depressing I was a little bit bummed by the ending but shouldn t have been too surprised not to find a happy conclusion Don t read if you want a happy ending or an uplifting story.

    17. Like a Charles Dickens novel Except in India In the 1970s And depressing At some point I wondered if anything worse could happen to the characters, and then it did Because the characters are so well developed, you really empathize with all the pain they are going through A difficult novel to get through but quite a masterpiece at the end of the day.

    18. well written poor woman strugles to survive in india in 1970 wing and having people work for her.e bonds and troubles the work brings to her and the man and boy that work for her.e poverty that is thier daily exsistancee bond that keeps them together is a young student renting the only bedroom ln the apartment

    19. A very good story, lots of historical and real life insights into the poverty and hopelessness of India In the end, though, it was too depressing and lacked any hopefulness I felt it went just a bit too far Yet, it s a book that sticks in my mind, and it did open my eyes to the lives extreme of extreme poverty.

    20. I had low expectations for this book, but it was good, which might explain why I liked it so much Very educational, realistic book about India Rough lives that beat some characters down while other characters remain happy and positive A good moral for everyone, and it made me thankful for what I have in life.

    21. That was strange and depressing Generally, even bittersweet or sad books have some sort of happiness even a fleeting moment mixed in there somewhere, but this book was nothing but miserable from start to finish I just kept wondering why I was reading if nothing ever got better Maybe that was the statement the author was making in that case, he made it.

    22. This book made me ponder a lot about life The things we take for granted coming from a western perspective , the way we will transform as life proceeds, the paths life will take us on, etc.The book gave a good look into Indian life and I learnt many things I had no idea about I will never look at India and Indians the same way.Excellent book.

    23. Although it has been some time since I read this book, my recollection of it was that the writing really transported me into the fabric of India but in a seamless fashion so that story line was not eclipsed by description of places and events.

    24. Not my cup of tea I found it very hard to get into and kept wondering why on earth I was forcing myself to read it Then I remembered that I had four co workers waiting on word of what I thought of it.

    25. soem of the best, sweetest, saddest, realest characters and moments i read this a long time ago, but wanted to post it because it s one of those books that everyone should read it s intense, but than worth it.

    26. After traveling through India for 3 months, I can say this novel probably accurately represents the realities of life there Shocking and captivating It seems a lucky break is always just out of reach.

    27. My mom gave this book to me to read when I was in college 10 years ago It turned me on to the genre of Indian fiction Comprehensive and powerful the characters are stunning and the stories still haunt me.

    28. A great picture of lives interwoven over the background of dramatic Indian history A rare insight into India through several character s rich personal narratives, racked with their own struggles of class, tradition, and gender.

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