Más allá de las sombras

Más allá de las sombras

Brent Weeks Gabriel Dols / Jul 05, 2020
M s all de las sombras El asesino perfecto no tiene conciencia sino una misi n El opresor ha muerto y su ej rcito ha sido vencido La rebeli n del pueblo de Cenaria ha triunfado pero a un coste muy alto El pa s entero est
  • Title: Más allá de las sombras
  • Author: Brent Weeks Gabriel Dols
  • ISBN: 9788401339141
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • El asesino perfecto no tiene conciencia, sino una misi n.El opresor ha muerto y su ej rcito ha sido vencido La rebeli n del pueblo de Cenaria ha triunfado, pero a un coste muy alto El pa s entero est en ruinas, y los supervivientes apenas podr an defenderlo El hambre y la desesperaci n se adue an del reino.Para evitar que estalle una guerra civil, Logan, el leg timo heEl asesino perfecto no tiene conciencia, sino una misi n.El opresor ha muerto y su ej rcito ha sido vencido La rebeli n del pueblo de Cenaria ha triunfado, pero a un coste muy alto El pa s entero est en ruinas, y los supervivientes apenas podr an defenderlo El hambre y la desesperaci n se adue an del reino.Para evitar que estalle una guerra civil, Logan, el leg timo heredero, cede el trono a una de las nobles que encabez la causa rebelde Mientras, en el norte, se alza un nuevo rey dios Su plan es una aut ntica locura, aunque si logra sacarlo adelante nadie podr pararle jam s los pies.Kylar ha de prepararse ante la contienda definitiva Para salvar a sus amigos e incluso tambi n a sus enemigos deber realizar lo imposible asesinar a una diosa Si fracasa, condenar a medio continente Si gana, tal vez podr a perder lo nico por lo que merec a la pena vivir.Es la ltima jugada La partida est a punto de acabar.
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        Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana After getting his paper keys from Hillsdale College, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth Not at the same time He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time Eventually, someone paid him for it Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi He doesn t own cats or wear a ponytail.


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    9. 4.0 to 4.5 stars Outstanding conclusion to an outstanding series Brent Weeks has created a superb world with original and well thought out magical systems and creatures All of the loose ends begun in the first two novels, The Way of Shadows and Shadow s Edge are tied up tight as a drum and brought to a very satisfying conclusion This series joins the ranks of one of the best fantasy series of recent years and I can not wait for the next book by this author Highly recommended

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    14. I don t write reviews.I can t be bothered, half the time Even if I love the book to pieces I ll name my firstborn child after the protagonist and fan stalk the author, but really, writing reviews isn t my cup of tea.Brent Weeks deserves some solid applause He s the first author that s made me a hate a book so much as to actually galvanize me into writing a review, can you imagine that The Way of Shadows was okay I kinda liked it Enough to try Shadow s Edge, which pretty much left me with a sneer [...]

    15. Executive Summary I really wanted to like this book than I did Most of my friends seemed to enjoy it, but I just found it a disappointment.Audio book Paul Boehmer again does a good, but not great job as a reader He is clear and easy to understand He does a few voices, but I really have trouble telling some of them apart.Full ReviewI found this book to be a letdown I felt Shadow s Edge started going off the rails a bit and to be uneven This book was worse There are things to like about it I stil [...]

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    17. Now that was just silly.The book felt rushed and crammed of information that was spoon fed by plot devices read characters , and not shown by the tale itself The parts that weren t rushed were fight descriptions, which unless they re really well done can bore me, and angsty lovey dovey crap, which bore me unless there s an actual point to them save for one or two parts that could have been shorter, I didn t think there was much of a point in them.As it were, I read it like Important stuff happen [...]

    18. Now that I ve finally finished the Night Angel Trilogy, I m going to review it as a series than just this individual book Overall, this series was just lukewarm for me What I liked I loved the world building There was so much political intrigue, intricate plots lines, and unexpected twists that went in every direction Each character was significant in some shape or form, and each character was connected to each other in some important, but not so obvious way What I didn t like These books are o [...]

    19. Overall this was a great book and a satisfying end to the trilogy Weeks has built a complex and detailed world and a wide variety of characters, some of whom I loved, and some I hated The battle scenes were well done and the writing flowed for the most part, with the exception of a few instances I found the dialogue witty, reminiscent of Scott Lynch, although Weeks has a darker side to him, although it did seem to be focused on the good in this book.I feel that Weeks also is great at creating s [...]

    20. After reading all the positive reviews of Beyond the Shadows, I ve started to wonder whether I read the same book Certainly, the novel I read had the same characters, but the impression that seems to have been made on others has been almost unanimously positive.After a positive if far from flawless start in The Way of Shadows, the series started to descend into farce in the second instalment for my liking, before winding up here.I was left with a feeling not dissimilar to how I felt about the Pi [...]

    21. End of the journey.Good and fitting final Touching, moving with powerful emotions My deepest admiration is for Elena Hat s off.Kylar, Durzo, Count Drake are my favourites Even the Wolf.However, there a few glaring drawbacks that I cannot dismiss.First of all, the whole trilogy was a bit short on history of Midcyru Brent Weeks has probably realised it and attempted to force feed us large chunks of it in the last book but it didn t go very smoothly.Second, too much was squeezed into one book Too m [...]

    22. This book had a very satisfying and very clean ending I ve been disappointed in the recent past how many series just sort of END, without any real resolution to the main plot, let alone many of the sub plots It s as if the author lost the last third of his final manuscript three days before it was due to the publisher and had to put everything together on the fly.Not so here While not everything is resolved leaving open the possibility for in this world , everything is settled and is clear Like [...]

    23. Excellent, almost perfect ending to an absolutely outstanding trilogy One of the best fantasy trilogies I ve ever read This goes to the top of my list along with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter It has everything, magic, battles, despicable lovable characters and everything else you could ask for in a trilogy So good I almost didn t want it to end

    24. The first 75% of this book is a collection of things that happen A bunch of scenes and storylines that really don t have all that much tying them together into anything resembling a cohesive story It s kind of hard to really care when nothing really seems to be happening, or leading toward anything, and you have a lot of different things happening to different people in different places and none of them seem like they re part of the same story I blasted the everliving shit out of Patrick Rothfus [...]

    25. Wow Inspiration is a good thing You take inspiration from great people, mould your lives taking the best from their lives and improve yourself I think that is the reason why Brent took lot of inspiration from the Robert Jordan s Wheel of time series Here are a few of them that the author believes he has improved on.Sword with great power Curoch CallandorGroup of female mages who believe they are always right and men are to be controlled and they have a school to teach magic Chantry White Tower A [...]

    26. I never really gave thought about what epic fantasy is in comparison to simple fantasy I think I just found out as this fantasy trilogy was simply epic.I personally think this 3rd book is the best of them It brings it all and concludes it right I absolutely don t get the one star reviews I mean, I guess I understand if you really disliked the first two volumes but then why read the rest of a saga that s not for you This 3rd volume is like Curoch it will multiply the effects of the power the firs [...]

    27. A solid and addicting ending to the trilogy I ended up really appreciating all these characters and thought weeks did an excellent job in making us empathize with those characters you want to hate I m not usually one to recommend pushing through a series because it gets better Life is far too short for that nonsense That said, I will make an exception for this trilogy as books two and three are way action packed.

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