Superman: Grounded, Vol. 2

Superman: Grounded, Vol. 2

J. Michael Straczynski Chris Roberson Various / Aug 04, 2020
Superman Grounded Vol Top comics writers J Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson iZOMBIE continue Superman s journey across the U S In this second Grounded volume Superman meets the new Wonder Woman for the first time Bu
  • Title: Superman: Grounded, Vol. 2
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski Chris Roberson Various
  • ISBN: 9781401233167
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Top comics writers J Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson iZOMBIE continue Superman s journey across the U.S.In this second Grounded volume, Superman meets the new Wonder Woman for the first time But why can t he shake the feeling that he already knows her Then, Superman visits Boulder, Colorado, where The Flash made a strange discovery that relates to Superman ATop comics writers J Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson iZOMBIE continue Superman s journey across the U.S.In this second Grounded volume, Superman meets the new Wonder Woman for the first time But why can t he shake the feeling that he already knows her Then, Superman visits Boulder, Colorado, where The Flash made a strange discovery that relates to Superman And in Salt Lake City, Batman arrives to revisit one of his earliest adventures with The Man of Steel
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      248 J. Michael Straczynski Chris Roberson Various
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        Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunner for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5 From 2001 to 2007, he was the writer for the long running Marvel comic book series The Amazing Spider Man.


    1. I mentioned in my review of the first volume of Grounded that I hadn t read a Superman comic since at least 1997, so this series being my first in that span of time is in retrospect, a tragedy This book is not good It makes me question whether or not they even make Superman comics that are good I have some ostensibly good ones on my TBR list, but as far as I have actual knowledge, Superman in comics is boring, pompous, overwritten, and stupid And that is sad.After writing the first volume of Gro [...]

    2. Holy crap JMS s worst work ever Superman overcomes his liberal depression before he falters in succumbing to moral ambiguity and embraces the one and only thing that will ensure a bright futurehis tea party American exceptionalism I m going to vomit now.

    3. Following on from the excellent first collection of the Grounded arc, part two is a bit of a mixed bag What made the first story work is here the focus on who Superman is as a person rather than simply having him relentlessly bashed about the head for 160 pages but the sense of purpose seems to dwindle quite significantly Part of this might be put down to the lack of involvement by instigating writer J Michael Stracynski, who is credited as plotter and co writer with Chris Roberson, indicating t [...]

    4. For most of this volume, JMS supplied the plots, with writing credit on maybe half the stories The overall theme is carried through here to it s conclusion primarily the question of whether there really needs to be a Superman I felt that this question has been asked many times before and answered in a much better fashion than here Superman s initial answer to the question was quite stupid in my opinion.There s also aftermath to the whole New Krypton storyline, which I didn t read It s mainly us [...]

    5. Superman meets with The Flash to explain why he is going on his walkabout Superman also bumps into Bruce Wayne Batman and ultimately finds out the mystery of the black woman who has been stalking him.I haven t read the Wonder Woman Odyssey so I don t understand her cameo.Best part was the final explanation of the black woman and Superman s final battle with her This story didn t need to be stretched out into two volumes If they had skipped out on the extraneous material and subplots that went no [...]

    6. I really liked this I thought it was interesting because Clark was dealing with a lot of grief the death of his father Jonathan Kent and the destruction of New Krypton His walking around gave him the chance to deal with his despression and get back to being Superman.Grounded may not be a fan favorite but I thought it was good.

    7. I read this because of JMS, and a first part of Grounded was good Second story is credited for JMS, but is a hard to believe, this was just borefest I have never liked the DC universe and even less Superman comics After this i will stay with my Marvel home for a long time.

    8. Chris Roberson does amazing work to rehabilitate the terrible work JMS did in the first half of this arc Didn t think this half of the arc needed to pontificate on truth, absolute morality, the American way, but I loved Roberson extensive use of Super mythology Grant Morrison esque touches.

    9. This is a good volumen two to end this JMS story about a depressed Superman And yes There must be a Superman, for ever.

    10. A pretty clear rebuttal of the first volume in the run I enjoyed this , but it does muddle the overall story in its about face Superman cheers up, rediscovers his purpose, and somewhat retraces his steps as he realizes that, yes, Virginia, there must be a Superman Lots of continuity nods, which made this book feel a part of the pre Flashpoint DC universe.

    11. I m writing a single review here for both volumes of Straczynski s Grounded arc I really enjoyed the story line here I think it must be much easier to dive into the psyche s of the tortured heroes than it is with those who seem as well adjusted as Superman, because we see this all the time with Batman Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker Spiderman, etc and done with great effectiveness However, one rarely sees any kind of real plumbing of psychological depths with Superman or Captain America Apparently sta [...]

    12. Originally posted at wp p4Wvzn vOVolume 2 of the grounded story arc kicks off in Des Moines, Iowa and continues Superman s on foot trek across the USA But even from the first few pages I could sense there was something different to the previous volume It was later i found out that JMS had left off writing the book at the half way point.The focus seemed to have shifted from Superman touching the lives of the everyday person and instead was set on Superman himself and the way he was dealing with t [...]

