Pôr a Casa em Ordem

Pôr a Casa em Ordem

Matt Ruff Fernanda Semedo / Aug 03, 2020
P r a Casa em Ordem Andy nasceu em e foi assassinado pouco depois pelopadrasto Mas n o foi um homic dio vulgar Apesar da torturaque o matou ter sido real a morte de Andy n o o foi Apenas a sua alma morreu e quando
  • Title: Pôr a Casa em Ordem
  • Author: Matt Ruff Fernanda Semedo
  • ISBN: 9789896372699
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andy nasceu em 1965 e foi assassinado pouco depois pelopadrasto Mas n o foi um homic dio vulgar Apesar da torturaque o matou ter sido real, a morte de Andy n o o foi Apenas a sua alma morreu e, quando morreu, quebrou se em peda os Depois os peda os tornaram se em almas por si pr prias, e co herdeiras da vida de Andy GageEnquanto Andy lida com o mundo exterior, maisAndy nasceu em 1965 e foi assassinado pouco depois pelopadrasto Mas n o foi um homic dio vulgar Apesar da torturaque o matou ter sido real, a morte de Andy n o o foi Apenas a sua alma morreu e, quando morreu, quebrou se em peda os Depois os peda os tornaram se em almas por si pr prias, e co herdeiras da vida de Andy GageEnquanto Andy lida com o mundo exterior, mais de uma centena de almas partilham uma casa imagin ria dentro da sua cabe a, esfor ando se por manter uma exist ncia ordeira Aaron, a figura paterna Adam, o adolescente irrespons vel Jake, o rapazinho assustado tia Sam, a artista Sefaris, o defensor e Gideon, que se quer livrar de todos e tomar conta da casa.
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        I was born in New York City in 1965 I decided I wanted to be a fiction writer when I was five years old and spent my childhood and adolescence learning how to tell stories At Cornell University I wrote what would become my first published novel, Fool on the Hill, as my senior thesis in Honors English My professor Alison Lurie helped me find an agent, and within six months of my college graduation Fool on the Hill had been sold to Atlantic Monthly Press Through a combination of timely foreign rights sales, the generous support of family and friends, occasional grant money, and a slowly accumulating back list, I ve managed to make novel writing my primary occupation ever since.My third novel, Set This House in Order, marked a critical turning point in my career after it won the James Tiptree, Jr Award, a Washington State Book Award, and a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award, and helped me secure a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts My fourth novel, Bad Monkeys, also won multiple awards and has been optioned as a TV series.In 1998 I married my best friend, the researcher and rare book expert Lisa Gold We live in Seattle, Washington.


    1. when i read the first three pages of this book i thought i was going to be in trouble because i was so confused and it is a complicated story, but he manages to make it very readable any time you have two characters with mpd interacting and switching all the time, things are bound to get tricky, but he manages to make it clear despite the challenges i had written a longer and better review for this that somehow got deleted, so i am going to weep now and shower and let the weeping mingle with the [...]

    2. For some reason always confused Matt Ruff s Sewer Gas and Electric, with Jim Dodge s Stone Junction, I guess I thought this one would also be some kind of hippie vision quest parable thingy Which OMG no I don t want to talk much about the plot, because, especially for those of us with an unhealthy obsession with books, it s pretty rare to be able to go into something totally fresh and clean, without an idea of what kinds of people like it, what the hype has been, how well it s selling, what the [...]

    3. I m so angry with Matt Ruff and or his editors This novel could have been genius if someone, anyone, would have identified the disaster that Part Ten brings to the entire structure of the work Up until Part Ten, about page 400, I thought this was a compelling, cleverly crafted novel about someone with Multiple Personality Disorder I could hardly put it down Essentially, up to that point, it s about an internal psychological struggle manifest in the world Then, at the very end, a wholly different [...]

    4. In Andrew Cage, ventisette anni, informatico, convivono decine e decine di persone diverse, di et e personalit disperate, che prendono il sopravvento a turno, a seconda dei momenti, portandolo a cambiare improvvisamente voce, atteggiamento, gestualit e modo di porsi.Sembrerebbe quasi una cosa comica.E invece di comico non c niente Andrew affetto dalla sindrome della personalit multipla, un disturbo che gli rende impossibile vivere serenamente una vita sociale, lavorativa ed affettiva Se ci pensi [...]

    5. Wow This book just knocked my damn socks off Given that I don t work with adults, and the rarity of this diagnosis, and the controversy over it, I ve never met anyone with Multiple Personality Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder in the current DSM I have no idea if this is anything like how it works But Matt Ruff s created such an amazingly internally consistent portrayal that it s entirely believable that it could work just like this And the story completely sucked me in so I didn t want to [...]

    6. You d think that a novel about multiple personality disorder would result in pretty experimental writing, but instead, this is a pretty straight forward read which reminded me of Richard Russo or Wally Lamb In other words, I can t believe this isn t a movie yet or an Oprah selection I m getting lost in a tangent, but despite my various pretensions and this book s pop sensibilities, I loved reading this book There s something infinitely fascinating about multiple personalities for me, and this re [...]

