The Tin Roof Blowdown

The Tin Roof Blowdown

James Lee Burke Will Patton / Aug 06, 2020
The Tin Roof Blowdown In the waning days of summer a storm with greater impact than the bomb that struck Hiroshima peels the face off southern Louisiana This is the gruesome reality Iberia Parish Sheriff s Detective
  • Title: The Tin Roof Blowdown
  • Author: James Lee Burke Will Patton
  • ISBN: 9780743567510
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In the waning days of summer, 2005, a storm with greater impact than the bomb that struck Hiroshima peels the face off southern Louisiana This is the gruesome reality Iberia Parish Sheriff s Detective Dave Robicheaux discovers when he is deployed to New Orleans As James Lee Burke s new novel, The Tin Roof Blowdown, begins, Hurricane Katrina has left the commercial dist In the waning days of summer, 2005, a storm with greater impact than the bomb that struck Hiroshima peels the face off southern Louisiana This is the gruesome reality Iberia Parish Sheriff s Detective Dave Robicheaux discovers when he is deployed to New Orleans As James Lee Burke s new novel, The Tin Roof Blowdown, begins, Hurricane Katrina has left the commercial district and residential neighborhoods awash with looters and predators of every stripe The power grid of the city has been destroyed and New Orleans reduced to the level of a medieval society There is no law, no order, no sanctuary for the infirm, the helpless, and the innocent Bodies float in the streets and lie impaled on the branches of flooded trees In the midst of an apocalyptical nightmare, Robicheaux must find two serial rapists, a morphine addicted priest, and a vigilante who may be dangerous than the criminals looting the city In a singular style that defines the genre, James Lee Burke has created a hauntingly bleak picture of life in New Orleans after Katrina Filled with complex characters and depictions of people at both their best and worst, The Tin Roof Blowdown is not only an action packed crime thriller but a poignant story of courage and sacrifice that critics are already calling Burke s best work.
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      219 James Lee Burke Will Patton
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      • James Lee Burke Will Patton

        James Lee Burke is an American author best known for his mysteries, particularly the Dave Robicheaux series He has twice received the Edgar Award for Best Novel, for Black Cherry Blues in 1990 and Cimarron Rose in 1998.Burke was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up on the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the University of Missouri, receiving a BA and MA from the latter He has worked at a wide variety of jobs over the years, including working in the oil industry, as a reporter, and as a social worker He was Writer in Residence at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, succeeding his good friend and posthumous Pulitzer Prize winner John Kennedy Toole, and preceding Ernest Gaines in the position Shortly before his move to Montana, he taught for several years in the Creative Writing program at Wichita State University in the 1980s.Burke and his wife, Pearl, split their time between Lolo, Montana, and New Iberia, Louisiana Their daughter, Alafair Burke, is also a mystery novelist.The book that has influenced his life the most is the 1929 family tragedy The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner.


    1. Nije lo autor, i ne pi e lo e, ali smatram da nije za na e tr i te, tj da je mala ciljna grupa za njega na ovim prostorima Mo da je previ e ameri ki Ne znam ni sama Ali da me je Algoritam konsultovao na vreme ovaj autor ne bi bio objavljen na srpski dovoljno je hrvatsko izdanje

    2. James Lee Burke s sorrow and anger are almost palpable in this novel set during Katrina I read a lot of it with tears in my eyes, because, than any news story I ve yet read, his novel brought back the loss of New Orleans and the overwhelming indifference exhibited by our government to the poor of New Orleans, while telling a gripping tale involving vigilantism, diamond smuggling, and murder Once again, James Lee Burke captures his returning characters with honesty and depth His plots are, as so [...]

    3. I have been reading all of the books in the Dave Robicheaux series since the beginning of the year I have enjoyed them all James Lee Burke s prose is rich and lyrical His characters are vivid and come alive and you become immersed in the story Even if you have never been to New Orleans or Southern Louisiana you will come to know it, to taste the foods, hear the music, see the sunrise on the bayou, or listen to the the rain on a tin roof I knew that this story dealt with Hurricane Katrina and it [...]

    4. A Dave Robicheaux novel with Katrina as a major setting device, you d think it would be a sure thing fire cracker of a read minimally and perhaps one of the genre busting breakouts But no This is lesser Burke A convoluted plot that kills its own drama and requires extended periods of suspended disbelief just to keep the pages turning is its most annoying feature Its most disappointing one is the description of Katrina pulled off the basic coverage of cable news channels and weekly news magazines [...]

    5. Burkes mystery takes place at the same time as Katrina and he does describe horrible events that went on there in the context of his book so we see people fighting over scarce resources and bodies floating in the waters and rescuers saving people etc and I have no real beef with his limited description of the catastrophe as it is part of the setting of the book, but its his mystery that I find faulty I really think the book is overlong and the plot convoluted, unconvincing and generally full of [...]

