The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter

The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter

Ambrose Bierce / Jul 11, 2020
The Monk and the Hangman s Daughter On arriving at a rural monastery the monk Ambrosius meets a young girl Benedicta She is shunned by the local community for being the daughter of the local hangman but Ambrosius is drawn into a dang
  • Title: The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
  • Author: Ambrose Bierce
  • ISBN: 9781199128546
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On arriving at a rural monastery, the monk Ambrosius meets a young girl, Benedicta She is shunned by the local community for being the daughter of the local hangman, but Ambrosius is drawn into a dangerous sympathy with her, and in defiance of the community and his superiors, he starts spending time alone with her But when her virtue is corrupted by an impetuous young maOn arriving at a rural monastery, the monk Ambrosius meets a young girl, Benedicta She is shunned by the local community for being the daughter of the local hangman, but Ambrosius is drawn into a dangerous sympathy with her, and in defiance of the community and his superiors, he starts spending time alone with her But when her virtue is corrupted by an impetuous young man, the stage is set for a battle between heart, mind, body, spirit, the sins of the past, and redemption Allegedly a rewriting from a lost German original, Ambrose Bierce s 1892 novel reads as a seamless, almost folktale like masterpiece.
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        Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce 1842 1914 was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist Today, he is best known for his short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and his satirical lexicon, The Devil s Dictionary The sardonic view of human nature that informed his work along with his vehemence as a critic, with his motto nothing matters earned him the nickname Bitter Bierce Despite his reputation as a searing critic, however, Bierce was known to encourage younger writers, including poet George Sterling and fiction writer W C Morrow Bierce employed a distinctive style of writing, especially in his stories This style often embraces an abrupt beginning, dark imagery, vague references to time, limited descriptions, the theme of war, and impossible events.Bierce disappeared in December 1913 He is believed to have traveled to Mexico to gain a firsthand perspective on that country s ongoing revolution.


    1. My, my, my So this is Ambrose Bierce A twist of fate, a twist of a knife A well intentioned monk overcome by desire makes a fatal mistake when judging another s character Things aren t as they seem they rarely are Interesting Somewhat predictable Whatever else you do, if you should get your hands on the Heritage Press edition, DO NOT read the Introduction unless you do so as an Afterword.

    2. I found this in an antique bookseller Originally published in the late 19th century my copy is a 1967 print , it tells a story of a young Franciscan monk in pre enlightenment Germany, who takes pity on the local hangman s daughter, a figure who by nature of her father s occupation is a social outcast At first, due to the reverential language of the tale, it seemed that it would be a tale of temptation and mutual redemption By the end of the book, it turns into something quite different Not for a [...]

    3. Este es otro de esos libros que he comprado nicamente por el trabajo visual de Santiago Caruso, aunque me gusta mucho tambi n el trabajo de Bierce No lo hab a le do anteriormente El monje y la hija del verdugo , aunque me daba la impresi n de que no iba a ser algo t pico a lo que ya he le do en el pasado del autor, y tuve raz n En esta ocasi n, se trata de un relato m s inscrito dentro de la tradici n europea de esas viejas leyendas tomadas como base para una obra literaria Esta en particular, p [...]

    4. The Monk and the Hangmans daughter by Ambrose Bierce A short novel which is written in a first person diary from, its the diary of a young monk called Ambrosius The story follows Ambrosius pilgrimage and on his journey he meets the hangman s daughter The rest of the story follows his subsequent meetings with her Slowly he becomes obsessed with the girl, she is shunned from town and the church because of her fathers job and Ambrosius makes it his mission to save her soul not matter what the cost [...]

    5. 4.5 5Hermosa edici n, preciosas ilustraciones, traducci n cuidad sima Un relato sobrecogedor pero al mismo tiempo muy po tico que te hace leerlo con una rapidez extraordinaria.

    6. A short yet poignant and beautifully written tale concerning the young Franciscan monk Ambrosius, who is torn apart by the conflict between the religious beliefs and instruction of his order and his blossoming love for the daughter of the local hangman, who is abhorred by the community.In many ways this short novella exposes the duplicity and bigotry of religion, and the sheer cruelty and sadistic intent behind the dogma or so I felt of the Franciscans Ambrosius is an innocent, used and scorned [...]

    7. Haunting psychological thriller, set in the forests and monastaries of medieval Germany It is perhaps most notable for the convincing way in which its first person narrator quickly descends into murderous monomania.

    8. Asked by a contemporary to translate this novella to English from yet another translation to German , Ambrose took it upon himself to add some of his own spice to the mix Ironically, that very contemporary whom Ambrose was asked by, disclosed later that that original author had told him that the whole base of the story was from a manuscript he had found in a Franciscan monastery somewhere in Bavaria This is the first work of Ambrose that I have read With the nature of Ambrose s contribution, it [...]

    9. An inexperienced Franciscan monk called Ambrosius is sent on a mission to the mountain wilds near Salzburg, where he is immediately entranced by the arresting sight of a beautiful young maiden singing and dancing by the gallows of a recently hung man.The girl turns out to be the hangman s daughter, Benedicta, chasing away the vultures from the swaying body Father and daughter are treated like outcasts in the remote community, with Benedicta accused of harlotry Ambrosius is convinced of her purit [...]