    7. Because I tend to be a bit stingy with my stars, I m a little afraid I m overselling a book when I give it a perfect rating But I have to say, this was a really great book Plot, characters, writing it all just worked.A relationship between two individuals with multiple personality disorder can you envision the possibilities Each of the book s two main characters was comprised of several distinct personalities, all of whom managed to be interesting It s an extremely ambitious premise, and Matt Ru [...]

    8. Set This House in Order is very unique Not only is it an excellent Teen YA novel, it is one which manages many other impossible things It is an insider s look at what being a multiple personality is like but the author does not have MPD He was inspired to imagine MPD characters by the non fiction book Sybil , Sybil The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalitieswhich as we all know now, has been shown to be mostly a lie at worst, or a compromised synthesis of many stories wh [...]

    9. I m slightly stunned that this book hasn t been discovered and devoured by readers Once you start reading it, it s absolutely addictive One of those books that you can t wait to get back to I can see that the description of the book could be a little off putting one character with Multiple Personality Disorder meets another character with Multiple Personality Disorder Sounds really confusing, right That s where the author, Matt Ruff, really excels It s amazing how he pulls off introducing the d [...]

    10. Che cos una personalit multipla E una sorta di frantumazione della coscienza che fa s che nella stessa persona possano convivere due, tre o pi caratteri, completamente indipendenti fra di loro e a volte addirittura contrastanti In pratica come se la coscienza, fragile come vetro, in seguito a situazioni particolarmente sgradevoli, stressanti, o traumatiche, si possa spaccare in tanti pezzi pi o meno piccoli creando una dissociazione della coscienza stessa Questa frattura una sorta di difesa molt [...]

    11. This book was magical, funny, dark, heartwarming, realistic, well written and powerful all at once Matt Ruff, I applaud you Set This House in Order A Romance of Souls is both a speculative fiction and realistic work about two characters dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder and how they navigate the world Andrew, the main narrator had an incredible amount of depth and his journey alongside Penny was amazing Going into this book blind is the best way to do it because the surprises and chara [...]

    12. Within a week of finishing this book, I had loaned my copy to a friend and bought a copy for my brother This is exactly the kind of inspired, ambitious fiction that I want to read, and I would occasionally start to mourn or panic when I would be hit by some reminder that, at some point, I was going to have to finish the novel and move on to another Yes, for me, it is that good.The story centers on one complicated person and his internal and external relationships Andy Gage is a person with multi [...]

    13. Set This House in Order is a book with a very unusual protagonist Andrew Gage, who is the soul in charge of Andy Gage s body after torture and abuse from his stepfather fractured his identity He and the other souls live inside a house built by his father Andrew s, not Andy s There s Adam, the raunchy teenager Jake, the little kid Aunt Sam, the artist and Seferis, the protector, among others Inspired by a real life case, Matt Ruff has written a character who manages his multiple personality disor [...]

    14. I read the last page of this book tonight and closed the cover with a big sigh I felt a bit saddened by finishing it Saddened because I had reached the end of a great story Sure the whole basis for this story is frightfully horrifying and , if real would have been a chilling childhood as O magazine states What I loved about this book was etty much everything I loved it s creativeness, I loved how it did not make light of a scary and vulnerable position, and yet had some great funny scenes in it [...]

    15. Mit Set this house in order greift Matt Ruff heikle Themen auf Es geht um multiple Pers nlichkeiten und deren Ursachen traumatische Gewalterlebnisse in der Kindheit Im Mittelpunkt stehen Andrew and Penny Andrew hat gelernt mit seinem Zustand zu leben Sein Vater hat im Kopf ein Haus errichtet in dem die Pers nlichkeiten zusammenleben Andrew hat die Verantwortung f r den K rper und sorgt daf r, dass alle miteinander auskommen was schwieriger ist als es klingt.Penny wei noch nichts von ihrem Zustan [...]

    16. This is a little story i wrote I watched as the event below unfolded before my eyes You see it s easy for me to see everything from my balcony What I saw that day made my blood curdle for I did not realize I could ever impact an event as on that day The one thing I never thought I would see or hear occurred that day She was walking down the road with her blue jean skirt and yellow shirt so full of life Her smile, activated by a bright sunflower Who knew one glance could cause an end to her days [...]

    17. An intriguing premise, and for the most part, well executed There is an absolutely stunning twist almost exactly halfway through the book no spoilers here , but the concessions to certain genre conventions and the need for some judicious pruning, kept this from being a 5 star but in reality, a 4.5 I am not sure how accurate a depiction of Multiple Personality Disorder or, as it is now known, Dissociative Identity Disorder this is, but it reads as if it could be pretty spot on as much as any of t [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book I especially liked that it didn t melt into a happily ever after ending It maintained, through to the very last sentence, its dark humor and complexity I read this book slowly not because I was fighting to maintain interest, but because the author compelled me to want to spend time with the characters Tough subject mental illness , romance sort of , black humor plenty , twists a couple of whoppers and a slap of reality ending all made for an engaging, witty, gratifying [...]