    13. Moving from questions of how Superman should be in the world and how we should regard him in the first volume to questions of whether he s needed at all in these concluding chapters, the ability to read this full story arc in a single sitting gives it a unity of style, theme and purpose that might have been lost having to wait a month between installments in its original issues This volume still doesn t satisfactorily integrate the interlude chapters from the previous volume, and the character d [...]

    14. The second volume of this storyline is not nearly as successful as the first Straczynski cut his run short on the title, with Roberson filling out the rest of what was reportedly a brief plot summary Roberson does a competent job, but he does it with the standard plots where superpowered people beat each other up Maybe that was what was intended from the beginning there s a certain thematic sense in Superman being drawn away from the everyday world and back into his native environment but it los [...]

    15. From what I heard about it, I was not interested in the Grounded storyline it seemed like writer J Michael Straczynski simply didn t understand what makes Superman a great character Fortunately, when Straczynski abandoned the comic, DC found a replacement writer who does get Superman, and this collection demonstrates that Superman should not question himself and be filled with self doubt Superman isn t Spider Man He s the idealized father figure for a young child he can do anything and always do [...]

    16. This second volume is rough I m supposed to believe that Lois, faced with incontrovertible proof that there is definitely something wrong with Superman Clark, would then just turn off her phone and stop taking his calls When just a few issues earlier, he told her she was the thing that kept him most connected to the world and his humanity Sorry I don t buy it Just like I don t buy that all Supes s friends, who have figured out that he s depressed, would just stop in with a lecture on how depress [...]

    17. Gah This was so painful the writing was utterly, utterly, awful What a waist of time.I give it two stars as opposed to one because it ties into some of the events that are happening in other DC storylines, like Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash there are a couple important events that should be read in order to keep up with the entire DC continuity I think if the writer wanted to take us through a philosophical bender about Superman, he really needed to have something to say Something groundbre [...]

    18. So JMS, as is his way lately, wandered off halfway through his Big Superman Epic That Was So Important Nobody Else Could Use Superman While It Was Happening, leaving behind a page or so of notes which Chris Roberson mostly ignored Meaning you get a lot of backpedalling on stuff from the first half, a visit to the Superman Squad of the future an idea previously only really used by Grant Morrison, and who do come off as a bit of a Green Lantern Corps rip off here, but sod it, I still love em , and [...]

    19. Excellent 2 volume conclusion to the epic, grand and wonderful New Krypton story arc You ll need to read that long multi book series, as well as The Black Ring Vol 1 and Vol 2 and Geoff Johns Brainiac books to feel the full impact of these stories These stories from the last couple of years are a real highlight of Superman stories I d say they are the best Superman stories ever, and I ve been reading Superman for 40 years As for this volume, it s a great finale to two or three years worth of Sup [...]

    20. Some reviewers said that this second volume of the Grounded story which JMS was less directly involved with was much better than the first I disagree Volume 2 is less consistent and seems unsure of what story it wants to tell, perhaps because of fan backlash over earlier issues in this story arc contained in Volume 1 that focused heavily on Superman getting back in touch with his core values by underplaying his powers to connect with regular people.This collection is good, but the former was p [...]

    21. Not a Superman book I d recommend, but not a totally awful one The Batman and Flash chapters fell totally flat, but the introduction and formation of the Superman Squad was a nice development and a longtime logical one given Superman s inspiration qualities Live Wire s final status quo was particularly nice to see given a second chance and the right role model, even she can turn it around It s not a terrible book on the other hand, I wouldn t rush out and buy it any time soon if I were you.

    22. Outside of anything else, this is a pretty meh cape comic Superman does the thing, but instead of flying across the sky, he does it by walking across America, helping the common folk not usually bothered by super powered monstrosities or nefarious villains, outside of faceless corporations or general crime Now, what makes this volume of Superman special is the simple fact that it contains and canonizes the infamous Lex Luthor s Forty Cakes meme in the DC multiverse, cementing Internet memery in [...]

    23. Truth, Justice and the American way ugh really This was a hard one to finish I am admittedly not a fan most superman comics and this one pretty much sums it up A depressed superman goes soul searching across the U.S I think the only thing worse than an over optimistic superman is a depressed superman.

    24. Public library copy Thankfully Chris Roberson s scripts elevate the material left behind by JMS from the book to greater standards Anyway you slice it, a Superman identity crisis story is a bit if a bore.

    25. Much better than the first volume, one suspects due to the work of Roberson We get an actual plot and neat elements like the Supermen from the future And, despite being Grounded , Superman flies around an awful lot.

    26. I will always be biased towards Superman, but nevertheless, this was a fun read It s an interesting situation they writers put Superman in He does come across as whinny in a few sections, but overall it s an excellent showcase of what the essence of the character is.

    27. This was pretty bad It seems they reluctantly picked up some story strings from the first Grounded volume, but it isn t really a sequel or a finish to that story The Superman league is ultra lame and the volume ends on a horribly cheesy note.

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