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Evolution The dead have risen A lethal virus has decimated millions turning the infected into the walking dead Society has crumbled cities are in flames and the human race is on the verge of extinction Someh
  • Title: Evolution
  • Author: Bryan James
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  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The dead have risen A lethal virus has decimated millions, turning the infected into the walking dead Society has crumbled, cities are in flames, and the human race is on the verge of extinction Somehow, Mike McKnight has survived So far From his cell in a mental institution, he battled the ghosts of his past and the throngs of undead to uncover and retrieve the lastThe dead have risen A lethal virus has decimated millions, turning the infected into the walking dead Society has crumbled, cities are in flames, and the human race is on the verge of extinction Somehow, Mike McKnight has survived So far From his cell in a mental institution, he battled the ghosts of his past and the throngs of undead to uncover and retrieve the last vestige of mankind s hope to fight the deadly plague Now, from the deck of an aircraft carrier, to the farmlands of the Eastern Shore and the very heart of the nation s capital, Mike carries the hope of an entire race With him rides the only chance at fighting the spread of the virus, and turning back the tide of infection But the undead are changing They are evolving Hunting in larger groups and banding together to track their prey, that are dangerous predators than ever before To survive, he will have to learn to adapt, and to come to grips with the most important evolution of all his own.
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    1. I thought the first book was better.Honestly, I didn t feel like finishing this novel But I did I tried I struggled It was okay, but I felt there were a lot to be desired First of all, I have issues with the two main characters ALWAYS on the run Like seriously, they keep on getting rescued, and each time they re rescued, the rescuers die after, and they survive, and always manage to find something someone else to rescue them Even I would get tired of that, if I were in the main character s shoe [...]

    2. Evolution means change, evolving into something different, sometimes good, sometimes bad and for our hero, Mike the ex movie star, his evolution is amazing, from pampered star to insane inmate to post apocalyptic hero on a mission, just short of being a super hero, his sense of timing is still amazing The evolution of the zombies, seeming to be smarter, organized and now banding together, is not so good for our hero or humanity The virus that claimed them is decimating the world population and [...]

    3. I loved the second book in this series Lost a lot of sleep that s for sure I could not put it down, it was very entertaining I would definitely recommend it There is a part in the story that gave me the chills big time I can t wait for a third one

    4. Unrelenting actionFollow former actor and convicted murderer as he and his friends battle hordes of zombies as they try to get a vaccine for the virus to the remaining government Great reading

    5. In lieu of summary, I ll let my mid reading commentary stand 28.0% This is a man who thinks he s funny but really just isn t I want to tell him to shut up and smack him in the back of the head a la Gibbs and DiNozzo 28.0% Seriously, I just don t have a lot of sympathy for the main character in this novel His asshole quotient has been upped exponentially since the last book, and he is a deeply flawed character that I just can t relate to By which I mean he makes a lot of shitty decisions, the rep [...]

    6. Entertainment not great art That s awesome.Second book is about as good as the first Well described scenes give it a feel of reading a comic book I like the main character and don t hate the female lead for a change They introduced a kid this time and I didn t hate her either I was pretty ill when I read this book and it was still easy to follow The internal dialogue feels natural and often very funny.I will be purchasing the next book.

    7. Great booksThis is the 3rd or 4th story I ve read in this series and they are great though I still for some reason missed out the 1st book I think its because the order they came in doesn t show on the front of the book as the name mainly,stays the same but half changes so it s a little confusing but the stories are good enough to re read.

    8. Couldn t put it down I loved the first book, and was skeptical when author stated he enjoyed writing the 2nd book even than the first Usually the second in a series is back story and less exciting with less forward movement I enjoyed reading the 2nd even than the 1st Characters are great, personable While zombies are the new beasties being bombarded on the messes, replacing the vampire, these first two are a great start in a series that should be a must read for anyone reliving into this gene [...]

    9. SPOILER ALERTS if you haven t read the first book so stop, purchase it, read it, and then come back hereDid you read the first one yet Ok then you can continue onMike, our main character, is a former movie star action hero who had been lead to believe that he had murdered his wife and then was sentenced to a mental hospital There, he was kept so drugged that he had gaps in his memory as to what actually happened When the apocalypse breaks out, he escapes from the facility with Dr Kate a pyschiat [...]