    19. in mille pezzi Quando mia figlia era piccolina, mi piaceva leggerle per fare pace dopo uno scambio un po burrascoso, un delizioso libricino illustrato che si intitola L urlo di mamma Una mamma pinguino sgrida il suo cucciolo urlando cosi forte, ma cos forte che lo manda in mille pezzi E i pezzi del corpicino si spargono per il mondo, per la savana, per il fitto della giungla, in mare Ma la mamma di fronte a tale disfacimento, parte, ricerca tutti i pezzi e li ricuce insieme Il libricino si concl [...]

    20. This is probably my second full re read of this book, which won the Tiptree Award during the period when I chaired the Award s motherboard I frequently pick it up and leaf through it and read favorite bits, which I did fairly recently, and this time I got hooked and re read the whole thing.I m a sucker for multiple personality stories, and this one is unique partly because both of its main characters are multiple, at very different stages of their journey and both are viewpoint characters , and [...]

    21. First up I have no idea where the subhead romance of souls comes from, because there is no romance in this book Like, not even a hint at love story at any point, though the main character s unrequited crush obsession is made a topic for a chapter, though it s really rather a device to make a plot turn than a plot point itself.Now to the actual review for the most part, I wanted to give this book 5 stars I loved the beginning and much of the in between, one set of turns and twists in general view [...]

    22. I remember the first time that I learned of multiple personality disorders My mom made us watch the made for tv movie Sybil starring Sally Field Me being me, I ve appropriated multiple personality disorder to refer to all kinds of other mental shit, like the two devils on my shoulder who egg me on to do stupid shit When you don t feel alone with yourself Mostly just my mood swings depressed to really depressed I have a lot of those The Charlie Brown feeling a ton of conflicting emotions all at o [...]

    23. Five stars When s the last time THAT happened Set This House in Order, a bizarre tale of not one but two people suffering from multiple personality disorder, takes you deep into the frightening corners of the psyche, revealing an unlikely story of hope and renewal An often misunderstood and Hollywood dramatized disorder, MPD is one of the intricate and sophisticated coping mechanisms that a person can develop What is most amazing about this tale in particular is how touching it is to see how m [...]

    24. I had never heard of this book, but based on the rating and reviews, and ultimately how interesting it sounded I wanted to give it a try And when I opened to the first page my immediate thought was oh crap, this is going to get too confusing, I don t know if I could do this But soon enough, it all started to come together, and I had to keep reading I won t go into the plot, but Andrew Gage, the main character, is so completely likable, I adored him Only Andrew was actually only recently born, a [...]

    25. This is another book club book, and Tiptree award winner.I really enjoyed this book the narrative voice especially drove it for me Within the first three pages, I pinged something about the main character that turned out to be a big reveal later in the book, but I didn t feel ripped off there was just something about the protagonist that made it completely unsurprising.The story is basically about a person with multiple personalities, who manages them by having an internal house where they all l [...]

    26. I liked this book a lot If you read it in close proximity to some of his other works it will be obvious that either the author did too, and took extra special care in crafting it, or his editor did and kept on sending it back until it they thought it really was the best the author could do The quality of the prose is significantly smoother and refined than his other works, in my opinion His previous two books suffer from a cast of thousands problem Lots of characters that are hard to keep track [...]

    27. As many of my reviews say, I m quite interested in brain dis orders This is a novel about multiple personality disorder MPD I was attracted to it, and yet overwhelmed at the same time thinking it might be a tad complicated not sure why exactly but while it certainly is potentially complicated to keep track of one body with many souls and personalities the author does a great job of keeping the story straight for the reader In this case the main character is a MPD that has set it s house in order [...]

    28. Set This House In Order is Matt Ruff s finest work of fiction to date, brilliantly adding to a splendid body of work that includes such classics as his literary debut Fool On The Hill and the Ayn Rand influenced cyberpunk novel Sewer, Gas, Electric The Public Works Trilogy He offers a fascinating twist on the coming of age tale, exploring the lives of the multiple personalities inhabiting the bodies of Andrew Gage and Penny Driver Like Jonathan Lethem in Motherless Brooklyn , Ruff writes eloquen [...]

    29. I have to be honoest and say that this book deals with multiple personality disorders and it is beautifully written It is realistically written and the pain that the two main characters have to go through, the traumatic events that lead to the splitting of their souls is so wrenching and affecting that I couldn t finish the book I just couldn t take it But I will remember this book for a long time It was recommended by a very good friend an AP English teacher who usually reads chick lit and has [...]

    30. I am currently in the middle of playing rockband so I will keep this short This book very much reminds me of the gone away world, although i have no idea how much I gave away in that review so I will not be telling you why because I don t want to spoil either book They both are interested in figments This book does some very interesting stuff with MPD which if I had read before my colloquium potentially would have kick borderline out and been the focus instead Otherwise, I would appreciate if an [...]

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