These Hellish Happenings

These Hellish Happenings

JenniferRainey / Jun 01, 2020
These Hellish Happenings In hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time But three centuries later
  • Title: These Hellish Happenings
  • Author: JenniferRainey
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  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 1707, hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time But three centuries later, Satan is ready to collect His dues, whether the vampire likes it or not He s taking Jack down to Hell, and He s even got a job picked out for him down below an eternal posIn 1707, hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time But three centuries later, Satan is ready to collect His dues, whether the vampire likes it or not He s taking Jack down to Hell, and He s even got a job picked out for him down below an eternal position at the Registration Office of the Damned Jack attempts to adjust to life on the Administrative Level of Hell where fire and brimstone have been replaced by board meetings and the occasional broken copier But the whiny complaints of the recently deceased are the least of his problems Try adding to the equation a dead ex lover, a dangerous attraction to his high ranking demon companion, Alexander Ridner, and the sticky and distorted anti vampire politics of a Hell that is surprisingly like our own world.
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    1. If you think vampire literature is limited to gory stories of the ruthless undead and sweeping tales of sultry temptresses and their buff but sensitive and oh so mysterious male counterparts, then you ve certainly never taken a gander at These Hellish Happenings.As a fan of comedy, the supernatural, and anything that combines the two which is a mix that is sadly difficult to come across , I approached the book with high hopes and Satan knows I wasn t disappointed Jack Bentley s story is not that [...]

    2. The book is an exciting and fresh take on your typical vampire, hell, demon shtick Rainey has assembled an impressive cast of characters and has set about dilligently creating an interesting world for them to live in.Where others would go for romance and bodice ripping, this book takes a lighter approach Much of the book is slightly reminiscent Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy The hero fights through the spectacular world of hell only to find that it has all the mundane features of our own life [...]

    3. Jack is supposedly a 600 y o vampire, but he acts like a lazy 15 y o teenager He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for 300 years of not having to drink blood.This story starts off very, very, very slowly, mostly because Jack is the most boring vampire on the face of the planet I thought once he got dragged to hell that the story would pick up, but it doesn t In this universe Hell is a Bureaucratic Nightmare Which is just as boring as it sounds Watch Jack as he goes to work from 9 5 in the [...]

    4. I have honestly not been so pleasantly surprised by a book in quite some time I expected a funny vampire story and that s really about all What I got was an intensely amusing, quirky story that I had a very difficult time putting down This isn t your typical vampire story, not by a long shot Jack is an unlikely hero, and that somehow just makes me love him He has a delightfully dry sense of humor and the voice he brings to this story is wonderful He s just a guy, trying to make his way through [...]

    5. Take one dismal, music loving vampire with a contract to sell his soul to the devil and what do you have Funny, unique, and a jolly good read.Don t worry Jack the vampire isn t sparkly, and can be downright annoying When he s hauled off to hell when his contract expires, he doesn t find pools of lava or other annoyingly trite hellish happenings Instead, he just might find true love.Very enjoyable read.

    6. 4.5 stars A helluva fun read Jack the Vampire makes a deal with devil to escape a vampire hunt Three hundred years later it is time to pay the piper After a feeble and unsuccessful escape attempt he is whisked down to Hell to spend his eternity as an office worker in the Administrative level of Hell registering the newly dead Jack finds Hell isn t quite what he imagined He will be punching a clock for the rest of eternity and is required to live in employee housing There are company picnics and [...]

    7. Read review on my website In These Hellish Happenings, we follow vampire slash music collector Jack Bentley, as he is reminded of a bargain he striked with the Devil himself about three centuries ago Although three centuries is a long time, even for a practically immortal vampire, the Devil never forgets anything Jack is brought down to hell, where he begins his new job as registrar at The Registration Office of The Damned There, he is forced to write down the names of the recently deceased, and [...]

    8. About the Book In 1707, Jack Bently made a pact with the devil so that he could survive a vampire hunt Three hundred years later, the devil has come to collect his due So what is in store for Mr Bently in Hell An eternity of working at the Registration Office of the Damned Now, not only does Jack have to deal with such tedious repetition for an eternity, but there is also a discrimination against supernatural types in Hell such as werewolves and vampires So Jack tries to survive Hell as best as [...]

    9. So when you re a vampire you would think that Hell needs to make a deal with you to get you on their team, apparently they do That s where Jack has found himself On the verge of death the real, final final death, Mr Vampire is offered up a deal we ll save you, give you 300 years of guaranteed life, but then you re coming with us With nothing to lose and plenty to gain like those 300 years, he says sure.Thing is, for a vampire, 300 years just fly by Yes, even when you re the kind of vampire who [...]

    10. A clever, funny, sarcastic view of modern society and politics set against the backdrop of Hell Many laugh out loud funny parts, many pop culture references Then why didn t I love this book I think the author never went far enough with Hell and the supernatural characters There was obviously a political statement trying to be made Equality versus segregation Immigration rights Hell was quite the boring place Paperwork, political lobbying, door to door campaigning, company picnics, slanted politi [...]