    10. Good readI picked this book up, having not read the first one I was able to follow along the story line just fine, and it was a well written, entertaining zombie novel

    11. Meh I didn t realize that this was 2 when I picked it up, so there were times when I was totally lost I know I complain when books in a series totally rehash prior events, but it turns out that it s just as bad when there s no explanation of where we came from at all The writing was so so sometimes I really enjoyed it, and sometimes it was so mired in tropes and aside that I wanted to throw the book Luckily for the book, it was on my phone, and I wasn t about to throw that Also, I could have don [...]

    12. Any book that I can t put down deserves 5 stars I LOVE these books, they re quite addicting to say the least My heart raced several times throughout the story, no book has ever done that to me There are times when the characters humor seems out of place but it didn t seem to bother me much Also, Bryan James excessively uses the word grimace Besides that this author can tell one hell of a zombie story A much better read than World War Z, which I couldn t get into How bout a movie for these books [...]

    13. This book was an enjoyable and easy read, and a good follow up to the first book in this series.As the title suggests, we get to witness the evolution of the characters zombies included, and of the relationships between the characters, as we make our way through all the gore and humor in this action packed novel.Each new character introduced adds an appealing element to the storyline, regardless of how brief or how long these characters stay with us.If you enjoy reading this genre, I highly reco [...]

    14. Another great story for this series As a warning and possibly a note to the author , there are a few typos and grammatical issues that cause me to pause when reading This irritates me, but I likes the story so well, I could ignore them for the most part The story continues and just keeps getting better I really likes this series and the main characters I look forward to the next book in the series

    15. Great Read Continuing from the first book, this story follows the awesome characters, along with a few new ones, as they race towards someone who can find a cure or make a vaccine from their blood The storytelling is supreme, the characters flawless and the zombie hordes are epic One of the very best zombie apocalypse stories ever written A must read if you love this genre

    16. This is the second in the series full of action and gore as the first one but not quite as engaging I will continue I have to at this point but with less enthusiasm Things got a touch predictable and the repeated references to the behavior of the zombies is like a big neon sign telling me that something else is coming.If I could have given it a 3.5, I would have.

    17. More run and gun fun This second book in the series keeps the zombie fun going in good fashion It is gun and run type zombie action, with emphasis on gore than dramatic situations, but has all the elements of a thrill ride action adventure movie A good follow up and compelling enough to keep me reading into the third book.

    18. This series was amazingly one of the greatest series I ve read for a long timed I read a lot It realistically brings you an zombie apocalypset with an easily won victory against the zombies but a slow crawl to extinction This book is the only Zombie apocalypse that I don t think I would survived that s terrifying Exactly what a good horror book needs.

    19. Not quite as good as the first book but still a worthwhile read.The story is a little repetitive as our little band of survivors are repeatedly rescued only for the rescuer to then die.Notwithstanding this the story moves along nicely and is set up for what I believe is the final chapter.

    20. Liked this one just as much as the first The characters are hilarious and very easy to like The new characters that were introduced were great in my opinion and the story kept pace with the first book Of course with the way it ended I can t wait for the next one

    21. our heros are trying to get to what remains of the government But can the government be trusted.I really enjoyed the 2nd book in this series.I am looking forward to reading of these tales.If you like zombie books, give this series a try.

    22. More of an action book than a zombie read Thr plotting was breathlessly paced throughout But the weapons porn and the highly detailed descriptions of what is they can do to the undead was not my cup of tea I read apocalyptic fiction for the survivalist hacks not for the violence.

    23. What a journey I would recommend this book to anyone looking for lots of action How amazing that these two people are saved when it matters and how much they want to help others when things look so bleak.

    24. THE ZULU ALPHA CONTINUES IT DOESHello, a very nice story to be sure If you like zombies, then you will likely find this story very enjoyable I m off to the next one Good stuff Thanks.

    25. Love it love this series well written and engaging I would put this author up there with Stephen king cannot wait to see what is next

    26. Continue on the journey and experience the obstacles that the ed wrongfully accused celerity faces as he tries to redeem himself and humanity.

    27. Good ReadI don t like zombie apocalypse stories I got this by mistake so I decided to give it a try For a zombie story, this one is good I recommend it to all

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