    6. I have never been disappointed by a James Lee Burke novel, and this, most recent in the Dave Robicheaux series, is no exception Robiicheaux is a wonderfully complex character, genuinely and consistently conflicted between his visceral urges and socially acceptable behaviors.Robicheaux, a Sheriff of New Iberia, Louisiana, has a strong and deep sense of justice, and repeatedly champions the downtrodden, abused and abandoned, while meting out his own version of just desserts to the mean spirited a [...]

    7. blues por new orleans , no original The Tin Roof Blowdown , publicado em 2007 pelo norte americano James Lee Burke n 1936 o 16 livro com o detective Dave Robicheaux O furac o Katrina est a devastar a costa do Lousiana Nova Orle es depois do furac o KatrinaJames Lee Burke mistura admiravelmente detalhes e descri es ver dicas das consequ ncias e do rescaldo do furac o Katrina com uma narrativa ficcional criminal policial dominada por duas subtramas a hist ria do padre Jude LeBlanc com cancro da pr [...]

    8. Can I give this one TEN STARS I love James Lee Burke s writing, and I consider him THE BEST writer working today Shakespeare and Hawthorne are dead I used to think HEARTWOOD was truly his best book to date, but this, pardon the expression, blows everything he s written out of the water It is a masterpiece for its story, for its description especially of the devastation , for its honest and unflinching view of humanity, and for the sheer power and scope of storytelling at its ABSOLUTE BEST Anyone [...]

    9. These books, which I listen to on tape, are like sedatives Dave Robicheaux is a dark conflicted hero He is the male version of the hooker with a heart of gold stereotype.James Lee Burk has always painted very vivid and poignant pictures of New Orleans and the area surrounding it This is his first novel post hurricane, and you can just feel his heart seizing as he writes a fictional account of Katrina and the aftermath.I know this book type isn t for everyone I don t know if the fact that I have [...]

    10. The best part of this book was its descriptions of what Katrina and Rita did to New Orleans because it was seen through the eyes of the main character The mystery was secondary to that, IMO.

    11. So much than a police procedural This is James Lee Burke s elegiac for America in the aftermath of Katrina So much rage and pain, but also a great story and characters who are trying to carry on despite the disaster, despite finding they didn t live in the country they had thought The writing is so much better, the ideas so far surpass what you would find in an average detective mystery, that James Lee Burke should be up for literary prizes at the same time he writes a great page turning whodun [...]

    12. Here is another superb piece of N Awlins noir from James Lee Burke, one of the best mystery writers out there, period This weaves together a few strands of criminal suspense and sets it in the Crescent City just after the Hurricane Katrina disaster Burke cranks up the tension and keeps it simmering as he jumps around following a few different story lines that may or may not intersect Of course he has his fine lead detective, Dave Robicheaux, right in the middle of it all there is a lot going, an [...]

    13. Booklist review I can t say it better I wanted to wake to the great, gold green, sun spangled promise of the South Louisiana in which I had grown up I didn t want to be part of the history taking place in our state That sentence wouldn t be out of place in any of Burke s Dave Robicheaux novels, all of which have been distinguished by their elegiac tone, but it s only fitting that it should appear in his latest, a heartfelt post Katrina ode to a lost New Orleans and a lost world In a sense, Dave [...]

    14. I m not at all sure I really got what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans until I read this book Sometimes fiction, at least Burke s fiction, is far evocative than all the news reports, specials and other stuff in the media.That said, this is the story of how series hero, Dave Robicheaux, is dragged into the chaos following the disaster and is swallowed up in the aftermath of investigating a number of killings The plot is typical of the series in that it bounces from a first person narrative b [...]

    15. This is the second Burke novel I ve read, and I m starting to really appreciate his style passionately moral and teeth grindingly realistic Larger than life.For some reason, this is the time of year that I like to read murder mysteries This was an extremely satifying and intelligent shoot em up mystery story There was a strong good v evil conflict and a big tangled mess of characters in a variety of colors and flavors Loved it The mess of characters doesn t get perfectly organized and explained [...]

    16. I could hardly watch the news coverage of Katrina It was too cruel and awful and I couldn t do anything to help I wanted to participate in the pet rescue, but someone would have ended up rescuing me before it was over Reading Jim Burke s book brings it all back and I have a love hate relationahip with the reading experience I dread going into that world again, but I m also fascinated by it and can hardly put it down Robicheax provides the voice for all those enraged by a government that is all s [...]

    17. This is one of my favorite James Lee Burke novels He does a wonderful job of chronicling the post Katrina landscape, and Dave Robicheaux is the perfect narrator to guide us through the dark, murky aftermath of Katrina s New Orleans The story and characters are a perfect reflection of a city in shambles And it s not the mystery that grabs you as much as it is the atmospheric landscape with it s desperate characters, all scrambling to take advantage of the chaotic aftermath.James Lee Burke is the [...]

