The Price of Indiscretion

The Price of Indiscretion

Cathy Maxwell / Apr 08, 2020
The Price of Indiscretion New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase her readership When three impoverished young l
  • Title: The Price of Indiscretion
  • Author: Cathy Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780060740573
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase her readership.When three impoverished young ladies brought up in America decide to fulfill their late mother s dream of successful marriages and seasons, they concentrate their resources on sending the prettiest to LondoNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase her readership.When three impoverished young ladies brought up in America decide to fulfill their late mother s dream of successful marriages and seasons, they concentrate their resources on sending the prettiest to London to make a brilliant match But whom does she see but the man who had broken her heart years before Alexander Haddon is no longer the rough and tumble man she once fell for, but a wealthy gentleman whose passionate nature is only just hidden under a veneer of sophistication
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    1. I liked this one but not as much as the first one I liked the hero and the heroine It was a nice read but the push pull drove me a little crazy because most of it was completely unnecessary Both the hero and heroine cause unnecessary drama by playing childish games instead of clearly saying they want to be together And had they pulled their heads out of their asses Miranda would have never had to snub the Duke and he wouldn t be trying to ruin her sisters, and friends lives Still not a bad read [...]

    2. A tedious read, but I found the male main character inexplicably hot Tedious because nothing much happened and the reader had to slog through pages and pages of does he love me or doesn t he love me why doesn t he love me he ran away again he doesn t love me plus the male character s equivalent gripes I found his racial issues interesting, but was disappointed the author did not write on it.

    3. I felt pushed into the story I think the author should have started with Miranda and Alex as kids when they first meet so I could get of a feel for the couple.The story picked up for me around chapter 7 Alex and Miranda definitely had a feistiness about them that was fun to read.Ooh here we go, I love when Alex says We are going on a raiding party Sigh, men and their possessiveness.Oh man all I have to say is never give a woman who feels scorned carte blanche over your money She will get your a [...]

    4. Rare DNF did not finish book for me I read the beginning and the end but felt no urge to read the middle This is one of those cases where I should have followed my instincts The second book in the series is the one that intrigues me but I had to start with the first book, much to my dismay.Not sure what it was that didn t appeal unfortunately so I can t really tell others why they might want to stay away I think part of it was the unlikelihood that a girl from America could snag a Duke Okay so s [...]

    5. If I never believed in true love before, after reading this book I so do now It was heartbreaking, it was sexy, it was so damn touching that I wanted to cry The hero and heroine are almost annoying with their usual stubborn stereotypes We re not what s best for each otherblah blah Finally, they realize how empty their lives would be without each other I loved the ending It was so romantic and so dashing The heroine jilts a powerful duke in this book to be with her man We meet the duke in the nex [...]

    6. Good solid Cathy Maxwell HR I wish we saw a little depth to The Duke of Colster I really liked him just wished he got page time Looks like he may be the Hero in the next book.I LOVED the pledge the H H took when they were younger and how the repeated the words in Shawnee Sweet ending

    7. I stumbled across this author on the Chicago Public Library website, and have really enjoyed her work Tight plotting, interesting characters, lots of lovin I take issue with the complete disregard of the consequences that screwing over a powerful peer would have on one s shipping business.

    8. Although the H h have a HEA, I was disappointed that there was no resolution of Alex finding and confronting his father I was also saddened with how they had to run in order to be together and leaving all their loved ones behind The Duke of Colster had better redeem himself in the next book.

    9. I really enjoyed this book, and I cannot wait to read the rest This was my first Cathy Maxwell book and I loved it At stages I felt like I was there, I just couldn t put it down.

    10. Miranda Cameron s mum was an earl s daughter who married for love even tho that meant shunting off to America with a man who ended up a trader Mum was killed by the Shawnee and Da croaked cuz he became a drunk, abusive bastid, so Miranda s two sisters are pushing her to go back to England and marry well She s the beauty of the family and with her help the other two can find decent husbands and a life away from the Ohio valley, where everyone treats them like a drunk s daughters Or worse.See, Mir [...]