    11. Before I even read this book I knew I was going to like it and I was right The cover is engaging and suits the tone of the novel perfectly, and the synopsis was tight and piqued my intrest right away The novel was all I d expected and then some Concise, evocative writing made this novel read like a movie I could picture it in my mind, and I wouldn t be surprised if it wasn t made into a movie at some point The Hellish Happenings is a mostly one of Dark Humor, mixed with a little light paranormal [...]

    12. Jack is not your usual vampire he s not rich, extremely handsome, and he definitely doesn t sparkle In fact, he s just kinda shlumping through his undead life, moving from one crappy job to another His main concern is preventing bad music from happening to good people, and making it to the local blood bar before the human vampire wannabes come out to play But, 300 hundred years ago, during your typical vampire hunt, he sold his soul to the devil, a niggling little detail he has chosen to forget [...]

    13. I really tried to like this book I was looking for a light, amusing, and entertaining read What I got wasring Oh, the author is a talented writer, but fifty pages into the book I m still reading about someone who could be a neighbor or a friend if you overlook the fact he drinks blood and not beer The main character is apparently the most boring vampire on the face of the planet.I feel bad giving it so few stars because the writing really is excellent The hints of the story to come are really in [...]

    14. A fun, if slightly uneven novel about a vampire getting sent to hell which it turns out is a lot like working at a government desk job Good characters, snappy writing, an intentional homage to Nick Hornby s High Fidelity and some inspired moments of comedy are highlights As it lagged a bit, the middle section could have used some editorial tightening and a little snappiness and romantic sexual tension I am interested to see the author s next work If this book were an animal, it would be a kitte [...]

    15. There are books about vampires Then there are books about Hell Combine these two and throw in some wonderful snarky and wry dialogues in a job from hell setting literally , and you ve got this book Jennifer Rainey certainly presents one of the most unique views on vampires that I ever came across, though it s probably not the kind of vampire books that fans will crave, as this is of a detail in the whole story and not its sole focus.The narrative is dabbling along, living mostly of the wonderfu [...]

    16. i was intrigued by the description of the book and it was chosen as our book club s book of the month the idea of someone being forced to be a receptionist in hell sounded funny i thought the author did a wonderful job in the beginning keep my attention and throwing in the humor i loved how jack thought he could hide from the devil but once jack gets to hell the story takes a weird and unexpected turn i would have liked to see the story focus on the crazy happenings at the receptionist desk I a [...]

    17. A fun, quick read Jack Bentley isn t your typical literary hero he s a smug slacker who can t hold down a job, as well as being a bit of a narcissist Yet you can t help liking him somehow, and I think it s because despite being a vampire, he s just a regular guy getting beaten down by life, just like the rest of us I enjoyed this book quite a bit There were a few false moments where the author left Jack to visit some minor characters points of view distractions that didn t really add anything to [...]

    18. These Hellish Happenings is one of the most unique, and brave, books I ve ever read I ve read books that have given us an alternate view of Hell before, but Jennifer has created a very entertaining version Hellish is a very funny novel, and it dared to go in a direction I didn t think it would I won t say to spoil anyone, but let me say I did not see the romance in the story coming at me at all Everything about Hellish is different, from the version of Hell it presents all the way down to the no [...]

    19. I almost didn t finish this one I got about halfway through and was just tired of it The writing was like something out of a high school creative writing project That being said, by the end, I did sort of like the characters, and the story was kind of unique Long story short, it s set in hell, if hell were a high rise office building, and all the demons were totally hot.Full disclosure, I got this book free from , and it was totally worth the price I would have been disappointed had I paid for i [...]

    20. It was okay Just okay It started off well enough and I enjoyed the different take on the vampire, hell, etc and so on But I speed read through the last 5 ish chapters because it seemed to drone on and on without really going anywhere When I got to the end, I was glad I blew threw the remainder, as the ending was fairly predictable It wasn t terrible for a quick weekend read However the relationship between the demon and the vampire seemed odd, a bit out of place, and rather dull I m not sure why [...]

    21. I can honestly say that this was one of the most original, captivating and unusual books I have ever read.I was lucky enough to win the book on this site and having read that it was vampire based, I honestly expected it to be a gory horror, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a very, very funny and also a touching novel.Jennifer Rainey in my opinion is one of the most enthralling authors I have ever read and this is one of the best books I have ever read The only reason it has taken me so lon [...]

    22. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I assumed it was a different take on the whole going to Hell story but I found myself laughing throughout, mostly at how intricate Hell is created here I was a bit sad that there was no big government conspiracy, and the emphasis on a relationship between the two characters, but overall a funny book and an interesting change of pace for the genre.

    23. A very original and different book I enjoyed it much than I had thought I would, and would definitely read a second in the series There were some parts that were slow, and it rambled a bit and really some parts were very odd, but overall good and I got it free for my kindle, which is even better

    24. FINALLY finished this book It was good enough to keep reading, but not enough to keep me readinging it consistently Took me a long time to get through it Amusing enough at times, but just kind of mediocre The end happened pretty fast, too.

    25. I picked this up on an sale for free, and I thought I would never read it But I ended up doing it, and I was not disappointed The book is all sorts of funny, and everything about it was unexpected Definitely worth the read.

    26. This book was really good I loved that the main character has had enough customer service jobs to wallpaper his apartment in name tags The author is an alumni of the local high school where I live A job well done I feel, looking forward to the second book in the series.

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