    18. FirstWill Patton IS Dave Robicheauxd Clete Purcelld Helen Swallow He makes Mr Burke s rich prose an intimate conversation with the reader I am all about the audio for these books.Secondepare to be haunted for days, even weeks, by the pain, sadness and loss in these words Only someone who has grown with and loved New Orleans and New Iberia as much as Mr Burke could have written this book.

    19. What a disappointment I had not read Burke s work before, but he is a highly regarded noir writer, and I had it on good authority that this was one of his best novels Set in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, it seemed to have a lot of dramatic potential What a colossal waste of time this book was I wanted to give it up, but I kept thinking that something would improve, and then I reached the point at which I just wanted to find out the mystery.I won t say Burke is a bad writer I ha [...]

    20. Let me start by saying that this book epitomizes the reason I try to avoid reading series books The suspense is simply gone.Look, the detective hero, his wife, his daughter, and his best friend in this book all walk around with invisible shields They need to appear in the next installment, so nothing anyone does is ever going to kill them SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Hence, when the evil mercenary with the seventh degree black belt goes off to shoot one of them, he suddenly can t se [...]

    21. James Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux books follow a fairly similar formula I ve read most of them, so I know.Here s what you can expect 1 There will be multiple grisly deaths.2 Dave will reflect on his time in Vietnam and his time as an alcoholic.3 Dave s old partner, Clete Purcel, will stumble through the case like a wet elephant, trying to do good and silence his inner torment.4 There will be at least one mobsterme are colorfulme are dangerous are both.5 All the murders Dave is investigating will [...]

    22. I ve read a few of Burke s previous books but I had a hard time with The Tin Roof Blowdown Some of the lyrical prose for which Burke is known is present, and the dialogue is often sharp, but I nearly gave up after the first thirty pages It felt to me as if two books had been clunked together one a political commentary on Katrina and its aftermath particularly in the first 60 pages or so , the other a police procedural Rather than letting the story do the commentary, Burke has whole paragraphs ef [...]

    23. Burke centers this complex story around the tragedy of hurricane Katrina When I bought the book, I was a bit reluctant, wondering how in the world he could take such haunting images as were created by the aftermath of that killer storm, and diminish them enough to allow us to focus on the foibles of his characters Well, James Lee Burke is the quintessential wordsmith Not only does he use his words well, he uses them with emotion that tells us he has lived in dark places Either that, or he dreams [...]

    24. Oh lordy yes Detective Dave Robicheaux and Hurricane Katrinawhat better combination of natural forces could be better calculated to lay waste the Big Easy James Lee Burke continues his stellar writing in yet another Robicheaux novel If you ve ever read any of Burke s writings, I m preaching to the choir If you haven t, you pitiful wretch, rectify the situation immediately and get thee to a bookery This man writes with power and pain than anyone I know of He is simply our best writer of fiction [...]

    25. This continues the series of books dedicated to the experiences of Dave Robicheaux a New Orleans sheriff s department detective All of these books are great They are not just cop stories They give great feeling and flavor of life in New Orleans Burke is a student of the human condition and really brings empathy to good guys and bad guys alike In fact, you come out of these books feeling that there is no such thing as a truly good or bad person This book is about the days following Katrina If eve [...]

    26. While Tin Roof started out promising, I faded half way through The self absorbed, self righteous cop detective thing gets tired really quickly Pass.

    27. Even though this book hits every James Lee Burke beat you expect to, it s special Not only is there the anger fusing everything together, but also how a nature disaster not only leveled New Orleans to the ground but the social classes and barriers that went with it Everything at some point will float to the surface It is a stunning book, and a brilliant piece of Southern Gothic literature Burke s writing is on point This is a book about mother nature, tragedy, cruelty and abandonment and what ha [...]

    28. Todo un descubrimiento.Ya sab a que me gustaban las novelas ambientadas en Nueva Orleans pero es que las descripciones de Lee Burke me han encantado.Estamos ante una novela negra negra que tiene como tel n de fondo el hurac n Katrina que asol la ciudad en 2009 Est historia nos ense a que las fuerzas de la naturaleza pueden ser devastadoras pero que las de los seres humanos pueden ser a n peores.El polic a protagonista, Dave Robicheaux me ha gustado mucho y me ha ca do muy bien as que, por supues [...]

    29. This Dave Robicheaux novel was better than most Burke writes with a crisp style and you can almost feel the humidity of New Orleans as you read This time, Burke attempts to sermonize about some of the terrible events that occured during Hurricane Katrina He almost seems to attempt to justify the shooting of looters some of which was likely a proper use of force while most of it was likely open season on young blacks Burke actually manages to weave an actual mystery and even surprise me in this n [...]

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