    11. I m not sure how to feel about this view spoiler he kidnapped her and they had sexice like what either she is an idiot or she likes that type of behavior hide spoiler

    12. It was difficult to give this book 3 or 4 stars In the end I went with four because the book was so different than what I usually read while it may not look it the book is different As a reader I really enjoy the characters having pasts together and this story took that sort of story in a new direction through the characters themselves and how the story plays out First I really liked that both come from America originally and that Alex is half indian, its that that made their past so interesting [...]

    13. This book wow where do I begin I really liked Alex from the first book and was kind of disappointed with the girl the author puts him with She just gets on my nerves for most of the book I did not really enjoy the up and down roller coaster either There was way to much indecision in the book I think it took away from the story This book is also not like most historical s because there was not a happily ever after Just a sailing out to sea I don t know while I could not put it down it just was no [...]

    14. Miranda Cameron does NOT want to leave America and head to London to look for a husband, but she has no choice Her sisters push her into doing it and so does her chaperone, after a long discussion on how she need to forget the Shawnee Warrior Alex Haddon her first and only love Miranda packs up and off she goes.r thinking that her path with cross with Alex s.Alex Haddon hasn t seen Miranda Cameron is over 10 years and he never thought to see her in London looking for a HUSBAND Alex doesn t want [...]

    15. I liked the first two thirds of this book I was drawn in by the premise and the the heroine s start in America and the history between the H h I didn t like the end because the tension felt manufactured constant misunderstandings between Miranda Alex that could have been resolved with one conversation And then the constant poor timing of when they do get together I felt like the story was a yo yo and it could have kept going endlessly in a loop And I didn t like fall out for their friends and [...]

    16. 3 1 2 stars.My timing in reading this one was great I had just read Temptation of a Proper Governess a few days earlier in which Alex is a character I would definitely recommend that people read that book first as it features Alex s business partner and his now wife both of whom we see a lot of in this book.

    17. I really felt for these two Miranda and Alex have loved each other it seems their entire lives as American frontier women, and Alex as an Indian, it was a love not destined to be.However Alex leaves his Indian lifestyle to join the white lifestyle and ends up doing very well for himself I wasn t not a lust or desire that turned into love, it was a connection so powerful that the only result was those two coming together.

    18. Sometimes a girl just needs to read very bad literature, to ease the soppy romantic side.With a very small side of history next to it.Alex is half shawnee, half Brittish Miranda has to marry a wealthy noblemen to ensure her sisters future And they also have a history together Pull push pull push I need to marry someone with a title I am too proud to say I love you sex etcPretty much sums it up.

    19. I really loved this book I kept hoping that Miranda and Alex would find their love I just knew that they were meant to be together in spite of their pasts They finally found that love that started when they were younger Just when you think that they won t get together, Miranda goes to Alex and declares her love for him They find they happy ever after I love Cathy s books.

    20. I had a hard time finishing this one normally I would have folded it, but it was my last book I thought the two main characters were inane and annoying so much of the story was a series of s he loves me, s he loves me not and so on there was way too much lots of brooding sulking and poor me going on.

    21. Reh I spent half my time trying to figure out if parts were racist or not and the characters were rather, truly boring Disliked In fact I ve disliked almost every Cathy Maxwell book I ve ever read, except for one, and that was only a barely liked I need to stop reading Cathy Maxwell

    22. Decent plot Not everything in this book has a happy ending You have to read the next book to get some partial results I guess and then the next, and the next Leaves a lot of characters in chaos.which leaves a bad taste in your mouth Frustrating, but I m glad I read it.

    23. I got given this book by the author at the ARRC 13 and I was very excited to read it She was a wonderful and funny lady and I hoped her books would show that, but this one didn t really It was good, good enough for me to buy the next book in the series.

    24. This book was recommended by my aunt I liked it, but for some reason, I couldn t relate to the characters As a result, I can only say that I liked it Solid, fun read.

    25. Loved the headstrong ways of Miranda and Alex I wish Alex wasn t quite so prideful, then again, it was fun to read

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