Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305

Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305

Robert DeCoteau / Mar 28, 2020
Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt Charles Grimly has marital problems you wouldn t believe His mommy issues are even worse He may not be all there but he s going to have to pull himself together if he plans on making it through this
  • Title: Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305
  • Author: Robert DeCoteau
  • ISBN: 2940011510601
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Nook
  • Charles Grimly has marital problems you wouldn t believe His mommy issues are even worse He may not be all there, but he s going to have to pull himself together if he plans on making it through this day in one piece.Enjoy this free short story based in the world of my novel Don of the Living Dead.
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    1. Is there ever a good time to murder your wife Yes.The best time to murder your wife is when everyone in town has become a brain nomming zombie and is too busy chowing down on the brains of acquaintances, friends, neighbours and their own wives, to notice that you ve murdered your wife.Is there some way that I can arrange an inner city zombie based apocalyptic chow fest in order to detract from my culpability in a wicked spousal dismemberment Er, no Not really However, if you are really lucky, li [...]

    2. Ok, so, even though this is my THIRD review of one of Robert DeCoteau s short parallel stories related to his Don of the Living Dead book, I really want to reiterate that I generally abhor short stories with a fiery, stinging passion But that maybe, just MAYBE, he has changed my mind a smidge.The concept of the Zombie Tales books, perspectives in separate novellas of different residents of an apartment building set in the Don world during an impending zombpocalypse was such a novel heh, novel, I [...]

    3. Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt 305 is the second story of three short stories which are in the same universe of Don of the Living Dead by Robert DeCoteau Charles Grimly who lives directly above Theodore Granger is having problems with his marriage, his young wife is demanding and refuses to give up her job as a lap dancer, she also constantly undermines Charles about everything, something which Charles is unfortunately used because of his mother but Charles sorted out that problem, just like he [...]

    4. Ok, this time I knew what was coming The story here centers around a couple, their marital problems and how they play out You have the same lack of zombies until the end of the story but a nice bit of karmic justice There is not a lot to say about this since it has no major scenes of carnage or zombie rampage.The story is good for what it is.

    5. This zombie short follows Charlie, a fellow with very low self esteem and high frustration, and his mom as he deals with his lady It is reminiscent of the Psycho films and I couldn t stop thinking about Norman Bate and his mom Overall it was a good read Give it a try

    6. Crazy Charles in Apt 305 picks the perfect time to give some personal 1 1 attention to his whiney wife in this short story spin off of Don of the Dead A fun read for zombie fiction.

    7. 50% of the book is an excerpt of Don of the dead The same excerpt that was in the first book of the series Why use the same excerpt Book deals with the viewpoint of one tenant Very little here and nothing you haven t read before.

    8. I was was almost turned away with the beginning, but I m glad I stuck around It was a unique thrill to be in the passenger seat of the main character Charles had a retro, 1950 s feel to him The vivid descriptions and mannerisms made him very easy to picture We all know someone disgusting like him Believe it or not, I d rather the apocalypse started a little later in the story, but it is a short story so you can t expect too much I enjoyed the story and I would have rated it higher, however The D [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsMost of what I have to say about this story is summed up in my review of Primrose Court Apt 205 as the spelling and grammar errors are about the same as they were in the first mini story I do appreciate that all 3 short stories revolve around each other and we basically get to see the viewpoints from 3 different people while they go about their lives in the Primrose Apt building This one was probably my favorite out of the 3 short stories because of the serious effed up factor to it wit [...]

    10. This is one of a set of three short stories also Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt 205 and Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt 502 written about the same series of events, through the eyes of the residents of three apartments in the same complex These stories lead up to the full length book Don of the Living Dead The first three chapters of the book are previewed at the end of each of the short stories, though I m going to wait to read because I have a feeling I m going to want the entire book at hand [...]

    11. I read all three of the Primrose Court short stories in one setting, going from 502 to 305 to 205 I don t think it matters what order you read them in, but I have to implore anyone who loves to watch good character development to read all three.Robert DeCoteau really takes a different tone with this book, much to this reader s delight Charles Grimley is a bad guy who talks to his dead mother, ala Psycho And his wife might be hot, but she s not really pleasant He s so involved in his own life tha [...]

    12. The second story of three from DeCoteau s zombie world I didn t enjoy this one as much as Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt 205 as the humour wasn t as sardonic but still a fun short story to read One thing really annoyed me whilst reading this however, and that was the terrible misuse of your you re This is you re mess, you have to be smart.This happens 23% into the short story and is a damning mistake to make That really should have been picked up and corrected in the editing process.Other than [...]

    13. having stormed thru the first apartment short story I was eager for this one was amazed at how the author was able to integrate the elements views of the first story into this one or maybe I am easy to please another fast paced, easy to read shortie but again, left me wanting of the whole onto the third have to say underlying story lines are a bit freaky but how can you feel sorry for such an arse of a man

    14. This, and the other Primrose Court tales, are part of a larger universe novel That might explain why there was no explanation for the zombie epidemic.That said, the three Primrose Court stories run simultaneously Each story tells about one man, his circumstances, and his actions during the zombie rampage What happens in Apt 305 is a so so story I think the author and the reader would have been better served if these three stories had been combined into one.

    15. 3.0 5.0 Read during my lunch break Its the second part of a short parallel stories related to his Don of the Living Dead book, all three parts Aprt 205 305 502 are still free on right now I liked the writing style but not that much zombie action to be fair Was a pleasant way to pass some time though and will read the next one soon as I need to find out why the bloke in 502 is on the ledge

    16. I got this book as a free download and thought it was very entertaining It is the second short story I read from this series that leads up to the main book If you are expecting Zombies from beginning to end you will be disappointed They only make an appearance at the end but it is all part of the big picture I can t wait to read the next book to see how it will all end If you love gory stories this book will be for you.

    17. I swear I ve seen this scenario, or something very similar, in a Twilight Zone episode or something Not so much the zombie part of the story but definitely the part of dude killing his wife and struggling to get rid of body Anyway, this is a very short story albeit a decent one I found it to be okay It would be nice if there is a continuing story in a bigger form tho.

    18. Not as good as the first one that I read, the Apt 500 something one Still good though I think the reason this one lacked a little was mostly because I didn t identify with either of the main characters in it as much as I did the first one that I read Or should I say three characters Does the mother count as another character Hmmmm .

    19. Zombie Tales is a cool series to read This is my second book I m not about to give away the plot, but once you read this story, you are hooked and need to read the next installment I love how all the books are connected.

    20. Another short story introduction to Don of the Dead A hidden psychopath finally goes over the edge and does his best, with Mommy s help to cover it upwell boy he couldn t have picked a better day

    21. Wasn t a big fan of this short zombie read Nothing about it was really special, nor did the character really captivate me in any way that would entice me to read further into the series Kind of a throw away read for me.

    22. I was bored with this I found the main character to be whiny and just unlikeable I am unlikely to read stories by this author.

    23. I am not sure what to say after reading this Strange if you ask me Amusing at times but, I am still not sure what just happened in this short story.

    24. There are two stories in this free short read The second story had me lol I really like his writin style Lookin forward to of his work, bc I love me some Zombie stories.

    25. Quick, bloody and for some reason weirdly amusing Sometimes I worry about myself when blood and gore makes me laugh.

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