Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors

Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors

David Zyla / Sep 27, 2020
Color Your Style How to Wear Your True Colors Move over Color Me Beautiful an Emmy Award winning costume designer shows women how to find their authentic style archetype David Zyla has made women look sensational on the runway television and B
  • Title: Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors
  • Author: David Zyla
  • ISBN: 9780452296831
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Move over Color Me Beautiful, an Emmy Award winning costume designer shows women how to find their authentic style archetype David Zyla has made women look sensational on the runway, television, and Broadway for twenty years In Color Your Style ,David shows how every woman can unlock her authentic style based on a combination of her personality, her eight true colors,Move over Color Me Beautiful, an Emmy Award winning costume designer shows women how to find their authentic style archetype David Zyla has made women look sensational on the runway, television, and Broadway for twenty years In Color Your Style ,David shows how every woman can unlock her authentic style based on a combination of her personality, her eight true colors, and one of twenty four color palette archetypes from the Wholesome Flirt to the Romantic Poetess to The Maverick Through quizzes, charts, and stories, women can discover the colors, clothes, and accessories that will attract love, power, energy, and attention Color Your Style is like getting an astrological reading only color inspired allowing you to learn about yourself while you make over your wardrobe We are at our best when we feel comfortable, confident, and know we look fantastic Zyla and Color Your Style shows women how to be their best without being slaves to designer labels or the latest trends.
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    1. Really interesting book Read through it quickly in a few days.The only issues I had with this book were that 1 this book wasn t in color, as illustrations could really help when talking about colors and styles2 there wasn t given color charts to help properly identify a color, as for example marine blue and navy can be easily mixed up Sooo not really certain the colors you end up withh are the right ones.3 The influences on these colors if you dye your hair or wear certain colors in your makeup4 [...]

    2. I ve recently been on a self improvement jag, so I ve revamped my diet, exercise program, and closet to some degree and have been enjoying the process quite a bit I was never a dowdy dresser and I had some sense of colors that look good on me, but I ve also made some good changes as a result of realizing I fit into the winter color palette and that green is a good color I picked up this book thinking it might add something to that discovery I think its a good book for someone who has never been [...]

    3. It can be a challenge to get your colors right the first time you try the exercises It is good to get your essence correct This will be needed to best calibrate your other colors when testing against your palm and near your face Once you feel confident in your essence, nail the romantic This will guide you later with clues to your archetype and again in calibrating Your tranquil, energy and bases will take the most time and trial to perfect Your dramatic can be guided by your veins, but also you [...]

    4. Provides guidelines for choosing colors that work for you, based on the colors in your skin, hair, and eyes Not a bad system for choosing a set of colors that will almost always work well for you Cons It s not so easy to pick a color that brings together all the tones in the palm of your hand I consulted an artist friend, and I am still not sure we nailed it A lot of the tasks are like that there are many colors in one s eyes and hair strands, and it s hard to match them with paint chips, let al [...]

    5. I love the premise of this book that each person has an individual color palette as well as archetype and that different occasions call for different color choices Zyla explains how to identify your dramatic color, your romantic color, your energy color, your tranquil color, your essence color, and your best neutrals I think he s onto something here, but I don t have the eye he has, and I really wish the book had some color palettes instead of just descriptive words to describe colors What exact [...]

    6. Fast easy read with practical ideas for finding and using your personal best colors My only disappointment was that he didn t address how, or if, one s true colors change according to aging, graying, or coloring hair.

    7. For those of us who used the Color Me Beautiful system, this book is a total game changer Zyla breaks down the seasons in a granular way and uses one s skin, hair, and eye colors to do it.I would have liked a few color photos illustrating the different archetypes, however.

    8. Interesting The information in here makes sense but ultimately, as a visual person I really need to see something like this rather than have it explained in text to me Will be looking into this a bit though since it seems to go well with the 12 Blue Prints theory.

    9. I summarize this way 1 Pay close attention to the unique coloring of your skin, eyes, and hair.2 Once you know your personal palette, learn how to use it in different types of clothing for the settings you anticipate.3 Evaluate your wardrobe and plan your purchases accordingly.

    10. If you liked learning what colours to wear back in the 80s, this is the next step It might be a little affected, but generalmente, I think he was spot on, at least for the colours I should wear Maybe not how much they affect other people or what my archetype should be.

    11. i really like the concept behind this book dressing based upon your innate coloring but the chapter on the women who embodied types left me cold.

    12. Easy to follow way of determining complementary colors and figuring out one s season without undue expense Good resource for those of us working on a capsule wardrobe.

    13. While I love the idea of harmonizing the colors I wear with my skin, hair, and eye colors, this approach to picking your best colors fell flat for me David Zyla seems to believe that colors are clearly defined and specific, while in reality, they are highly subjective Just look up one of the very specific color names he mentions Go ahead, try doing an image search for fire engine red How many different reds show up Try aubergine color without the world color, you ll just get eggplants See what I [...]

    14. Interesting concepts here quite logical to identify one s natural coloring and dress to highlight that FYI, there are some good color picker apps to help find your true colors I ll need to test drive these theories to see what sort of mileage I can get Still withholding judgement about my Archetype.

    15. Refresher about selecting colors that are best for you and how to design your wardrobe around them Does not have any templates based on season because his technique is individualized I had my color palette done using the same technique so I better understand why the colors were selected.

    16. A very good book with a very interesting theory on finding your true colors and incorporating them in your wardrobe, surroundings and lifestyle Can t wait to follow and find mine

    17. The color of style by David Zyla takes the seasonal color analysis process even further He has created a system of determining your eight basic colors based on your natural coloring He explains how and when to use these colors in your wardrobe and in other areas of your life He also helps you to determine your season based on these colors Finally, Zyla describes 24 different archetypes, six per season, to help you further define your style Examples of archetypes include pixie, classic beauty, se [...]

    18. Carol Tuttle s Dress your Truth is a big deal right around my neighborhood right now, so when I found this at the library I decided to check it out to see how it differed.It found it really interesting Carol Tuttle s is based on personality and doesn t take into account as much your coloring I think this approach makes sense because he has you take color cues from your own hand and eye for your best colors From that you find your season, and then each season is divided into 8 or so archetypes.I [...]

    19. I firmly believe in the power of color to communicate our personalities and compliment our physical being This book gives several examples of David s clients who transformed their lives and found opportunity through the power of wearing their specific colors I like that the book goes beyond the basic seasonal color theories to give personas with artistic inspiration As a photographer and art school graduate, this finds great appeal and connection.I would give the book a higher rating if in addit [...]

    20. Remember the book Color Me Beautiful that came out in the 80 s This takes that concept and extrapolates it to the nth degree Apparently one is not just Spring Summer Fall Winter any.First, he wants you to figure out your 5 basic colors ie your Essence, Romantic, Dramatic, Energy and Tranquil colors and trust me, this isn t as easy as you think it would be because his process is so individualized Then you have to figure out your First, Second and Third Base colors your version of black, brown and [...]

    21. Interesting book, only took a couple days to read There are some good ideas in here that I am interested to try however I am a bit disappointed that there weren t any colour swatches to give us a better idea of what potential colours could be our authentic colours I had to google alot of them and some I had very inconsistent answers so although I am excited to have a better understanding of my skin tone and what suits me I am still feeling a little uncertain about how to determine these specific [...]

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