    10. The Monk and the Hangman s Daughter is a short, but effective, novel written by the American author, Ambrose Bierce It is written in the form of an undated diary, detailing the arrival in Berchtesgaden of three Franciscan monks, including the diary writer, Ambrosius He goes on to tell of his first meeting with Benedicta, the hangman s daughter, and of his subsequent meetings and dealings with her The story is a tragic one, being a battle between body and spirit, the sins of the past and the desi [...]

    11. Un relato excelente, con una gran ambientacion gotica Unos monjes son cambiados a un convento ubicado en lo alto de las monta as y alli, uno de ellos conoce a la marginada pero bellisima hija de un verdugo, la cual lo deja turbado desde el principio Muy buenas descripciones del ambiente, de las costumbres de la epoca y tambien de los personajes No hay que leerlo con expectativas de que sea un relato de terror, sino un relato de suspenso gotico.

    12. Very short story that reads like a cautionary fairytale Simply written in a diary form with succinct and sharp descriptions of the landscapes that you can see immediately in your minds eye The style it is written n reminds me of Evelyn Waugh, but I m not sure why exactly

    13. The words are poetic, the subject as gothic as could be I loved this book Short, anything but sweet dark, beautiful and haunting Everything a reader could look for in a gothic fiction.

    14. It was cool reading this alongside Matthew Lewis The Monk, because both stories go different directions from the same concept They start with a virtuous monk, then put irresistible temptation in his way to see what happens But while Lewis character needs an outside influence to pull him towards sin, Bierce s falls all on his own.Lewis has the thrilling story because it s so lurid , but Bierce s which does go to some ghastly places as well is the effective warning Not just for religious people, [...]

    15. A beautifully written book where events escalate rather quickly for one monk due to his inability to keep his religious zeal and personal interests apart and, of course, the appearance of the hangman s daughter.

    16. a good, quick read I got this as part of a set of horror tales from classical authors eg Dickens the prose was superb and just flowed throughout the monks premonition about his grave makes the ending clear so it then becomes a matter of understanding how he journeys to his demise.

    17. Enjoying reading Ambrose Bierce the last two weeks.This is a wonderful short novel with a unexpected ending.

    18. I really like the monks views on religion and society and the ways everyone should be treated regardless of their birth This made his actions in the end all the disappointing.

    19. En un primer momento pens que era una historia de amor m s t pica ambientada en el medievo pero vemos desde el punto de vista del monje toda la historia de este muchacho criado en la fe cristiana m s estricta y obsesiva Intenta llevar a cabo fielmente las leyes de la iglesia y vivir como Jes s lo hizo y predicar como l lo hizo Pero conoce a Benedicta y se compadece de su mala suerte, ve lo buena que es y lo injustamente tratada que est por la sociedad, por el simple hecho de estar marcada con el [...]

    20. This is a really entertaining short read about the nature of religion, human values and civilisation The subject is Ambrosio, a 17th century monk who is little than a boy himself at 21 years of age We are told that he has been born into the church, having been left an orphan and therefore really has little choice but to become a monk He travels to a far away monastery with two of the other monks and there comes across Benedicta, the hangman s daughter His initial pity of her ostracised state tu [...]

    21. An odd Romantic tale set in the rural mountains outside Salzburg in 1860 A young Franciscan monk becomes obsessed with a girl who is ostracized from Church and society because her father is a hangman The monk s superior punishes him for merely showing concern for the girl s welfare Gradually, the monk realizes he is in love with the girl, which prompts him to fast in the wilderness for three days and finally to kill her in a jealous fit that has delusional religious overtones He confesses and is [...]

    22. From CLassic Tales podcast First published serially in 1891, it has an atmospheric fairy tale feel like many popular stories of the time The subtle transformation of the monk Ambrosius from innocent monk to violent zealot is where Bierce really shines When an innocent monk falls in love, his efforts to suppress his natural feelings result in a gradual descent toward calamity From the introduction to the 1967 edition, copyright by The George Macy Companies, scholar Maurice Valency writes his spir [...]

    23. El libro nos ubica en 1680 en Berchtesgaden, en Alemania, un grupo de monjes ha llegado al monasterio entre ellos se encuentra Ambrosius, un joven impetuoso y con deseos de ser ordenado sacerdote.Al momento de su arribo, ha conocido a Benedicta, una hermosa joven que sufre de una manera casi inhumana, pues es la hija del verdugo de la zona y, por consiguiente, es tratada como una paria.La relaci n entre Ambrosius y Benedicta se va haciendo m s cercana cada vez Hay que tener en cuenta que estamos [...]

    24. I love Ambrose Bierce His sardonic wit was ahead of its time, especially for an American writer His story Chickamauga shows such perfect and cruel imagery and is possibly my favorite short story This story or novella is borrowed from a writer Richard Voss, a German teller of medieval tales, that Bierce thought should be translated and amplified with his writing style The story is surprisingly original The characters are solid, trustworthy, sympathetic, and develop nicely for such a rigid and dis [...]

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