Almost A Spinster

Almost A Spinster

Jenna Petersen / Jul 11, 2020
Almost A Spinster An omnibus of Jenna Petersen s wildly popular You Tell Me the Story online interactive novellas In Her Every Desire Lady Jane asks her old friend Wesley to do a favor for her seduce the fiance of the
  • Title: Almost A Spinster
  • Author: Jenna Petersen
  • ISBN: 2940012506375
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Nook
  • An omnibus of Jenna Petersen s wildly popular You Tell Me the Story online interactive novellas In Her Every Desire Lady Jane asks her old friend Wesley to do a favor for her, seduce the fiance of the man she believes she loves Instead he proposes that they pretend to be engaged to make the other man jealous and please Wesley s dying grandmother But what starts asAn omnibus of Jenna Petersen s wildly popular You Tell Me the Story online interactive novellas In Her Every Desire Lady Jane asks her old friend Wesley to do a favor for her, seduce the fiance of the man she believes she loves Instead he proposes that they pretend to be engaged to make the other man jealous and please Wesley s dying grandmother But what starts as a pretended engagement leads to true feelings And a choice that must be made that could change both their lives forever.In A Scandal to Keep , Felicity Ellis made a terrible decision that ruined her when she gave her innocence to a scoundrel But after his death, his younger brother Gabriel inherits the title and the sins of his brother and father Felicity cannot believe the two brothers could be so different, but after they kiss, she finds herself entertaining than just Gabriel s offer to make amends with a marriage of convenience.Finally, in A Woman Scorned , Madeline was humiliated and ruined after her engagement was broken Now she is in the country helping her aunt with a difficult pregnancy when she is nearly run down by Nathan and his horse He believes she is a servant and Maddie lets him continue that misconception But they are from very different worlds, and by the time he realizes her deception, it may be too late.
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    1. Cute collection of novellas involving characters whose lives were intertwined In the first story I particularly enjoyed Jane s explanation to Wesley about how, why, and when she had fallen love with him In the second story, A Scandal to Keep, Felicity a friend of Jane s from the first story was a fallen woman who was pursued by the brother of her seducer Gabriel was attempting to restore the honor of his family I thought she resisted him a bit too long and I got impatient with her However her co [...]

    2. As a fan of historical romance, especially set during the Regency period, this novella collection appealed to me How I felt about the stories, which were crafted as sort of interactive stories wherein the readers of Jenna s blog could choose which way the story went at the end of each chapter, varies a great deal I don t know what the other choices could have been, or the direction the author could have gone otherwise unfortuantely Her Every Desire Kind of sucks to be Jane, though there is nothi [...]

    3. Quick readThis was awful read The three stories were interlocked but still exclusive I loved the stories and characters If anything was missing it was of the spice that I have become used to It was still a page Turner though.

    4. While I felt the first short story was well developed, the speedy transition from strangers to love in the second and third short stories seemed a little ridiculous and hard to believe Cute nonetheless.

    5. This is a collection of 3 short stories all revolving around 3 ladies who are connected to each other The stories are really sweet and kinda just make you go aw In Her Every Desire Lady Jane asks her best friend Wesley to help her out by seducing the lady who has become engaged to the man David who has been courting her for the last 2 years Wesley refuses, but counteroffers by telling her that being courted by him will make other men notice her and make David jealous Wesley tells her this will a [...]

    6. One story, three couples, and true loveAlmost A Spinster is a compilation of three couples whose fate is set at the start of the very first story.Her Every Desire is the story of Jane Davenport who truly believes she s absolutely and desperately in love with a poor excuse of a man, David For the last couple of years, he s encouraged her and let her believe he will one day propose Well that is all great and good until one night, he announces his engagement to Maddie Wesley Hughes is David s best [...]

    7. I wasn t sure i was going to write a review of this until someone just left me a comment asking what I thought and it gave me a chance to sit down and thing I liked the stories to an extent don t get me wrong But I had a hard time with the believability of them yeah, you laugh, because i do read a lot of romance, but these ones just seemed to be missing something I never really got the feeling that each couple fell in love with the other I think if the author had broken them up into 3 longer sto [...]

    8. This is a collection of three short stories from Jenna Petersen s early writings Mostly they re ok, but would have been better with different timing The first two stories all happen with in days, but the characters act as if had been weeks, or even months Jane and Wesley s story would have been truly fabulous all flushed out in a full length novel I would have loved to see so much of them ETA These stories were, at one point in Ms Petersen s career, a You tell me the story interactive stories S [...]

    9. One book, three novellas And not all of them so good.I liked the first one It was snappy and spunky and had good characters Making it a pretty good read The second story wasn t as good as the first one Still alright, but left me with a meh kinda feeling The final story was boring The characters were bland and it was hard to wrap my mind around the plot.I ended up with a 3 5 review because I m feeling generous today and liked the first story, than because of the other two stories.

    10. All 3 short novellas are a bit shallow honestly Seems like there s really no explanation on why they fell in love with each other aside from the fact that they both got together And I hate the fact that all of a sudden they realize that all the while they ve been in love with the heroine ever since years back Seems a bit unrealistic to me.

    11. This was cute but I think that there wasn t enough pages dedicated to each story As a result I never felt like I got into any of the stories The first story was cute and the story was developed than the last two I particularly thought that the middle story was completely unrealistic I did not feel that their relationship was plausible.

    12. This is 3 short stories, and each has a related theme of the heroine is almost a spinster I enjoyed the stories, but found myself wishing for a little bit particularly the middle story where the falling in love was almost non existent Having said that, I really like this author s style.

    13. I also would ve loved to see Jane and Wesley as well as Madeline and Nathan as a full length story I love Jenna Petersen s writing, so it makes me sad when a story is too short But great short stories

    14. Three short stories where you follow three women along their respective love stories I liked the book The stories are fresh and simple and I really can t believe they come from a decide what will follow contest type thing.Excellent read.

    15. Fast reading The stories were cute, maybe a bit too short I would have love to see a longer story for Felicity and Gabriel She could have put some beautiful pranks to make him go away Better than disguise herself Just thinking about it make me laugh.

    16. I would rate 3 1 2 out of 5 The first story is spectacular, and I enjoyed the last The middle seemed rushed and unrealistic I thought the writing was spectacular in it s descriptions and plot as well as pace Worth the read

    17. Enjoyable Regency romance stories The introduction says that the direction of the stories was based on comments votes on the author s website where she posted them as serials, but I couldn t find that I was curious enough to want to follow up and see what the other potential plotlines were.

    18. Three really sweet short stories all related that the author apparently let people vote on the outcomes I really enjoyed reading these Ebook did not have a proper contents page no chapter markers or story markers for that matter Especially like the opening I want you to seduce.

    19. I believe this was another free list book It was pretty much boiler plate historical romance Not bad for a bit of escape, but nothing very deep I enjoyed it though.

    20. Laugh out loud funny, sometimes Typical regency romance throughout, minus most of the smut as they re novellas rather than full lenght.

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